Don’t tell ANYONE how I did this!! #Shorts

Don’t tell ANYONE how I did this!! #Shorts

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  1. GROWNUPS Media says:

    RIP to all those who assumed she stuck it on a mirror.

  2. Madison Day says:

    Girl we knew. We been known 😭

  3. Mr Porbig says:

    the cringe levels are getting dangerously close to brainmelting


    Don’t worry sister.. everything will be all right.. you just need to uninstall that App.

  5. Pee poo says:

    I’m a simple man, i see tiktok, i continue scrolling.

  6. abtex says:


  7. Aqua_lily YT says:

    Title:Don’t tell anyone how I did this
    Her: Puts it on YouTube so everyone can see it.

  8. Izuku Midoriya says:

    Legit there is strings attached to the corners “wow so magical I totally believe it”

    • XxGacha_AngelXx says:


    • YOYOBEAR 21 says:

      No shit, she legit pointed at it tf

    • NobleJesse says:

      @YOYOBEAR 21 Ok but what is going on. Can you explain the trick, she just points at them and then gets possesed by some demon and starts doing a ritual. What is even the meaning of the video, if she just put her phone on a stand it would have been easier, is there something i am missing? Why do i see this at 1am omg

  9. Stimpy says:

    If you feel depressed, just remember that these people exists

  10. Marvin Torlao says:

    The mirror be like: *why am I still here just to suffer*-

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