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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote meets Wanda the Wombat!

Wombats are marsupials and can be found throughout a wide range of Australia. However unlike their cousins the Koala and the Kangaroo they are primarily nocturnal…

So in this special animal encounter Coyote gets to meet one sleepy Wombat who is just about to wake up from her daytime slumber.

Some might say you DON’T WAKE the WOMBAT, but Coyote feels that with a few carrots and some leafy greens as a breakfast offering, he’s got the inside track to being the Wombats best friend!

Get ready to meet Wanda!

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HUGE THANKS to the Billabong Sanctuary and their staff for hosting the crew at this location and for all the work they do to preserve Australias magnificent wildlife. To meet Blossom for yourself consider making a visit! –

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59 Responses

  1. The Lasagniac says:


  2. Octopissoff says:


    • Brave Wilderness Official says:

      (ٛ₌டுͩ ˑ̭ டுͩٛ₌)ฅ enjoy subscribers@<}

    • Michael Stott says:

      I had one when I was a child. A guy brought her in to the Pub where Mum was the Manager in our small town of Beaconsfield in Tasmania. If a person found a dead Wombat on or near the road most country people would stop to check the pouch for babies (That bone in their bum is really strong) He brought it in to the Pub and Mum switched to Mother mode and said she would take her. I was amazed as a kid could be! I was the only kid around who had a Wombat to care for 🙂 but Wombats get big and they love to dig. soon our yard had a massive burrow in it so it was time we took her to a wildlife sanctuary so she could live with other Wombats and be taken care of. We would visit her and one day we discovered that she had given birth to her own Baby 🙂

    • Brave Wilderness Official says:

      (ٛ₌டுͩ ˑ̭ டுͩٛ₌)ฅ enjoy subscribers@<}

    • E Kramer2 says:

      THAT is an awesome story 🙂

  3. Christian Ivarsson says:

    Stop waving around so close to it for crying out loud. No wonder why it tried to bit you. Even I’d be scared if someone moved around like that close to my face lol

  4. Peyton Darville says:

    If two wombats are fighting ,is it called mortal wombat

  5. Aurora Kencana says:

    Coyote I’m so happy for u and the team.. I’m glad u can see all the animals is the world.. 😊😉🐶 I love all ur Adventures because ur an expert of all the world animals..

  6. Tonelock says:

    She looks like a rabbit but different

  7. Jigsaw407 says:

    “I will not make any sudden movements, I promise” *immediately starts waving his hand around in front of her face again*

  8. It's Lauren says:

    Omg it’s so cute !


    3:36 lol

  10. bish im not a weeb ok gtfo says:

    I haven’t watched your Channel in a while, but I intend on watching your videos more often. You’re amazing ♡

  11. Foxtrot Felix says:

    2:22 😉

  12. candy kitten says:

    I want a wombat.. I *NEED* a *WOMBAT*

  13. GamingWithJOY says:

    *Square POOP!* * *_* *

  14. Helveteshit says:

    Does indeed look like the Wombat tried to bite you, because you kept talking to its face/Keeping it awake.

  15. Dalay Gaming says:

    That worker guy looked so uncomfortable😂😂

  16. Chris Bruce Sr. says:

    I’m so glad to see a video that isn’t talking about logan paul! Go brave wilderness!

  17. NH Animal Lady says:

    That wombat is fatter then my guinea pigs

  18. Chef Rafi's Awesome World says:

    What’s cuter: wombats, baby sloths or koalas 🐨?

  19. DReis 7 says:

    4:07 bet he pooped his pants

  20. Valentina Guadalupe. says:


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