Don’t Call Me Dumb Because I Can’t Read

Don’t Call Me Dumb Because I Can’t Read

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This is Billy, and he can’t read. He’s not blind, nor stupid – nothing like that. He’s dyslexic. This generally means that he’s physically not able to read or write. Or more precisely, he can do it, but he does it 100 times slower than other people. But don’t feel sorry for him! He’s happy this way. Here’s the story of what happened to him.

His parents always told him that he needed to do the best he could in his studies in order to excel in life. They’re both very successful – his dad is a lawyer and his mom is a physicist, so his future was well defined from birth. He was supposed to become nothing less than a brain surgeon. And indeed he remembers how he could already do a lot even in his early years – maths, science for kids, things like that. The only thing that worried his parents was that he didn’t manage to learn to read. But he was still very small, so they thought that since he was attending school anyway he would get taught there.

When school started, Billy realized straightaway that he was slower than the other kids. It was strange – he had never seemed stupid before; he was generally quick-witted and easily understood anything that was explained to him. But when it came to reading or working with a text of any kind, he seemed to be really slow. For Billy, letters looked like splashes of water that were constantly changing their shape and size. His teachers kept telling him to concentrate, but what was he supposed to do if words were like insects flying off the paper?

Billy remembers the first ever test that he got marks for. He understood it was very important to bring a good mark home to his parents, to show them that he wasn’t stupid. He did his best, but unfortunately managed to answer only 3 questions out of 12 in time. He didn’t understand what had happened – the questions were not hard and he knew the answers, but it just took a lot of time to understand what was written and compose his written answer. He broke into a sweat. The last thing he managed to do was write his name, Bill Bumble, on it. As the teacher looked them over she asked him to stand up and read his name from the paper. “Bill Bumble”, he said. She then insisted that he read it from the paper. With great effort, he read what he had actually written. It was “Bill Dumble”. Everyone laughed at him and he felt so embarrassed. “Dumble” became his nickname from that moment on.

This made Billy sad, and he ended up being mocked all day and getting a D-. He decided not to suffer on his own, and went to see his parents. They frowned when he told them that he had nearly gotten an F, but when he explained his vanishing letter problem, they decided to take him to see an optician. She checked his eyes and confirmed that his vision was perfect, but suggested a visit to another doctor who specialized in learning problems. He was a very nice man who listened to Billy attentively, and then asked him to show him how he wrote. Then Billy said that he could draw what he saw instead. He liked to draw a lot, and it seemed like it was the only thing that he was really good at. He drew things exactly how he saw them.

The doctor told Billy’s parents that their son had a talent, and they seemed very impressed seeing it themselves. He then said that Billy had dyslexia, a chronic condition that can be improved but never cured, and that he needed to find a way to somehow adapt to his studies. He gave recommendations to extent how long he was able to take on a test and to use more audio materials, but after some time at school Billy understood that he still lagged behind, and everyone was still mocking him because of it. He found it hard to concentrate on his subjects, and his marks slipped even more. So his parents enrolled him in another school that specialized in individualized creative teaching.

That’s how he found out that he’s actually pretty smart! He had a tutor who adapted all his subjects to his visual comprehension. He received creative tasks that involved drawing some process or rule instead of describing it in written form, and he was given audiobooks instead of textbooks. And he also took art classes where he became the best straightaway!

Billy is still a long way off from finishing school – he’s now in his early teens. But he already knows what he wants to be without a doubt – he wants to be an artist, because it’s the thing that he enjoys most in his life. Thanks to his dyslexia, Billy now never has to study all those things he’s no good at, and doesn’t have to struggle to find out what he really likes, which is drawing. Now he can say that he’s happy to let those letters fly away – he’s better off without them.

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    • Jacob Canava says:

      I like you but different I can’t wait to do it I never give up though it’s kind of hard for me to do math tests and it’s very hard to leave and two white I can on the only thing that I could do but very big like to say to take them off because his again so I can get you in tomorrow

    • Jacob Canava says:

      ACTUALLY HAPPENED and people even my own family and my cousin can’t understand me only my sister that’s named Mia kenapa my name is Ava Ava and I need special help from a teacher that always help me I need help with math and writing it’s hard for me to do tests that evolve reading I don’t know how to read a why my cat nipples are big my roller cases are small when is the boys I like them small one the more cases I like them big it’s kind of hard for me I understand you

    • uddhav cota says:

      There is movie in Hindi called tare zameen par and the movie is about a kid who literally had the same problem as you and he was also good at drawing and won a drawing competition and guess what he also saw letters jumping here and there😃

    • nae nae crayton says:

      Why no keep making videos please i watch them every day

    • Mickey Fam says:

      Only niggs can’t read books

  2. Luna In Gacha says:

    Like Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase.
    Why did the teacher even make him say it

  3. Onehappiness Happy says:

    Wow very inspiring..❤️😀
    My best friend has dyslexia and she always loves talking to me about it.

  4. Alisongutierrez Deras says:

    I Read slow in spanish so I dont really care if you cant read so yeah.

  5. Hannah Thoma says:

    *I Have A Person In My Class With This And He’s Called Ryan. He’s Rude To Almost Everyone Probably Because He Has A Hard Time. I Feel Sorry For Him But He’s Really Smart And He’s A Good Person When You Get To Know Him. Thanks For Reading This, Kind Person.*

  6. Funtime Foxy says:

    I’m gonna be an artist too

  7. flower roses says:

    My friend cant read either he is slow just like u he has the same thing as u people bully him but i help him and he is good at drawing to like u

  8. Sushi Pug says:

    I love this story personally, because I have dyslexia too and some people don’t understands or even know what it is, but I don’t let that go through my mind. ( plus- really brilliant humans like Einstein where dyslexic) so if you have dyslexia it’s just an other way of brilliant thinking!!

  9. WolfGirl 1013906 says:

    I want to be an artist too man, I feel ya *sniff sniff

  10. Jessica Fields says:

    its okay, ignore the haters!!!!! i hate bullys i really do like if you agree

  11. - RoyaltyVerse - says:

    1:27 word problem are so hard….

  12. Denerex says:

    I have PDD NOS, a mental condition, and my brain always demands the best of the best. That means that no book can satisfy my attention

    Every sound whether it is a butterfly beating its wings or someone passing by, wrong lighting and background movements are an easy distraction for me

    I Kinda wish I could end up with dyslexia tho. My mental condition is too “weak” to get into mental worker protection and I still live the hard life of “regular” people.

  13. Hi There says:

    *literacy has left the chat*

  14. Little Wolf 0441 says:

    This boy has so pretty voice maybe he would be good singer. His voice is so precious 💓😍

  15. Akanksha Singh says:

    Dumble reminds me of dumbledore , and trust me , he was one of the greatest witch 🧙‍♀️, so that was indeed a big title

  16. Emily Roberts says:

    Cheaper version of storybooth….

  17. Star Chaser says:

    “Don’t feel sry for me!”
    Me: to late! *your not able to enjoy books?!*

  18. GeodyP GT says:

    Your lucky because all u need to do is to draw…I like to draw too …😁😁😁

  19. Pokemon Destroyer says:

    I have a learning disability I can’t read right or do math properly

  20. Cassie CH says:

    I just wanted to say that dyslexia has many different levels, I have dyslexia but I don’t really have any trouble with reading or writing, in fact in school lots of people know me as the reader, although I do prefer audiobooks to reading. For me it mostly effects my spelling and a few other weird things like telling my left from right. I saw this as a more extreme case and wanted to make sure people know that not everyone with dyslexia it’s like that

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