Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference

Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference

A nuclear holocaust, an attack on Mosul and anti-semitism… and those were just the President’s opening remarks.

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20 Responses

  1. anton chigurh says:

    Real Truth: Trump looked like a fool in his press conference
    Alternative Truth: Trump supporters thought he was fantastic.
    Sad Reality: We’re Fucked.

  2. Santiago Restrepo says:

    I wake up very morning and wonder, Ok, what did this idiot trump do today? And there’s always something

  3. the green man says:

    dear america, sort this shit out will you, or we are all fucked.
    i wouldnt be comfortable with that chump in charge of a ride on lawnmower, let alone a country that possesses a nuclear arsenal.

  4. Adrain Acha says:

    have u notice the trump trolls are reducing now they knew they have been duped but i can still see some die hard lunatic who cant see the light … SMH

  5. Milly S says:

    Wow. America should be embarrassed. You have a teenager running your country.

  6. David Becquer says:

    God almighty those reporters deserve a Congressional Medal of Honor just for having to sit through 77 minutes of this shit. I would’ve fucking thrown my shoe at his face just like that guy did with Bush.

  7. Bunny says:

    I’m pissed. Trump was so disrespectful and loud to April the reporter who nicely asked about the CBC. He interrupted her the whole time and then treated her like she was his servant!! She said she was just a reporter and couldn’t set up a black caucus meeting but he insisted she do the work for him presumably bcz she is black! That was crazy!

  8. k'inich janaab' pacal says:

    I think we can all agree trump is a national embarrassment.

  9. Joelle Jansen says:

    The whole press conference my thoughts were; “What the f*ckk????” ?

  10. okleydokley says:

    How does a President have so much time to watch TV?

  11. Coma White says:

    … and if you think Drumpf is stupid, imagine what low intellect it would take to vote for this guy as your leader. Shame on you America. You need to educate your children better.

  12. Linda Wright says:

    The longer Trump speaks, the more ignorant and unintelligent he sounds. Let’s all pressure Congress to impeach Trump. Trump is dangerously incompetent and corrupt and should be removed from office.

  13. Gianino Loera says:

    USA you have become a joke, well your president turned you in to a joke

  14. Biggus Dickus says:

    *Trump October 2016:* “Who cares about the source of the leaks? Look at the content!”

    *Trump February 2017:* “Who cares about the content of the leaks? We need to look into the source!”

  15. CheeseReaper22 says:

    Wow! That press conference was so Fucking Terrible even Fox News couldn’t handle his Bullshit! We are living in the end times, People.

  16. MohawkJonIs1311 says:

    How long until he is impeached?

  17. Picasso_Dalí says:

    …This is batshit crazy here, this man is mentally ill, there is no question about, and if anybody says, well, you are not a doctor, well, you don’t need a chemical degree to know feces from Pâté….

  18. LadyCeag840 says:

    YES! We believed Hillary would’ve been tougher on Russia than you! Anyone would’ve been tougher on Russia than you are! My 4-year-old cousin can be tougher on Russia than you are, and she doesn’t even know why!

  19. Leroy Green says:

    I’m thankful for Stephen and other comedians doing their best to get us to laugh our way through this shit show.

  20. Raging Heretic says:

    All the people who cast a vote for Donald Trump in November owe the rest of us an apology immediately. This is why we elected Hillary Clinton. I’m serious, too. Trump voters, please use my comment section to apologize to America and the world.

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