Donald Trump’s First Moves as President-Elect: A Closer Look

Donald Trump’s First Moves as President-Elect: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at the seemingly bad first signals of what a Trump presidency might look like.
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Donald Trump’s First Moves as President-Elect: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. JJ Keller says:

    We are a week in and it’s already easy to see the authoritarianism.

  2. Rod L says:

    Trump pulled the ol’ bait and switch. Trump supporters got had!

  3. Michael Anthony says:

    This country was founded on the idea of “by the people for the people”. So
    one candidate wins the popular vote by 3/4 of a million votes and doesn’t
    become president. Popular vote should be the only fucking vote that fucking

  4. Jane Lin says:

    Obama is the classiest President since they wore powdered wigs.
    And he’s a great American.

  5. Antonio Sarmiento says:

    Hope Seth keeps doing this segment thru Trump’s presidency..That’s the
    least we should get for living through this perilous/ridiculous times.

  6. T Bone Capone says:

    Everyone should start watching Mad Max like it’s a documentary.

  7. KingOfMadCows says:

    I am impressed that Paul Ryan is still able to sit up without a spine.

  8. CrimsonTide says:

    We can’t give racism a chance sorry.

  9. Taylor Beckett says:

    Is it just me, or are more conservatives (especially Alt-right) coming out.
    Almost every video I watch has somebody commenting on stupid libtards or
    how liberals are dying out. They have defended Trump on everything…
    especially Bannon and how he isn’t racist or a bigot.

  10. Ake Hilding says:

    Paul Ryan on history .. “Hitler? Never met him so how can I have an opinion
    on the guy” “Mussolini? Nope, never heard of him, Africa, right?” “KKK? No,
    not a clue” “Racism? Here? Where? Can’t say I’ve ever experienced it”

  11. Thomas Jefferson But also George Washington? says:

    I would give Trump a fresh start if he didn’t have 18 months of campaign
    full of fresh starts. I mean, I was willing to forgive him for the “When
    Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending they’re best. They are not
    like you and me. They’re rapists, they bring crime and drugs, some I assume
    are good people” to pretend that it only meant criminal illegal immigrants
    and he was just “unpolished”. If he was great from then on, maybe I would
    give him a chance now. But we know his history, his actions, his
    statements, and his temperament. A fresh start now is foolish and giving
    Donald the olive branch that he will use to beat you with

  12. Lou Spowells says:

    If Obama’s sticking around, might as well get Bush2.0 and Bill to join in.
    Bring in cameras and make it like a sitcom. Call it Three and a Half Men.

  13. kelllsey12000 says:

    *Jeez* is right. It’s *repulsive* the way Trump leads by *FEAR* . Not by
    respect or admiration. He has no honour, he shows legit symptoms of
    narcissistic disorder & he’s a compulsive liar & a bully… Good lord USA,
    May the force be with you!

  14. Unseer Wolvski says:

    From outside the US, everyone in the world sees americans as dumb fat
    fucks… I used to get a bit upset at the idea but now I can see why.

  15. Dima Vasilev says:

    It’s nit-picking, but one of the things that bugged me the most about the
    NYT tweet was that it’s “phenomenon” (singular), not “phenomena” (plural).

  16. Alex Jbf says:

    Colbert, Meyers and The Daily Show are doing a better job than the news
    media. Well done.

  17. Sandra Nelson says:

    Trump has no clue. America, I wish I could give you all a hug.

  18. Something Clever says:

    Paul Ryan and the other republicans are such cowards

  19. John Repnau says:

    Bannon, Christie and Gingrich in the White House at the sane time?
    Dangerous to the plumbing. Well timed BM’s could prove disastrous.

  20. swunt10 says:

    hey americans, a german here. keep an eye out for your neighbors and
    friends and people living in your city. it might start with the election of
    an anti establishment president, words like deportations will become
    normal, sooner or later words like resettlement will be used. the president
    will put people in charge who might take him by his word and are more
    radical than him. they wont report everything back to him. they will start
    to use their powers to implement their own solutions. keep an eye out for
    your neighbors. if people start to vanish, if people are take away, start
    to contact them and report their fate so it doesn’t go unnoticed. make sure
    they have access to communication. because when people get taken way, for
    resettlement and deportation, they will end up in camps near the border, to
    be processed. at some point countries like mexico will close their borders
    because they can’t take the strain of millions of people being dumped on
    their door step in such a short time. so where will the other millions go?
    where do they end up? start asking questions and make sure your media
    doesn’t get bullied into submission by libel laws.