Donald Trump’s Full Speech on National Security/Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16)

Donald Trump’s Full Speech on National Security/Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16)

Monday, June 13, 2016: Full replay of Donald Trump’s speech in Manchester, NH at Saint Anselm College on National security and Hillary Clinton. The event was held at Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics Auditorium.

Donald Trump’s Full Speech on National Security/Hillary Clinton in Manchester, NH (6-13-16)

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20 Responses

  1. Gerald Kirsh says:

    Elect This Man NOW!! We are being led by imbeciles; plainly put, they’re
    not up to the job. We’ve been going downhill for a
    long, long time and we must develop the will to stop the slide. It’s time
    for a change. Say what you want about Donald Trump
    but he has the courage to tell the truth. Let’s give him a chance.

  2. White Knight says:

    Make America Great Again. Destroy those Mudslime bastards.

  3. Doug P says:

    All Trump has to do is convince a very small number of Crooked Hillary
    supporters that she is dangerous. Even 2-3% would greatly help sway the

  4. Jon A says:

    Go Trump koolaid drinkers go home to mommy

  5. steven longino says:

    Any one who dislikes this video is giving a dislike towards America. #Trump

  6. Kenny VI says:

    Mr. Trump is spot on!

  7. Nandor Simanyi says:

    Hillary would be a disaster for this country.

  8. tubeviewerX20 says:

    U.S. needs to adopt Japanese-style immigration policy. Seriously.

  9. saltandpeper poop says:

    you suck donnled trump like 💩💨

  10. Nate Hood says:

    Wait, I live in New Hampshire! This could be useful. Oh, yea it’s Trump
    speaking about terrorism and trying to eliminate Clinton….

  11. sh09un1 says:

    this comment section is cancer…

  12. Mitchell Lyons says:


  13. Benjamin “Maximallian” Natividad says:

    I’m a moderate, leaning towards the liberal side, and I now support this
    man. His sincerity and truthfulness in this speech is impressive. He may
    earn my vote. God bless America.

  14. ChazJazzNY says:

    The terrorist is just that. He killed many people and is related to a
    terrorist group. A friend of his said on 911 he was 11 years old and walked
    on the bus happy at what was done and imitating planes crashing into
    buildings. He learned this at a young age and the father is disagreeing
    with what his son believes in as he is scared to be arrested. The kid
    learned from his father to hate. Kids don’t normally act this way. Also
    Terrorist can get any gun they want no matter what laws you initiate.

  15. Effemm Dee says:

    That’s how a real President sounds! Unlike the clown currently occupying
    the White House.

  16. Fake Account says:

    Trump, telling it like it is.
    Or .. how he sees it.
    Or.., how he might see it, at the moment.
    Actually, he just makes shit up, says absolutely whatever, it’s blatant,
    and you Trump idiots are blind for not seeing it.

  17. annuna says:

    31:37 “America must unite the whole civilized world in the fight against
    Islamic terrorism.”
    Donald Trump isn’t just going to be President of the United States; he’s
    going to be President of the World! I believe he can actually bring the
    world together, as nearly impossible as that sounds. But other governments
    have to work with America, as he stated. Maybe if citizens of the other
    countries voice their opinions loud enough, things may actually change for
    the better.
    I love seeing comments from other countries supporting Trump. Thank you to
    all of you.

    Although, “better” is a subjective point of view. To radical Islamic
    terrorists, they think they are making the world better by killing infidels
    and enforcing Shariah Law.
    God, please protect Donald Trump through this journey.

  18. studd11 says:

    The brainless satanic LIBTARDS were slaughtered by the very same muslim
    radical scum they support. Stupid libtards executed by the very same snake
    they embrace and feel sympathy for. Libtards are a threat to humanity. They
    need to be rounded up and deported over to front lines against ISIS.


  19. michael raj says:

    God send Mr Trump to this wold to protect this work ,very smart Trump is a
    bright star fell from the sky

  20. Warren Angub says:

    Its an act of HATE caused by religious belief called islam.