Donald Trump’s Surprise RNC Speech

Donald Trump’s Surprise RNC Speech

Donald Trump delivers an unexpected speech on night two of the Republican National Convention to address the controversy surrounding Melania’s speech and more.

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Donald Trump’s Surprise RNC Speech

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20 Responses

  1. Angelo Pro says:

    i’m gonna laugh so hard when he wins and you’re all butt hurt

  2. Trans atlantique says:

    Jimmy Fallon’s impression sucks

  3. John Connor says:

    This is fucking gay asf

  4. Akash Pandey says:

    what is d song at the end ????

  5. Frank Galloway says:


  6. DaryI Dixon says:

    Straight copying Stephen Colbert

  7. Ma Martin says:

    this is the definition of cringe thats a shitty impersonation

  8. Punit M says:

    1:50 pic I count 1 black person who is not even looking at the camera and 3

  9. Rob D says:

    Jimmy you’re no Donald Trump that’s for sure..

  10. Delta Murder says:

    Funny how you trump-ets or all for making fun of someone when trump does it
    but when they make fun him it’s “the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen” lmao “do
    as I say not as I do” has been and always will be the logic of you right
    wingers it’s time to change that mind frame remember mockery is the best
    form of flattery isn’t that what Ben Carson aka the token black guy said
    about the speech that trumps immigrant wife gave lmao what’s wrong cry
    babies don’t like it well like the fat ass Newt Gingrich said “who cares”
    fuck Donald trump and all his little minions (drop the ?)

  11. ROTMG Funatoral says:

    Omg I cant believe donald trump actually said that

  12. MrHogslice says:

    The more mockers focus on Trump and ignore hillary the closer to the oval
    office he gets. All of the unregistered voters laugh it up with the clowns
    while the middle class patrol our streets, harvest our food and dig our
    coal. We will take a break from our labors to vote.

  13. jay frost says:

    Democrats attack Melina trump on her speech that was 50 words yet they
    refuse to judge Clinton over 30000 missing emails. Just goes to show how
    democrats can’t think logically. I’m not guarding Melina on her speech
    because it sucked but really judge her on a tiny speech when ur party’s
    candidate is a fycking lying evil person. I don’t like either candidate but
    trump is clearly better. Fighting the wolf is always easier then fighting a
    wolf disguised in sheep skin. Can’t wait till Clintons elected though and
    then every dumbass will realize their mistake. The LGBT community will be
    shit on because Clinton will allow tons of migrants to flood the country
    that all believe gays should be killed. It’s disgusting. Democrats think
    they are the high and mighty ones when really their funded by a Nazi and
    fight for shit that they don’t even fully understand.

  14. Andrew Taylor says:

    Only reason I want trump to be president is so that Fallon can continue to
    do this.

  15. TheBestWayOne says:

    Much more important issues in America to be concerned about, then a speech
    of a candidates wife how proud she is of her husband and family. If some is
    similar to other speeches who really cares.
    Many speeches are not to original, Your word is your bond for instants has
    been around for a 1000 years. Nobody owns it.

  16. Christian Anderson says:

    TRUMP 2016

  17. Emmaline Cue says:

    You have the most stupid and everyone hates you trump f*** u

  18. D Deuce says:

    I remember when Fallon was funny…been years. Now he just pushes demonrat

  19. Da Mobb says:

    donald trump supporters are mad cause:
    1. stepthen colbert
    2. jimmy fallon
    3. john stewart
    4. john oliver
    5. seth meyers
    6. samantha bee
    7. bill maher
    8. trevor noah

    ALL are making fun of donald chump. trump supporters are bunch of

  20. Mohamed Farouk says:

    Thank me! :D