Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S in an Expanding Sponge Ball!

Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S in an Expanding Sponge Ball!

I placed a fully working iPhone 6S inside a liquid solution that turns into foam in a matter of minutes and I wanted to see if the device can survive the force and pressure inside the ball!


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20 Responses

  1. Jeremy Queiroz says:

    Hey guys what’s up today I’m going to show you what happens when (random
    example) you drop you phone in lava!

    It either breaks or it doesn’t.

  2. Falloutlover 101 says:

    7:10 That’s not a knife

  3. Miguel Ponce says:

    go subscribe to gizmo slip he is good

  4. Louis Gorge says:

    8:15 is he using is dick ?

  5. Aurélio Valporto says:

    Thank you very much. This video is very instructive, as a matter of fact I
    almost dropped, by accident, my cell in an expanding sponge ball yesterday.
    Now I know I must be careful.

  6. XenoRaptor131426 says:

    +TechRax how do you get all these iPhones and samsungs?

  7. Dm Suja says:

    Could have given away a perfectly good iPhone. What a waste.

  8. Ryan Chow says:

    wasn’t planning on it.

  9. Hardstyler981 says:

    can my dick fit in a toaster? … for gods sake stop with pointles iphone

  10. cet 96 says:

    8:18, he has 3 hands!!!!! omg!!!!

  11. The Master316 says:

    Safety is number 1 priority

  12. Gaming Master says:

    tech rax you shouldif were some gloves

  13. IlluminatiConfirmed says:

    You can make a case out of this tho

  14. Terrence tran says:


  15. Miqdad Noman says:

    do it with the s7

  16. Shepherd The Scrub says:

    “This might blow up.” *continues to smash glass shards without any means of

  17. Jorden Dougherty says:

    You idiot

  18. Dee Durty says:

    Does this works with plastic bowls also?

  19. FAKE CLAN says:

    I hate it when I drop my phone thats in a sponge

  20. Leif Olson says:

    his grammar gives me aids