Donald Trump: The Comments On Women You Hadn’t Heard

Donald Trump: The Comments On Women You Hadn’t Heard

Access Hollywood has interviewed Donald Trump hundreds of times over the past 20 years. On the heels of Mr. Trump’s denial of claims contained in an Associated Press story in which 20 former “Apprentice” employees described Mr. Trump’s behavior toward women as lewd and inappropriate, Access Hollywood has retrieved from its archives Mr. Trump’s comments from 2005 about women.
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18 Responses

  1. Pierce Pyrite says:

    I hope Kellyanne Conway wears a cup to work. #MakeAmericaGropeAgain

  2. Bill Clymer says:

    Mr. Trump should say in the debate to Hillary is; “is this your public or
    private position because I only have one and it’s xyz”

  3. Paco P says:

    Trump told the truth about women’s behaviour when they know an alpha-plus

  4. Empire of Trust says:

    Alpha Male Trump

  5. typheran1 says:

    Hillarys continuing emails scandals.. fbi investigation and bills rape all
    ignored, but this is front page news. Lol. Fuck the media.

  6. Blxzers says:

    How is this statement against “women”. isn’t it against A woman?

  7. ScienceDrummer says:

    How to work for YouTube
    Step 1: Promote your Liberal Agenda in the Trending page
    Step 2: Fuck up the layout every 3 months
    Step 3: ?????
    Step 4: Profit

  8. Caz Miller says:

    Fuck this ignorant idiotic racist sexist.

    Grab em by the pussy?
    Mexico is sending us rapists?
    Global warming was created by China?
    Violated US’s embargo against Cuba in 1988?
    Hasn’t released his taxes since before 2009?
    Used his foundation to settle personal lawsuits?
    Declared a $916 million loss?
    Temporary ban on Muslims?!
    Encouraged Russia to hack Clinton?

    Wise up you stubborn Nazis. I don’t like Clinton but at the same time, I’m
    not a fucking dumbass.

  9. Rod G says:

    Find me some audio on any other President other than Bill Clinton and I’ll
    approve of Trumps Bs

  10. MsPopperson says:

    everyone keeps talking about Bill Clinton and raping someone… do people
    not realize Trump is currently being sued and investigated for three
    different sets of rape one from a former employee one from his former wife
    and one from a 12 year old that has validation from a former Trump
    right-hand man who said he was there holding her down

  11. Craig Vanantwerp says:

    Lets see, how many of you guys have grabbed and ass? How many of you would
    grab a pussy if she gave you the green light to do it? Women love strong
    rich powerful men. Its a fact. They love them, they want that attention.
    Thats not molestation. Or rape as is Bills case. Or hellary threatening the
    victims. Hellary is a post menopausal, angry , vindictive, need I go on?

  12. krninja22 says:

    The media trying everything it can to protect their almighty queen. TRUMP
    2016. Hillary is a vile corrupt hag.

  13. Chiefs Kingdom says:

    Lewd words or criminal acts. Which is worse?

  14. Alexandre Borges says:

    whoa, men say political incorrect shit when around other men, who would
    have thought…

  15. Daniel Hughes says:

    Why would you censor the clip? You deflate half of the shock value.

  16. Donald Trump says:

    I’m a Savage

  17. Ramya Thomas says:

    I do enjoy the ramblings of triggered trumptards in this comment section.
    The deplorables sure are delusional, aren’t they?

  18. Dro Id says:

    Sooo after watching this brings a whole new meaning and perspective to “I
    would date my daughter”