Don’t Try This At Home…

Don’t Try This At Home…


Logitech K310 Washable Keyboard –

This is a cool take on the washable keyboard concept. Unlike some others on the market this one features large physical keys with decent travel. This keyboard could be particularly useful in environments where cleanliness is paramount.

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20 Responses

  1. Slavko Horička says:

    Try to do this with your K70 Rapidfire RGB :D

  2. NewMan DIY says:

    Very Cool Unboxing Video!!! This keyboard could be particularly useful in
    environments where cleanliness is paramount. Right!!!

  3. MDogg55555 says:

    Thumbnail looked like a slab of wax at first glance

  4. bellajenella says:

    Would be awesome if it was hydrophobic as well.

  5. The Gaming Taco says:

    Thanks for not wasting real maple syrup. Canada love, man.?

  6. Pieter Damsteegt says:

    The coca cola prolly helped in the cleaning process…

  7. VIZZY VENU$! says:


  8. Griffin Lilly says:

    $2 if you eat it

  9. ChrispyCremes says:

    They have keyboard covers, I guess nobody uses them though lol

  10. FigS says:

    lol why does everyone question about jack, he may be a real guy, but I like
    to think of him as a person Lew alludes too if the product he’s unboxing
    gets too split for comic relief

  11. MrOne2watch says:

    now i wanna see inside that keyboard !

  12. Adil Bouanani says:

    I felt really uncomfortable when you made the keyboard dirty.

  13. Edithsx says:

    you should have licked it off instead,it’s the best method

  14. Tim _ says:

    Excuse me Lewis I do not eat Cheetos.

  15. Noe Pina says:


  16. Alex Alvarez says:

    LOL??? I was watching this video and when you said “listen if your
    eating while watching your a wild animal”?? and I’m literally eating?

  17. Brandon Rodriguez says:

    I’ve had maple syrup from Quebec Cannada

  18. David Pálka says:

    Jack is looking for keybord to be used in bathroom :D

  19. evanrichterer says:

    Lol Lou looks up his own channel on wiki

  20. Neswanth Keepudi says:

    It’s like watching Techrax test a keyboard rather than a phone.