Don’t Plummet to the Ground! | Rope Cut Challenge!

Don’t Plummet to the Ground! | Rope Cut Challenge!

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53 Responses

  1. Autumn April says:


  2. Hallie Marshall says:

    Kyle looks like the vampire from twilight

  3. Rascal Kitty says:

    *I have no life and watch YouTube all day.*

  4. Some Animator says:

    This comment will be ignored


  5. Basketball Gamingforlife says:

    It’s like the game in Ellen’s games

  6. AJ Keir says:

    Bryan is my favorite

    • Raged Force says:

      He’s always been the one i’ve been betting to win, but now seeing him lost right now? Hmm, i don’t know how to feel.

  7. It’s yo boy Peter rabbit says:

    The question when you asked what scar is on which side of his face it could’ve been true or false because it depends on the perspective

  8. Aquapyro - says:

    I don’t know about you but I’d choose the maple syrup
    I’m Canadian

  9. Xx TheNorthernNoob xX says:

    You could say that Kyle was a bit in a pickle.

  10. Chris Segovia says:

    Feel so bad for Bryan right in the face

  11. Savage Kids says:

    Yesterday I threw up at school because I didn’t feel good like if you can relate

  12. SwitchGamer minecraft and more says:

    I would like to fall into that maple syrup…
    Anyone else? Like it

  13. Aaron Brown says:

    Omg I have 6 ferrets and there adorable

  14. sadfacegirl • says:

    I clicked the video knowing that there would something stupid happing

  15. Pickle Mickle says:

    How does one mistake coffee for pizza? Lol

  16. Subscribe Me For No Reason says:

    3:46 Kyle roasted J Fred so hard tho 😂

  17. Foxy Gaming says:

    #2 trending oh hellllll yesssss

  18. Daniel Dulivero says:

    Lol at Bryan, you even can see his big package up close at 2:24-2:29!

  19. kaddy3232 says:

    Five team edge likes in a row

    I would love if team edge liked please

  20. JellyBeanTV says:

    Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind being dumped into any of those lol

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