Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment – Sunday Candy “Short Film”

Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment – Sunday Candy “Short Film”

“Sunday Candy” A short film
Written by Chance The Rapper
Directed by Austin Vesely, Ian Eastwood & Chance The Rapper

Cinematographer | Nathan Salter
Steadicam Operator | Blaine Baker
1st Assistant Camera | Ian McAvoy
2nd Assistant Camera | Marion Tucker

1st Assistant Director | Angie Gaffney
Line Producer | Angie Gaffney

Production Designer | Amanda Brinton
Art Director | Drew Bender
Carpenter | Blake Paine
Painter | OJ Hays
Painter | Rae Reichlin
Painter | Mary Mooney
Painter | Chesney Gregorie
Painter | Erika Hood
Painter | Jennifer Herrig
Painter | Lena Rush

Lighting Design | Michael Apostolos
2nd Lighting Design | Scott Sheffield
Lighting Assistant | Bob Zegler

Lead Choreography | Ian Eastwood
Bop Choreography | Dlow
Footwork | Pause Eddie
Footwork | Lil Bit
Lead Dancer | Trevor Takemoto
Lead Dancer | Monyett Crump
Lead Dancer | Ade Willis
Lead Dancer | Domino Johnson

Wardrobe | Megan Spatz
Wardrobe | Kate Grube
Make-Up and Hair | Sarah Lawless

Allen Washington
Isaiah Sosho
Renzell Roque
Alexander de Guzman
Kelley Bode
Franz Luigi De Guzman
Arianna Rozen
Natiya Reggans
Sebastian Rodriguez
Andrew Phan
Keenan Morales
Felecia Hubbard
Brittany Buena
Jacob Ford

Production Assistants:
Danny Farber
Trevor Hollis
Claire Dobbs
Zoe Lubeck
Tyler Krawczyk
Julia Hogikyan
Molly Hickey

Shot at Resolution Digital Studios

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20 Responses

  1. Mo Busch says:

    Chance the Rapper, makes life better !

  2. Christopher Maxie II says:

    This song would force a smile on even Grumpy Cat’s grumpy ass face.

  3. Neal Ocean says:

    Where can I download “Surf”?

  4. Matt Kirkey says:

    Incredible! You guys rock!

  5. Xavier Kxy says:

    This songs feels like it was on Acid Rap dunnon why. Same vibes and shit
    kinda cool ^^’

  6. Carl Cabral Temporary Monday says:

    u can only like once

  7. Kristopher London says:


  8. marvin smith says:

    As long as the social experiment is around the future of music is looking

  9. KingChriston says:


  10. Zwaila webb says:

    Amazing, he continues to amaze me. Nd quick shout out to DLow doin his
    thing for the dance break

  11. Chloe Garrett says:

    So❌ love !!!!!

  12. Manuel says:

    This is so gay 

  13. StanceoXCVI says:

    Nice kind of change you made Chance, keep it going

  14. Akamnonu Azubuike says:

    aiit… its dope… a lil

  15. luis fernandez says:

    i want a social expierment letter jacket they cool you should start selling

  16. Tim Towers says:

    Can someone please take this and incorporate it into a full blown musical?
    I think that would be just fantastic!

  17. Jawa Rodriguez says:

    Chicago at its finest, complete with Chicago footwork

    This made me happy.

  18. TheGingaBread says:

    Was that Asher Roth I spotted?

  19. Frank Conti says:

    ,,,,, and the rain, has begun !

  20. dud621 says:

    I like this a lot