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  1. Razzbowski says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary! Giving birth to El Gobby has brightened the world 🥹

  2. DreDay says:

    I appreciate how Lsplash is putting hard work for us and we’re helping them back is truly awesome

  3. The cupcake HEY! says:

    The symbol in the thumbnail was also seen in the image teasing, the modifiers update, so in case anyone here is expecting a trailer for floor 2 and a release date, it’s highly unlikely due to this being mainly for the modifiers update (though I wouldn’t be surprised if they announced more merch)

  4. LandoCommandoEdits says:

    Guys. I am just now playing the new modifiers update for Doors and I recognize something. After the Hotel+ Update, the vibes felt different. Like, playing the game for the first time before the huge update was a vibe that hit different for me; like walking into a dark room and flicking on a lighter whilst playing Doors with my sister for the first time in August 2022, when the game’s popularity was rising. Anyways, the Hotel+ update made the game feel not the same, despite it being way better than it used to in many ways, but the vibes didn’t feel the same. They were more scary and new. The old one, however, felt more eerie, mysterious, and classic, if that makes sense. Well I am playing the modifiers update and I am getting so much nostalgia because I suddenly start feeling like the game gives off the same old vibe it used to. I feel like this is partly due to them adding old sounds and other things like how they were removed after the Hotel+ update. An example of this is the ambience that they brought back in this modifiers update. Another may be the fact that they switch the Rush sound like how it was when the game originally came out. There are other inexplainable things that are hard to explain that feel different and more classical like how it was before the hotel+ update. But anyways, I can’t be the only one. Something that would drastically increase nostalgia is if they added those old mini library rooms back. MAN would that be awesome.

  5. the official mr fh says:

    its a smart choice to add more replayability by adding modifiers to spice things up right its not big thing but we still appreciate any update from those fellas

    oh and also the el goblino plush looks pretty good

  6. Smurtzii says:

    Happy 1 year anniversary!! This is going to be an interesting addition to the game, can’t wait to see the runs made from this.

  7. NJGames says:

    Give thanks to LSplash and RediblesQW for doing this amazing announcement in the first place.

  8. Skylie Evans says:

    Excited for the future of doors the devs are cool as hell and deserve more clout for there work

  9. Master Void says:

    Everyone, don’t forget to be repectful for Lsplash and Redibles as they are putting alot of effort in their game.
    People think they can just add floor 2 in right now, but that is just not as simple as it sounds.

  10. Marcelo do stumble guys says:

    não podemos para que todos vocês vejam o que temos a seguir na loja, fiquem ligados para mais

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