This music video means so much to me. I hope you enjoy it
VINE: @JoeyGraceffa
SNAPCHAT: @JoeyGraceffa16

Video Directed By: Andrew Vallentine

Story By: Joey Graceffa

Director of Photography & Colorist: Doug Potts

Production Design By: Yikai Wang

Makeup, Hair & Special Effects: Monique Paredes

Edited By: Andrew Vallentine

Wardrobe By: David Camarena

Visual Effects By: Kris Sundberg , Ryan Sundberg, & Ember Lab

Set Photographer:

Music by:
Eric Leva
Brett McLaughlin
Matt Parad


Mom/Witch : Lindsey Endreson

Little Joey: Garret Endreson

Little Prince: Dylan Pobran

Goblins: Hunter Kauffman, Harrison Kauffman, & Jacob Wutke

Young Bullies:
Andrew Stice, Taylor Bennett, & Ethan Macalley

Rocky Mountain Entertainment Agency

Assistant Editor: Brianna Gardner

1st AC: Rob Kramig

Gaffer: Anirudh Gattu

Key Grip: Nick Federoff

Location Scout: Hope Kauffman

Filmed with an Arri Amira
Edited in Adobe Premiere
Colored in Davinci Resolve
Shot in Montana, U.S.A

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20 Responses

  1. Sebastian H says:

    This simply is pure perfection! I absolutely LOVE this.
    Well done, Joey. You should be very proud of yourself. Bless you!

  2. Kamila J says:

    Truly Amazing.

  3. Maja Ilmarson says:

    Omg! I’m so happy right now!! Hope it’s true thou if not it would be kinda

  4. Kirsten Clark says:

    This is amazing. Anyone could tell that you put a lot of heart & work into
    this. And it is truly amazing. Everyone who watches this will be grateful,
    that you are doing what you feel that you need too. And that you came out
    when you were comfortable in your skin. We love you <3 and will always
    support you though thick and Thin <3 "Don't Wait For The World To Be Ready"
    Wait for yourself to be ready <3 love you.. PS: Can't wait to get your book
    <3 Its going to be great <3

  5. Олеся Богомолова says:

    Oh.. Very good!!

  6. Illuminath music says:

    This broke my heart with its amazingness! 😀 good luck Joey!

  7. HammyMay says:

    joey is going to be the best future dad ever <3 this was so cute... I love
    you joey... you changed my life. I used to think that being gay was bad and
    gross but you showed me that its no different than being strait. now I love
    everyone, no matter the choices they make <3333

  8. The Hobbletoffs says:

    This is my 100th time watching this video it’s now my favorite song and
    congrats Joey on coming out this video will probably inspire tons of people
    out there who are afraid to come out and tell the world.dont wait

  9. bálint karajz says:

    Dear Joey…

    You made me came out :’D I told my parents, and they are so…so….
    loving. Still. And now? I am crying like a little bitch, because I’m so
    happy XDDDD

  10. Tanya Farquhar says:


  11. GeorgiaL Aldred says:

    Can’t stop listening, soooo proud of you Joey! <3

  12. Emmanuel Nayenga says:

    Joey we can tell u were crying

  13. XxCellychanxX says:

    This video is everything to me right now! <3

  14. Виктория Данилова says:

    This is ginna be one of my favorite music videos. You made me cry. I
    finally see the other side of you, and I’m proud that you’re not afraid to
    show it.

  15. Rose Winters says:

    that was so amazing, it gives such a good message and you must’ve put so
    much effort into it!!!! it’s also really catchy

  16. KewlAidTime says:

    No one was surprised… but… I wonder how long he was dealing with this.
    It’s so sad! Being afraid of what other people would say, we support you

  17. Ross Wilcock says:

    Joey amazing video!! I can honestly speak as someone who recently came out
    on YouTube and I am so proud of it and I know I am new to the vlogging game
    but have been making videos on here for 4 years I can safely say your one
    of my favourite YouTubers and I consider you an inspiration to me I
    pre-ordered your book as well and will be incluing it in my monthly
    favourites. I also wanted to ask you about possibly using a 5-10 second
    clip of your song for that same video. Take Care and we all love you and
    you have everyones support!! You Rock Joey Keep aiming high and reaching
    for the stars! ur awesome x

  18. Sadie Grimes says:

    this is the best coming out video ever! So proud of you joey :)

  19. BeautyByJoanna says:

    The most important thing is… what will Miranda Sings think?!

  20. Stina MadsMN says:

    Joey, this is amazing! It’s so beautiful and so powerful. And I love the
    song. Great job!