Don’t Sledgehammer Your Employee’s Expensive Items!!

Don’t Sledgehammer Your Employee’s Expensive Items!!

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Hey guys! Which Team Edge employee had the best wish list? Which item did you like to see get destroyed? Do you think we should buy more expensive gifts for our employees? Let us know down below!

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57 Responses

  1. julian velitario says:

    That hadephone is lit heheh!

  2. Claire Grant says:

    Heh, if Cory’s iPad still works, he could honestly get the screen fixed. Like so Team Edge can see and Corey can fix his iPad

  3. Garth Kassner says:

    And Cory had to relive the ipad moment because he edited this video

  4. Valerie Tang says:

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        I hope you have a super awesome day! If you don’t think you did, just remember that there’s always something to be happy about. It’s the simplest things that can easily make us happy. Be friendly, nice and help each other out. If you are feeling sad or down , remember that there’s always hope. Even if all the doors are closed there’s still a window. You are awesome, and you are amazing. You are loved and someone cares about you. Be happy, laugh, smile! Suicide is NEVER the answer. Fact is I’m terrified by how easily someone could take their own life. Please stay, there’s HOPE! You are smart, beautiful, handsome, wayyyy stronger than you think. Someone loves and cares about you. You’re worth it, you’re good enough, you’re not a failure, you’re not a piece of trash. Believe in yourself!!
       I know some people don’t like this and will hate, but i just want more people to be happy and to spread more positive energy. I’m not doing this for myself, I just wanna spread the joy to everyone. Maybe I did make some grammar mistakes and spelled something wrong, but I’m just a kid. I’m writing this cuz i just wanna make everyone happy:)

  5. Yana Fedorishina says:

    Please don’t do this again! U boys waisted so much money!!

  6. Caelo de Vorago says:

    To be fair, only the hair dryer was actually destroyed.
    The iPad can have a screen replaced

  7. Whitescarver says:

    Bro, Cory! You can get a new Digitizer for that Ipad for $20 and under depending on the generation.
    Fix it yourself man, it’s so easy, don’t pay upwards to 100+ to fix it at a shop.

  8. SpartanOli says:

    Got a nintendo switch, then an iphone? Damn, nicely paid

  9. Brad Ng says:

    people could’ve eaten that ipad and hair dryer tsk tsk tsk

  10. Cassy Helzer says:

    j-fred doesn’t speak broke u know we saw the airpod?

  11. EPIC2X says:

    @Team Edge You guys need to go actually break the ipad to make this fair since it still works all he has to do is fix the screen so technically it survived the sledgehammer just like the hairdryer but you guys smashed it afterwards so Cory can still use his ipad while Nat can’t use her hairdryer.

    • Pickle Pots says:

      This is silly.

    • Autumn Jones says:

      +Pepe Reee it did turn on and can still be used, if they fully smashed the iPad, it would be completely fair.

    • RoseAs Rosie says:

      Autumn Jones Ok it’s just a game Don’t be dramatic

    • Noa Holmes says:

      One word: commas

    • Shadow Night says:

      yea i agree, i found that unfair to since he only need to replace the screen, ik its yust fun and games and it did not originaly belong to her but i yust feel sad for her because of that, it killed my fun from watching this game. They should have hit that ipad multimple times to, until it did not even turn on to make it fair. Or have let that hair dryer go afther the first hit to.

  12. Brainiac03 says:

    ” I wish I could’ve filmed that *on my broken iPad.* “

  13. Steadfast15321 says:

    I find it weird that j-fred is the only one who smashed their things and got hit everytime (evil but got what he deserved XD)

  14. Gumball 029 says:

    Corey u better stop at that device repair shop buddy

  15. Basketball Gamingforlife says:

    Keep it pg Joey. Corys mom “don’t watch bad stuff.” Cory “okay.” Cory’s Mom “CORY!!!!!.”

  16. cameron bobak says:

    I see a lot of people complaining about this and honestly I like it 100 times more than people destroying stuff that has meaning to them. This gives the chance that someone might get something they like if they have the money to give their employees gift then why do we complain, i’d love it if my job did this; Yes, there’s a potential of something of value getting destroyed but you just need to take it with a grain of salt. Iam happy for the people that got the things they wanted (in working condition) and who knows, maybe the others can find a way around the broken-ness of their item. I don’t want to start an argument, this is just my opinion.

    • Shadow Night says:

      well they killed the comback whit that hairdryer whit ketchup, no coming back from that xD. and yes i agree but i feel sad for her since they smacked that hairdryer again only because it turned on, unlike the ipad that turned on, not hard to get that screen replaced

  17. Nathan Reaperz says:


  18. Nikolor says:

    Why does it look so 2010s?

  19. Nikolor says:

    2 basic rules for this show that work almost always:
    1. Put your thing on the right side
    2. Press the left lever
    Everybody want to smash something with their right hand

  20. Zentrex says:

    AirPod user be like I’ll buy what ever you want and I might smash it

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