Double Life: Episode 1 – DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Double Life: Episode 1 – DOUBLE TROUBLE!

Minecraft Double Life: Episode 1 Grian is back with another 3rd life / last life minecraft series with a brand new twist! Turns out finding your soulmate isn’t easy




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30 Responses

  1. Brandon Hardie says:

    Scar obliviously chasing allays while grian slowly but surely realizes who he’s partnered with is the funniest thing ever. Great start to the series!

  2. C. Hanton says:

    I already watched Scar’s video, but Bdub’s “Oh! What are you bringing – PILLAGERS!!!” Will NEVER fail to make laugh to the point of tears. He sounded like a cartoon character when he did that and the absolute comedy that is the GoodTimesWithGrian pair makes for a perfect start to the series.

  3. Exodus says:

    the grian scar duo is what made Third Life so damn enjoyable for me,
    I’m really happy to see y’all back together, for better or worse

  4. Jwei says:

    This episode was soo entertaining, I never noticed how long this actually was

    Absolutely love Grian’s screams 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Ethan H. says:

    I love that Grian is paired with the highest death rate person, Scar…
    Wonder how much longer Scar can keep up with not dying.

  6. JDLong006 says:

    Spoiler warning:

    Grian being linked with Scar has got to be the best and worst scenario at the same time, long live the Desert Duo

  7. Rryhhbfr577 Hhgd356 says:

    I was a little concerned about the final implementation of the goat horns, but seeing the amazing dynamic they create on I multiplayer server, I am officially all for them.

  8. Allen Hayze says:

    I have a season 4 concept for this, “Tied Life”: It plays on the same concept of double life, where you have a soulmate to the game but instead of sharing damage, you share a tether in close proximity with each other, as one moves in one direction the other gets pulled to them, if they run in opposite directions you may not move and if one player falls the other gets flung towards them and could lead to some fun for the whole crew to play and try to strategize how to play the game as it makes everything much more tactical and planned

  9. SortaAwkward says:

    I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of “SCAR NO” type moments in this particular series

  10. soulcats says:

    absolutely nothing made me happier than realizing scar was grian’s soulmate. their dynamic is so funny and i NEEDED more after the first third life series

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