Don’t Bake iPad Air 2 in a Home Oven! Warning: Dangerous

Don’t Bake iPad Air 2 in a Home Oven! Warning: Dangerous

This week we had another crazy adventure in Brandon’s kitchen. We tested how much temperature an iPad can withstand before completely being destroyed by baking it in an oven and seeing how long it would survive. It was definitely surprising. Be sure to watch all the way to the end so you don’t miss out on the fire, the smoke, the fire extinguisher, all that good stuff. Don’t try this at home! Not a good idea.

All that said, it was a literal blast. Hope you enjoyed. More videos next Saturday!

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20 Responses

  1. the Lovelace says:

    I love your video

  2. Aidan Jenner says:

    11:17 he’s sounds like DAMN DANIEL??

  3. Huku Huku says:


  4. Brando Rodriguez says:

    which iPhone 6s case is better the ghost tech vase or the otter iPhone 6s

  5. Cas Mitchells says:

    “iPad Air smoke, don’t breathe this in”

  6. Nawaf A says:

    Wasting money + ipad

  7. Justin Tijhuis says:

    Shit, I was just about to bake my iPad…

  8. Colin McFarland says:

    Ummm, you probably should of wore a welding helmet of some sort, not just

  9. Trenton Lazorchak says:

    “Do not try this at home” yea let me put my expensive ass iPad in an oven.

  10. BlueMooshroomGames says:

    too late

  11. Liz M says:

    Just the fact that no fire alarms went off kinda spooked me

  12. Carolyne Chandler says:

    You could hear it duzzing

  13. Yolo Joe says:

    if you torch a lithium battery itll start leaking acid with a toxic but
    somewhat sweet smelling fume and the battery will spark like crazy and no
    matter how much you try to cool it down the battery will heat up until all
    the acid spills out or the battery ends up blowing up

  14. Cayla Bobool says:

    i want a gift

  15. macee graber says:

    its going to catch on fire

  16. jessica zeman says:

    who else watched this or is watching this under 700,000 views!

  17. Landon aicrag says:

    Man you just saved me, I was about to bake my I pad!

  18. Adam Varin says:

    I was sitting here, and my mouth was Savoring over my iPad, and just as I
    was about to bake it (the only proper way to prepare an iPad of course) I
    stumbled upon this video. Thank you for saving me hundreds!!!! But
    seriously this shit is dumb as fuck.

  19. BlueLAwesome11 Phsyco says:

    Thanks for the heads up I was just about to bake my IPad ???

  20. Brick Tamland says:

    from the hands of an asian child factory slave to your home oven…