Donovan Mitchell Wins 2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest

Donovan Mitchell Wins 2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Contest

Donovan Mitchell is your 2018 Verizon Slam Dunk Champion! Check out all of his dunks and the trophy presentation here!

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83 Responses

  1. LeBeautiful says:

    I guess we can say hes our new ROTY???

    • ReaL PrO says:

      Mitchell has been way more consistent than Simmons. Simmons has the peripherals over him but Mitchell has been the much better offensive player as he continues to round out his game. If Mitchell continues the roll he is on going into the break, it will be no contest honestly. Especially if the Jazz make the playoffs.

    • GetDatMoney321 says:

      anyone who thinks mitchell is ROY is delusional. Simmons doubles donovans REBs and AST and mitchell only average 3 more points then him. Not to mention, Simmons defense is waaay better than donovan. that along with him being top 3 in Triple doubles this year AS A ROOKIE makes him easily ROY. All donovan does is chuck a bunch of shots

    • TheMarioGangsta says:

      GetDatMoney321 ever heard of an opinion?

    • Fuckhands Mcmike says:

      NBA Players 2 40 point games as a 1st year in the NBA, bandwagon? Simmons is nice but as a sophomore that missed the 1st year I don’t see him as a 1st year

    • Hazen Rolette says:


  2. Justin Vader says:

    Nance got robbed!

  3. Btcruiser19 says:

    I’m a Cavs fan and I was rooting for Larry Nance Jr. but the second he put the Vince jersey on I knew it was over

  4. Josh Romero says:

    Honestly the problem I have with the dunk contest (and arguably the three point, skills challenge) is that they play it so that the best two go to the next round. I think all of them should have the same number of rounds so that we get to see more dunks. And the one with the best combined score wins it. Especially since there’s only four of them, like everyone should have the same number of rounds, it doesn’t have to be a bracket where it’s the best two out of the four proceeding to the final round.

  5. The Vajuber says:

    I’m happy he won but cmon what’s with the judges

  6. Caleb The One says:

    So we gon act like Larry’s last dunk wasn’t nice?

  7. Boruto Revolution says:

    Nance got robbed…

  8. G.O.A.T says:

    Nance deserved this shit. SMH

  9. Amiri says:

    So I missed both the 3-Point Shootout and the Slam Dunk Contest because I was at work.

    Did I miss anything special ??


    Mitchell dunked over Kevin Hart crouching and got a 50 lmao.. Next year better be ferguson, jaylen Brown, dennis smith and collins. Bring in NBA judges

  11. Dirk Nowitzki #2011FinalsMVP/Champion says:


    • Chris Lujan says:

      Vehements Bootay what does market matter? More money would be in Mitchell winning because he’s the better player

    • My Thumb Fell Off says:

      Vehements Bootay thank you. I have been saying this the whole time. Spida plays for the Jazz and nance plays for the Cavs. Anybody who says nance got robbed is a bandwagon cavs fan

    • ashworth says:

      Uh, no, more money wouldn’t be on the guy who replaced another contestant due to injury. Mitchell wasn’t even selected originally. I’m pretty sure his odds of winning it were lower. Y’all saying this was rigged for a UTAH team are sounding pretty dumb.

    • Shaq is Batman. #RapistKobe is Robin. says:

      So true

    • Wynona's Big Brown Beaver says:

      Sponsored by Alfoil.

  12. King Wani says:

    How much you pay Khalid Michelle cause you know damn well jumping over Kevin Hart and two 6th graders ant a 50

  13. Vas says:

    Giannis would’ve made the rest of them look like fools. He should have competed.

    • smoothwoof says:

      Dude. Giannis last dunk contest was shit.

    • john jahred says:

      Giannis is just an in game dunker… shut the fuck up.. you look like a fool with that comment.. dumbass

    • Sean Turner says:

      Just no. He doesn’t have the creativity and he doesn’t elevate like that.

    • Vas says:

      Makaveli97 I stopped watching basketball for 2-3 years. I enjoyed the NFL a lot more. I’m not an ignorant person. I remember in 2010 when my Celtics lost to the Lakers in the Finals. Kendrick Perkins tore his ACL in Game 6. I remember the 7 game series against the Lebron and the Heat too. So if I missed something, that’s why. Just got boring to me. Players started going all over the place and whatnot. Giannis is my idol. Not too many Greek players. But if all y’all have time to do is bash me, then go ahead.

    • Issa Kyyngg says:

      Sean Turner Chill out because you sure can’t do that

  14. Nguyen Duy anh says:

    Lmao it sucked? D Mitchell dunks were unoriginal asf like the same dunks but with more effort. Larry Nance got robbed.

    Incoming salty Jazz and D Mitchell fans.

  15. Naseem Saleh says:

    To the people saying nance got robbed cuz of his two tap dunk. Dwight Howard did that years ago…with one hand

  16. dectvw says:

    DSJ better dunker! 360 reverse between the legs and finish lefty was sick bro!

  17. Andrew Robert Kovac says:

    This was truly one of the better dunk contests. I am so tired of people having unrealistic expectations. All of Mitchell’s dunks were amazing, as were Nance’s. Ease up and appreciate the creativity for once. Unlike last year, this dunk contest was full of hype and originality. Give credit where it’s due and appreciate the art for goodness sake. Donovan Mitchell = dunk champ & ROY.

    • Cabigon Jhone says:

      Andrew Robert Kovac Thank you! Im so tired of seing some negative comments this allstar saturday night was amazing if I were this people I would just appreciate the efforr of this amazing players and btw mitchell is amazing idk why people getting salty

    • Thanongrit Suriyarungka says:

      Actually i think that the contest was so competitive and the parity was so high and close that most felt like robbed to not see their favorite player to win it all. This is why most are upset.
      Looking back we rarely had 4 contestants getting so close to average more than 45. Moreover Aaron absence is probably also part why people feel unsatisfied.

    • Lebron GOAT says:

      Casual fans would rather see someone hang from the rim and eat a cupcake.

  18. kidshaolin95 says:

    can someone tell me why the hell donovan had to have a short teenage girl, a baby boy, and kevin hart CROUCHING to dunk over?? and WHY it was given a 50???

  19. The gamer Beast says:

    Donovant mitchel was on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  20. sennsir_ says:

    You can bring out 30 Kevin Harts 🀣🀣🀣

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