Donald Trump’s Wife Melania on Their Marriage, His Campaign: Part 2 | ABC News

Donald Trump’s Wife Melania on Their Marriage, His Campaign: Part 2 | ABC News

Melania Trump tells Barbara Walters she encouraged him to run and talks about what kind of First Lady she would be.

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20 Responses

  1. Luke Lindstrom says:

    Did Trump rub his face with Cheetos?

  2. Joey says:

    Donald Trump will never understand the perspective of the middle or lower
    class. So i can’t see why middle class people are voting for him. He has a
    hunger for dominance, he talks about success and his riches constantly. Not
    saying he doesn’t have political knowledge or knowledge at all, because he
    is smart in his own way, but he doesn’t know what money can’t buy.

  3. Ultros Tako says:

    This dude is so far up his own ass, it’s not even funny. He is a f’n phony.
    He became “successful” by shady deals and unsavory means. He doesn’t give a
    fuck about the average american. He will do and say anything just to
    bolster his ego, or line his pockets.

  4. Zoe Wright says:

    She was a former immigrant yet this man has a problem with immigration…

  5. raybbaby says:

    Well, he certainly never hurt anybody with that tiny penis of his.

  6. Lauren Avant says:

    He looks like a sad sack of Mayonnaise.

  7. Then It said says:

    I wanna fuck his wife and daughter at the same time and force him to watch

  8. zack villa says:

    Republicans have finally become the new nazi party. When you see trump
    address him as my fuhrer .

  9. finnred123 says:

    This is going to set us back to the Gilded Age.

  10. Richard Taylor says:

    Trump is Hitler 2.0 and his wife is a gold digging pretty face.

  11. Florencio Lasto says:

    4.20 i can’t belive she still likes him when he got married two times what
    the fuck his face is red orange like a tomato

  12. zack villa says:

    Trump wants to round up 11million people and track Muslims at all times and
    shut down mosques in America. He is the new Fuhrer of the Nazi party.
    Republicans are racist pieces of shit.

  13. Music Gods says:

    Wife 4 of 234

  14. Laura Palacio says:

    This is a fucking joke!!!!!

  15. oraora33 says:

    I don’t get how come she has been living in the US for over 10 years and
    still can’t speak english.

  16. Snow Man says:

    the only thing i like about donald is what he said to carly furina

  17. Andrew Gutierrez says:

    @oraora33 lol and he wants to talk about deportation

  18. Gaming is not a crime says:

    wasn’t that building featured in selfless.

  19. Anthony Anderson says:

    He is not a leader. He has no idea how to act as a president. He is a man
    that wants to promote the rich and ignore the poor. He chooses to ignore
    the freedom of religion in this country, because he himself is Christian.
    He chooses to ignore the environmental strife that this planet does and
    will continue to face until we change how we go about our energy
    infrastructure and other material development.

    I hope that you will all understand that this man is a beacon of hate and
    fear in this country. Do not vote for him.

  20. sorebumblebee2 says:

    gold digging bitch..and that natzi old ass bitch