DoorDash is FORCING Their Executives To Make Monthly Deliveries?!

DoorDash is FORCING Their Executives To Make Monthly Deliveries?!

DoorDash is FORCING Their Executives To Make Monthly Deliveries?!

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39 Responses

  1. Miles Edgeworth says:

    *In my opinion it is the best way to teach the employees how hard it is to deliver food. I don’t work there so who am I to judge.*

    • Red Talisman says:

      I think it would be better if the CEO wasn’t excluded though. I know CEO may be the busiest position but from the perspective of the other high level employees it probably feels like their saying “This is a very important thing for you to do, but it’s not important enough for me to participate in”.

    • Miles Edgeworth says:

      @Red Talisman I think the CEO who made that idea.

    • Megh Sehn Jr. says:

      @Red Talisman it says “even the ceo” not except

    • Red Egg says:

      @Red Talisman but the CEO will also deliver food

  2. VSPA TMX says:

    This is a brilliant idea..
    All those who sit and strategies all day must get a feel of what happens at the implementation level and what the field agents and customers experience as a result of those who simply sit and strategise in the blind without knowing ground realities.

    Once a month or 12 a year is too lill

    2 every Month
    Or 24 a year is a good idea.

    What’s even better is spending 2 whole days a year
    Doing deliveries.
    That will give a much better feel of the fatigue that employs experience
    And the result of that fatigue on customer service.

    • Sad Cat in a Cowboy Hat says:

      I got to be honest it made me laugh with you saying field agents… My guy they’re food delivery people. I’m not saying a job isn’t a job, but come on you’re making it out to be way more grandiose than it is lmao. It’s like calling a cook at McDonald’s a chef

    • Elijah Ramer says:

      I feel like one full day each year is fine. They need to know what it feels like to deliver food all day.

    • suppey says:

      @Anarcho Syn nah man, that’s how it works. I went from uber driver to CEO of Uber.

    • LTAC turn1 says:

      Yep let me work hard at school work my way to the top only to deliver food makes TOTAL SENSE

    • jaundre williams says:

      @Book Nerd he’s saying that since the executives know how the company works on the execution of their product it’ll better help them improve it and make conditions better for all employees doing dashes

  3. Perc Slushee says:

    The reasoning makes sense. If you’ve ever worked at a large company you would understand the frustration of all the inefficient and ineffective things the individual contributors have to deal with. A lot of times the lower level guys have great ideas but not the power to make the changes. This will definitely help the company in the long run.

    • Chris D says:

      @MyNameIzJingle! its not abt if they can do it or not, its not the job they were recruited for…

    • Im_The_Kerminator says:

      @MyNameIzJingle! try programming I’ll wait

    • SRahmi Dewi says:

      Yes, the higher ups should do some lower employees work to see what’s going on. Once a month delivery, I think they need to do more to feel how the employees feeling after multiple delivery.

    • Nick Alvarez says:

      @SRahmi Dewi they also have jobs to do of their own. One shift a month is already quite frequent, i am sure it doesn’t take more than that to figure out improvements to the app etc.

    • Charles A Williams Jr says:


  4. pito says:

    If I was the CEO, I would use that as an excuse to leave boring meetings. I’d just get up and leave “sorry, gotta make this delivery since no one is Taking it”

  5. Eric says:

    I think it’s a great idea. The higher up employees complaining just shows how little they understand what the most important people in their company actually go through everyday. They’re so used to just sitting in an office all day that they probably forgot what it feels like to put in actual hard work

    Edit: I know the higher ups didn’t get there by doing nothing. What I meant to say was that due to this they can at least somewhat relate to the workers that are doing the core part of their business because in every company you’ll have at least one person that’s like “I’m above you. Now go do what I say” and I think this is a good way to address that issue

    • Shaan200 says:

      Higher ups still do alot of work as well, and you forget this also includes the like of software developers, as all employees have to do it, which will have a far harder job that delivering food.

    • MyNameIzJingle! says:

      @Yousif Maeen no they didn’t, you rarely ever get a high position because “you worked hard” it’s usually because you where born into it or you knew someone

    • Segun says:

      @MyNameIzJingle! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

      So many sad people on the internet lmao

    • Landon Hernandez says:

      Well, when you apply for a job, typically they have a job description. If this policy wasn’t applied upon hire, I’d be mad too

    • Chris D says:

      @MyNameIzJingle! that is really an awful take. I work closely with the executive team at my company, all of then started from normal families and worked their way up / the ceo founded the company. My friends father is the cfo of a major financial company, he came from nothing, he was lower middle class growing up. In the world of business, to make it to the top you need to provide value over anything else. Thats it, it doesnt matter who you know

  6. ComradeWolfdog says:

    That’s actually sounds like a great policy. Higher level employees need to know what their labor force go through everyday. This will definitely benefit not just the company but the delivery drivers trying to make a living

  7. Gyi Shin says:

    It’s something that should be in most companies tbh that are able to do it. I was a Chef, who apprenticed. I started out as a dishwasher, then in order went to prep, salad, desserts, saute, soups, grill, lead, and last to expedite. My chef felt correctly that you shouldn’t be CDC or executive without knowing everything from the ground up.

    • diamondssd1 says:

      I agree whole heartedly. Worked in the kitchen as well. Every link of the chain is just as important as the next. And if a chef is not willing to get in and help with a diahwasher, he’s no chef in my eyes.

  8. Dr. Royalty says:

    This lowkey a good idea ngl cuz it will give first hand insight to all the major flaws the higher up staff tends to neglect.

  9. RainbowRyan says:

    This actually seems like a great idea! At my old logistics job, loads of smaller issues or customer issues were solved easily after one of the managers went along in the collection and delivery process just once.

  10. Henry Livingstone says:

    I think this is a good policy, it allows for the executives to experience the otherwise grueling experiences that a low level worker might have to face like irate customers, logistical failings, and inhospitable weather so they can cater better to their employees. And it’s just one delivery a month.

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