Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open – SNL

Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) take questions from undecided voters (Leslie Jones, Beck Bennett, Michael Che, Bobby Moynihan, Kyle Mooney) in the second presidential debate.

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20 Responses

  1. Azure Vox says:

    “Wait, I’m sorry who’s here? 😯

    Mistresses? Bill how could you?😦

    How will I go on with the debate? No, I’ll never be able to remember my
    facts and figures now?😲

    Ohhhh DONALD NOOO!😭GET REAL.I’m made of steel.This is nothing.😏

    Hi girls!🙋🙃😎”

  2. Garon Bradley says:

    Hillary is a politician in status, but a horrible liar, and a thief to
    millions of US tax dollars. Hell, she stole millions of dollars that were
    supposed to be going to Haiti hurricane victims. She is a fukin villain.
    Where the hell is Bernie? If I can’t get Bernie, I’m voting Trump simply
    cause the media is blowing up simple guy talk to being inappropriate.

    Hypocrites, what you expect, him to be a hermit? Trump at least did make
    billions as a single guy, imagine what he might do if he had a country. The
    guy at least genuinely cares, his speeches are genuine, he doesn’t read off
    crap. Hillary is in this because it is a job she has easy access too with
    her only qualification being that her husband was in office. Sounds just
    like Bush and his father to me, that worked out great too didn’t it?

    So yeah I’m mad, I can’t get Bernie, so Trump all the way.

  3. Spencer Berg says:

    I’m here early let me make a joke.

    This election

  4. Seth Larcomb says:

    Well we all know which political party pays for SNL… *cough democrats*…
    *cough* oh man not sure what came over me.

  5. Josh Vonderfecht says:

    The ending would have been funnier if they went with what actually
    happened. Hillary Clinton dodged complimenting Donald Trump, and Donald
    Trump gave her an elaborate compliment.

  6. Michael Jazz says:

    I hate how there so afraid to go after Hillary. There should be equal
    recking they’re all Hillary Supporters it makes for a boring one sided
    snore fest

  7. BRYAN351 says:

    Sorry SNL, I’m still voting TRUMP.

  8. Katalyzt says:

    ★★★★★ President Hillary Clinton clearly won this, because only fools would
    vote for trump. :O) And there cannot be that many stupid people in the
    United States. ;O)


  9. Rpp Wing says:

    I can’t wait for the Trump supporters to cry when he loses

  10. MKCD 20 says:

    This Hillary isn’t evil enough and looks way too healthy

  11. VM 9 says:

    Baldwin’s Trump is awesome…but I don’t think anything will ever beat Tina
    Fey’s Sarah Palin.

  12. DmanBaseball11 USA says:

    This was so bias

  13. Finn Underwood says:

    People seem to forget, SNL already has about twenty+ videos making fun of
    Hillary; Only about six or so making fun of Trump.

  14. aprilwearsgucci says:

    *What about all the women accusing you of sexual assault?” They need to
    shut the hell up.”* 😂 *Trump supporters need to calm the hell down. This
    way funny. Laugh a little.*

  15. 1000000000 views says:

    Wait this wasn’t the real thing

  16. Liam Redmond says:

    Thats some fucking arrogant bullshit right there, “Can we call her
    president Clinton yet.” Its fucking annoying the way people constantly
    ignore the warning signs about this woman. Its like whenever they hear
    Wikileaks all they seem to hear is something which requires them to get
    angry about some spurious decades old comment form Trump that means nothing
    rather than hear the facts about this woman’s history. Its like hearing
    about all the stuff Hitler was going to do and not batting an eye, for no
    reason at all.

  17. terry fuckwitt says:

    Cry baby little Donald is having Twitter tantrum about this.
    Well done SNL.

  18. Aditi Kaur says:

    Bit in accurate trump didn’t make most of the statements, I’m not a trump
    supporter but I hate biased it is. If anything trump publicly humiliated

  19. Dro Id says:

    I got to give props to SNL in poking some fun at Hillary when she rarely
    makes a jackass of herself unlike that buffoon Trump who gives comedy
    material for days and years

  20. Mert Su says:

    This blind democrat bias is making me ill. I’m not even voting Trump, i’m
    voting for Gary Johnson but this bias… It’s shameless. SNL is just
    another cog in the machine it seems… The same studio was shared with
    badass rock star comedians like John Belushi and Eddie Murphy, now all i
    see is hack, puppets. Fuck this