Don’t Ask Will Ferrell About Professor Feathers – CONAN on TBS

Don’t Ask Will Ferrell About Professor Feathers – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Will Ferrell is happy to talk about his new movie, “Get Hard,” but please respect his privacy for all other things.

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20 Responses

  1. Elle Pendleton says:

    really funny… also a nice social commentary on feminism… 

  2. Wesley Imschoot says:

    This guy is trying too hard.

  3. megan lewis says:

    Professor Feathers is a girl

  4. Ryan Palmer says:

    Now I’m going to have to spend the rest of the day watching Will Ferrell
    interviews on YouTube. 

  5. Veronika Valínová says:

    0:55 I hear Steve Carell’s laugh

  6. Mindaugas says:

    How will can keep that face not loughing 😀 ? 

  7. z61615 says:

    想學蔡康永?HA HA

  8. ratelvis says:

    @Brittney Thomas now that’s erotic.

  9. B 2fly says:

    how does Will keep a straight face throughout this whole segment lmaoo

  10. Nikolina Jelčić says:

    Will Ferrell is just awesome 🙂

    How can he keep a straight face without laughing… at least once?
    hahahahhaha this is great, love him ;)

  11. Timothy Verheyn Jr. says:

    I love Will and Conan together, lol

  12. Wesl eyYoder says:


  13. ur nalgas says:

    It’s really funny cus I’m high and I thought will Ferrell was actually
    being serious about the bird and I felt sorry for him

  14. Julie Goldblatt says:

    Professor Feathers is a SHE 😀 

  15. Rob Green says:

    beautiful bird :)

  16. Rob Green says:

    moluccon cockatoo parrot :}

  17. Michelle O says:

    remember when he shaved Conan’s beard!? good times haha!

  18. bumblebee tuna says:

    Will Ferrel’s movies sucks ass. how anyone find them hilarious is beyond my
    during interviews Will is a little bit better. not as to say he is good.
    it’s as if he is always almost funny but isn’t. the only thing he’s got
    going is that silly look he puts on his face. but that alone can’t carry an
    entire interview.

  19. aluisious says:

    Sometimes I don’t really get Will Ferrell, but this is comedy genius.

  20. Sarah Mammel says:

    This is the best!!
    “You called it, you said this was gonna happen”