Doublelift Rejoins TSM | Welcome home DL!

Doublelift Rejoins TSM | Welcome home DL!

Doublelift. Has. Returned. And we welcome DL with open arms as he comes home, and rejoins TSM. One of the most iconic AD carries in League of Legends, Doublelift reunites with his LOL teammates, Bjergsen and Biofrost, and works with his new teammates to take on this Summer 2020 LCS split — and beyond. Re-invigorated with his reunion, DL is humbled, hungry, and focused on competing at the highest level to WIN. It’s a good day for the TSM Army, and your favorite LCS team just got a little more favoriter.

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A personal video message from DL:

Doublelift also wanted to take a moment to express his heartfelt appreciation to all his fans that have stayed with him, supported him, and even sent encouraging messages through these years. He feels nothing but gratitude for Team Liquid, and wants to thank everyone there for making his journey unforgettable. As for his “new” team: “I’m really excited to play on TSM again. Soren and Vincent have been my close friends this whole time, and together, we want to help TSM regain status as a top team.” Curious about how the trade went down? Watch the full video to hear the story told from his own words.


In short: A 7x LCS Champion and 5x LCS All-Star with over 1000 career-kills. Doublelift (aka Yiliang “Peter” Peng) was apart of the special 2016 season that made many of the TSM players household names in League of Legends. The native NA all-star is known internationally for his competitive drive, talented gameplay, and winning mentality.


Thank you for joining us on this journey and supporting our LCS players and numerous esports teams. Here at TSM, we’re passionate about gaming, entertaining, and winning. And we promise we’ll always do our best, to strive to be the best. And together, let’s build the future of gaming. TSM.

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73 Responses

  1. 1 800 GO FAST says:

    Dl: I’m gonna play the best split of my life starting now

    Steve: ?XDXDXDXD

  2. Wait2Late says:

    The legacy of TSM acting. Never change TSM, never change…

  3. Cormack IV says:

    In a few years he’ll be back w/ TL haha “Welcome home-home DL!”

  4. Alex Park says:

    “OH MY GOD lets get u inside” biofrost acting 10/10

  5. elimenator20 says:

    when he finally retires he’s gonna have a trash bin full of jerseys

  6. CxerRy96 says:

    I remember my shock when TSM DL was first announced back in the old days, that was the biggest “holy shit” roster move NA has ever seen

  7. Steven4547466 says:

    DL: “It was a lot more complicated than we thought”

    Leena: “Free real estate”

  8. Noah Urie says:

    Doublelift before: “I’ve been in their shoes, and I don’t want to be there again”
    Doublelift now: SIKE

  9. sWaR 4 Ever says:

    TL Fan here Not gonna lie it hurts to See him leave.. we Hard an Amazing run and dl became one of my fav league players ever. But im very happy that he is happy and i Hope he will have an amazing Time on Tsm! Goodbye DL.

    • bort vite says:

      sWaR 4 Ever “amazing run”

    • CLNCJD94 says:

      Respect, even as a TSM fan when the roster blew up in 2018 I was excited to see what the players would do and DL showed that losing him was a mistake and hopefully one TSM can learn not to let happen again

  10. mustaqim hadi says:

    When regi kicked DL, DL hated him
    But when steve kicked DL, DL still loved him
    Owner diff

    • Al Mutasim Hasan Muhi says:

      Because DL didn’t wanna leave TSM in the first place. But Regi decided that he needed to change bot and jg.
      And here, Steve and DL had disagreement and Steve said for the team we might have to trade you. DL was ok with it cuz it was on a mutual term. See?
      DL loved staying in TSM. He said that many times. That’s why he wanted to smash TSM so much after leaving.
      Not the owner’s difference but the team’s.
      All the things he achieved these past years, he could’ve also achieved that if he stayed in TSM. Just that TSM was way ambitious that time and made a drastic decision.
      Hope it’s clear to you

    • SomeRandomYoutubeUser123 says:

      @Al Mutasim Hasan Muhi Doublelift also mentioned on a separate video, on his channel, that he prefers when people are straightforward to him instead of trying to sugar coat it. Steve was direct and told him what was happening whereas Regi basically did everything to not be direct with Peter at all.

    • JMusty says:

      Lmao DL never hated Regi. If you watch the original DL leaving TSM video from late 2017, he even says that he’s good friends with Regi

    • Burrowes says:

      Because Regi is a POS

    • 사나 울사나 울 says:

      Steve didnt kicked DL leaving is his own decision

  11. Sylvie is not legal says:

    Dolphins are returning to Italy
    Meanwhile at TSM:

  12. Kristóf Pomlényi says:

    Doublelift interview back then: I never wanna join Tsm again, I look to destroy them in every way possible.
    Doublelift now: yeah man cool Tsm no.1 lets go

    • Cenezo Smile says:


    • Dmon Blu says:

      Back then he didnt have the /s. Now he has the /s so its different XD

    • Narhwal Lord says:

      Things change a lot when you’re fucking the person who signs your checks.

    • Zadicus says:

      You’d almost think he says those things for the camera!

    • pyrojkl says:

      yeah but we have to remember regi is just another person, and DL realizes that and most likely forgave him to some extent, and remember, throughout the split DL is going to be working with 4 other players and the coaches. Regi mostly just likes to pop in and say, hey, how can I help? (even if his help is bad )

  13. 6thsun25 says:

    Maybe he got tired of trying to carry that noob jensen on TL.

  14. BamBoo says:

    tsm can finally win a title again, just need to get Xmithie then the roster will be completed.

  15. FindPurpose says:

    “Tsm is look pretty boosted I’ve been there and I will never been there again” – Doublelift 2018

  16. seb carry says:


  17. Miko_Hech says:

    He just really wants to caress Bjerg’s beard whenever he wants and that’s fine.

  18. I Swear She Was 18 says:

    That acting at the beginning was almost as good as the time Moe interviewed Bjergsen

  19. Hi Hai says:

    “how long were you team-less?”
    “a few hours”

    poor guy…

  20. RobertHood says:

    Okay can we take a moment to appreciate Steve in this whole situation. The guy supports DL so much and literally his best friend( except for the junglers ) during the hard time and off-season

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