Don’t Get Dropped Off the Ledge! | 2nd Story Edition!!

Don’t Get Dropped Off the Ledge! | 2nd Story Edition!!

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Hey guys! What did you think about our new Don’t Get Dropped Off the Ledge with an even higher fall? What other trivia style videos should we do? Let us know down below!!

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38 Responses

  1. John Michael Mendoza says:

    study spelling cause one day this will happen to you

  2. Kadin Fehr says:

    The ropes should be covered from their views, and the questions should be worth a secret amount of ropes cut if wrong, so the suspense is stronger (for the 3rd edition) great video!

    Edit: *4th edition

  3. CulturalBeast 07 says:

    Any else remember in the brother battle, when Joey said spelling was his best subject?

  4. Eric Miles says:

    This should be called team edge doesn’t know how to spell

  5. Speedy powers says:

    But I am to stupid for school. Lol
    Not actually

  6. Ray Alli says:

    If Bobby is afraid of heights wouldnt it be logical to get someone else to play? Just felt like we were watching 2 people play.

  7. Speedy powers says:

    Well he is swimming with the fishs

  8. XxLittle_HuskyPlayzxX says:

    Round number 3!

    *Kevin holds up four fingers* ??

  9. Kuruma Sama says:

    7:29 On to round three..

    Shows 4 fingers on his hand ?

  10. Dapperawsomekid123 Gaming and more says:

    The fish was a paid actor.
    Edit: omg thx for the likes this is the most I’ve ever gotten!

  11. Ralph Contreras says:

    Do more but with guess the shape

  12. Sione Dante says:

    R.I.P. Bessy (2017-2019) i think im wrong with the date LOL

  13. Nichole Shephard says:

    Did anyone else notice that Kevin held up a number four with his fingers when he said number three


    By far me favorite video ever!

    say it with me:
    Snip Snip!!!

  15. NOAH AUSTIN says:

    They should do a j – joke compilation

  16. Dylan James says:

    I’m afraid of Kevin’s future…SNIPSNIP

    • Pete Carrara says:

      Not legit but I love you funniest thing I’ve ever heard?????????????????????????????when I saw that I was like…..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☁️

  17. Beyond Allbros says:

    This is how much money you will find tomorrow
    SNIP SNIIIP✂️✂️✂️


  18. Cole Gillman says:

    When Kevin said now for round three he held up 4 fingers

  19. DatJohnsterRayBoi says:

    Low key wish they would have snip sniiiped Bryan when he was doing the outro. No hard feelings Bryan but that would have been funny as hell ?

  20. Thomas Schmidt says:

    Snip snip merch.
    Make it happen

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