Donald Trump’s False Claims: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Donald Trump’s False Claims: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth on Trump’s claim that he saw New Jersey Muslims cheering on 9/11 and more.
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Donald Trump’s False Claims: A Closer Look – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. mountainnutter says:

    I feel sorry for the US citizens with sane brains to have to deal with such
    an idiot. Everytime the US election season starts the world starts
    trembling, because the Republican candidates are such dangerous jerks. I
    think high of Germany to take so many Syrian refugees. I never liked Angela
    Merkel before, but she proofs to be a visionary right now. This world needs
    solidarity between the peoples and religions. Terrorism comes in many
    different forms. TRUMP is one of them.

  2. lestliness says:

    This man is so fucking dangerous, I can’t believe the idiocy of his
    followers. His dismissal of being called out on his lies, his dismissal of
    people people being roughed up at his rallies is every bit the same as the
    beginnings of fascism that creeped into Europe in the the 30’s.

  3. Jamesjajohn says:

    This is terrible how American T.V can just twist what Trump says.

  4. MuffinStab says:

    I remember seeing that incident, I was there with my family.

  5. ubertser says:

    Sarah Palin was a dumbfuck but she’s harmless, Trump is a dumbfuck that
    would double down, god save America if this clowns became president, head
    for the hill.

  6. petebacon says:

    Seth Meyers show sucks!!! He is a rotten Liberal!!! Trump 2016! I wonder if
    Seth has any issues with Obama and Hillary ‘ s LIES!!!

  7. petebacon says:

    Meyers ratings are terrible!!!

  8. petebacon says:

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  9. DAVID LAKE (DLAKE 4 PREZ) says:

    Are Seth Meyers and Rachel Maddow the same person?

  10. ThatS0meBadHatHarry says:

    I could see the media suppressing reports or any video footage of
    celebrations in the US. They’re looking out for innocent Muslims in the US.
    Definitely, there were celebrations in the Middle East, however.

  11. Methal Dabaj says:

    OMG Bill ORiley correcting Donald Trump!!! I’ll be damned

  12. oBakanax3 says:

    Nice meme bro

  13. BAD B.O. says:


    Donald Trump 2016!!!!!!!!

  14. Jim Greenway says:

    Wait… are we already denying the part of history where Muslims celebrated
    worldwide in response to the 9/11 attacks? We are already pretending like
    that didn’t happen?! Man, we are moving quick these days.

  15. aricars6263 says:

    The bottom line is that muslims hate Americans , so they probably did
    celebrate the attacks on the world trade centers.

  16. Tyrannulet2k says:

    Good on you, Seth. A couple of months ago I commented to friends that Trump
    was in the best case scenario a Berlusconi, and in the worst case scenario,
    a Mussolini. Well, he’s just lurched more towards Mussolini. In the past
    people have been overwrought wielding the “F” word around, but this is as
    close a lurch as I’ve seen in my lifetime in this country (and it’s not
    just Trump, it’s been many of the Republican candidates). The only thing
    really missing from a fascist movement is organized violence attacking
    Trump’s “enemies”. But if we start getting our own brownshirt-style
    movement, then I’ll truly be alarmed.

  17. Hm Me says:

    Seth Meyers is just a stupid clown.
    A clown also wanna be politically correct. How stupid.

  18. kalinwang1 says:

    As a person who was in New York on 9’11, I call BS on this report from Seth
    Meyers. I remember seeing a Muslim smile and happy about what just
    happened. I gave him a mean look.Nice try Seth. Try Harder.

  19. supadupaman86 says:

    LOL this guys a clown who doesn’t see that.

  20. kalinwang1 says:

    I hope everyone knows Seth can’t be taken seriously. He is not a real
    reporter. So if you hear this and think their is some truth to it, you need
    to get your news from a more credible source. This is”Real Talk” (no bias).
    Now, if this was 60 minutes, then I might be able to believe there wasn’t
    an obvious agenda to make a man who accomplished way more than Seth ever
    could imagine (Trump), look like a fool. I call BS, you want us to believe
    this man is a fool and can’t run this country? Who would you rather run it,
    career politicians? These career politicians specialize in lies and making
    people believe they can get things done. But in truth, they never
    accomplished anything by running a campaign of empty promises that results
    in them being puppets for the special interest that financed them. Where as
    successful people who actual get things done are made to look incompetent
    by comedy shows like Seth’s. I’d rather have a real doer and not a faker in
    office. I am not saying they have to be Billionaires. However, I want more
    to them than just political correctness and fund raising talent.