Don’t Move To Canada Just Yet

Don’t Move To Canada Just Yet

Sure, they’ve got free health care up there. But being an American citizen is like family: you’re in it whether you like it or not.

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Jones says:

    What the people saying they’ll move when Trump wins don’t understand is
    other countries don’t take in as many people as America and they actually
    enforce immigration laws.

  2. Hilltop Street says:

    no no you are wrong Stephen they should move to Canada.

  3. Alpha Bet says:

    It’s gonna be funny when Trump actually does great things, and like a year
    from now they’ll be eating their words. Lol

  4. Carbeeezy says:

    why not move to mexico? Racist bastards.

  5. Roman Barna says:

    Republicans disrespected and refused to work with Obama, and now they are
    butthurt because liberals are doing the same.
    Reich-wingers truly are some of the dumbest lunatics on this planet.

  6. william mason says:

    Anyone wanting to come to Canada will have to give up your gun.

  7. SeriouslyKidding says:

    Message to all Americans.

    If you want to come here, to Canada, please be prepared to pay for the wall
    on our only border 😀


  8. schmebalydook says:


  9. supernova743 says:

    Hillary did NOT take it well. In fact she couldn’t even face her supporters
    at her own rally on election night. She gave her concession speech in the
    morning. Podesta was the one to disband the election party.

  10. robert4you says:

    Greetings from Sweden! Calm down, Mr Colbert. Give the president elect
    Donald Trump a chance ffs. Who knows, maybe he becomes one of the best
    presidents you have ever had in the USA? Perhaps the fact that he is not a
    corrupt politician will be a huge advantage in his work? Maybe it’s good
    that he has never been a politician at all? Give the man a chance! By the
    way, we miss Letterman over here in Scandinavia, he was much more fun to
    watch than you, he was a pro.

  11. erroneus says:

    Colbert: You’ve got bigger things you will be talking about than this. Wait
    for the promise Trump delivered in the second debate. Hillary Clinton has
    committed major felonies as Secretary of State and sold out America. The
    Trump DOJ will see to it. Enjoy the bounty of new material coming.

    And I’m going to point out that you racists aren’t “running away to
    Mexico.” No, you’re seeking “refugee status” in a white country. Funny how
    that works. Do those who want to leave the country have something against
    people of color? Seems like it.

  12. actingislife100 says:

    Hilary won the popular vote. The people spoke and they wanted Hilary. So
    Trump supporters saying he won fair and square are just lying to

  13. FifaFurious says:

    this guy is always in trending yet he is stupid and get views by not liking
    Trump and hating on him!

  14. Adhi N says:

    Salty democrat supporters are salty.. He won according the system of
    democracy you created, by electoral votes not by popular, like it or not,

  15. Kira Rezmar says:

    Don’t worry, Americans. It’s only four years.
    Turkey has had to deal with Erdogan for much longer. Same with Russia and
    This is the time to organize and learn from the mistakes (Like not electing
    a real social liberal during the primaries), so you can stop the dumbfucks
    from giving Trump a second term in 2020.

    Most importantly, try to get the senate two years from now so you can stop
    them from ruining your country.

  16. GoatsMcGee says:

    “Oh, Canada here I come!” SHUT THE ACTUAL FUCK UP. You and I both know that
    you’re keeping your ass put in the United States of America. The people
    have spoken, Trump won, and now its time, no matter our differences, to
    come together and support him. It’s time to MAN THE FUCK UP and stopping
    bitching about how your shitty candidate didn’t win and how fucking
    self-centered you are. If something doesn’t go your way, you will riot
    through the streets and throw Molotov cocktails at police officers, proudly
    calling it “FREEDOM OF SPEECH.” If Hillary won and Trump supporters acted
    HALF this ridiculous, violent, and irrational, the behavior would be deemed
    completely unacceptable. And for those of you who actually ARE going to
    Canada, GOOD. Fucking leave. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass! Bye! We
    could use fewer cancers like you in this country, poisoning our society.
    Sorry this was such a long comment, but I just felt that you needed to have
    your sad, little incompetent mind straightened the fuck out and have your
    eyes opened to the truth.

  17. Picasso_Dalí says:

    …I live in Europe now, and let me tell you, there’s no escaping this, it
    comes to you via Facebook and Youtube, and the nightmares are the same,
    people here having the same reaction as we, only here it is more real,
    given that Russia is so much closer. And refugees are flooding these shores
    in record numbers. At least there you have lots of places to hide, like,
    Jackson Hole Wyoming, the Arizona desert, the Rockies, Kansas, Oklahoma,
    Ecuador…never mind, there is no escaping this….

  18. TheAK47striker says:

    10:34 “you don’t get to flee to another country when things get rough
    here”…..would you please repeat what you think of the refugee crisis?

  19. fastheinz039 says:

    Under Obama, the riots came from BLM and similar movements…not

  20. jcrypt1 says:

    this whole diatribe is very awkward and uncomfortable to watch. it’s like
    watching a kid who just got cut from the high school football team talking
    to all the other kids who got cut and trying to convince them that they
    didn’t want to be on the team in the first place and making fun of the Star
    Quarterback. painfully awkward and sad.