Don’t Talk PSA: Coach

Don’t Talk PSA: Coach

You talk and text. You ruin Coach’s speech. We punt you out of the theater.

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20 Responses

  1. Samir Khatani says:

    +Tukai Sen Fuck JD McCoy!

  2. iBrews says:

    God that was such a great show.

  3. Conrad Montgomery says:

    Coach Taylor. Can’t lose.

  4. Twinflux, LLC says:


  5. Amanda Swain says:

    Love this! Love FNL & coach Taylor so glad I have the whole series. On DVD

    • DSkyMedia says:

      +Amanda Swain They shot the series in my hometown I remember. There were
      always times for extras. FNL good show.

  6. marbledillon says:

    Coach Taylor, FNL ALWAYS!!!!

  7. DePaul Blue Demon says:

    Please post a “Making Of” for this!

  8. William Powell says:

    Why can’t we please get a movie spin off I just want one more time gosh I
    miss that show 

  9. cruman87 says:

    Please please play this in every movie theater in America

  10. nfl20 says:


  11. Aristotle76 says:

    Coach Taylor! One of the greatest shows ever.

  12. eromitlabhitw says:

    Looks like there’s one pro-phones in the theatre jerkoff.

  13. lilmojett says:

    Yes, Coach…

  14. Andrew Elder says:

    Can Alamo just PLEASE run every theater in the country?

  15. julss861 says:

    God, that music still gives me chills…

  16. vszasz says:

    The whole series is on Netflix. Amazing what you pick up years later you
    missed watching FNL the first time through. Thanks Coach. Thank the
    Drafthouse for kicking out Madonna who didn’t heed the warning.

  17. Gus “The Champ” Chumpolo says:

    What a great show there

  18. Ecomog Media Group says:

    When Coach Taylor talks, you listen. End of story.

  19. Gooby ! says:

    I was listening coach…I was listening…