Doug the Pug Recreates Taylor Swift Instagram Photos

Doug the Pug Recreates Taylor Swift Instagram Photos

Doug the Pug is a huge fan of T-Swift, and decided to pay homage to her Instagram account.

For more Doug the Pug, check out his YouTube channel:

That rockin’ rendition of “Shake it Off’ is by Ivo Cabrera.

Check out his YouTube page here:

Produced by Brian Koerber and Armand Valdes
Filmed and edited by Armand Valdes
Additional filming by David Sidorov
Photos by Lili Sams

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20 Responses

  1. Kalindu Dissanayake says:

    A Saluki could have done a much better job. They are very much like Taylor
    Swift. Puggs are fat and short but cute. Opposite of Taylor. 

  2. BetterThan You says:

    Lame. It’s not posing even remotely right. Its eyes are on the wrong
    direction every single time. This isn’t remotely impressive.

  3. Luka Kakauridze says:


  4. DJ Lizzy B (LizBeth) says:

    *Mini Roast* ? I own a pug. No lie she’s in my profi. Her name’s Taylor
    Swift & she’s much cuter (… than her).
    *”Dear Doug:”* Hi Doug! (awww, you’re way cuter than her too…) Some of
    that craziness must be confusing for you. Poor guy, your parents keep
    sending you into *Sexual-Identity Crisis Mode* (it’s *so shocking* I might
    call *PETA* for ‘ya). I’m Tweeting you an IM to my DJ’ing pup-party tonight
    where you can get laid & just be U, not… *Caitlyn Jenner* (as if Doug’s
    got a say in this matter…)
    At least *Doug & Taylor Swift* would finally have a roll in the hay. ?
    (don’t kid yourself, that dog *is* better looking than Caitlin ever hopes
    to be & you know it…)
    A fine pleasure it was roasting you (&/or with you)…
    **This Roast was written & brought to you by DJ Lizzy B, LTD, 2015
    trademark-pending, © all rights reserved.*

  5. Denis Chirica says:

    ce ciine frumos

  6. MyRadio Art says:

    Doug the Pug Recreates Taylor Swift Instagram Photos))))

  7. Robert Nachko says:

    why americans so obsessed with china, okay we all get it, it’s a Chinese
    dog pretending to be Taylor Swift, like we don’t know about the album
    controversy T.S.1989 in china and what it really means. oh assholes. shake
    it off and beat it.

  8. Steven Duval says:

    It took a team of people for this. Bought to you from “A leading global
    media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital
    generation.” Nice job Mashable.

  9. Bryan Souza says:


  10. Agridda says:

    00:58 Damn that bad blood pug picture is epic looking!

  11. Lighto HeaveN says:

    is that me or that dog is mor pretty then Taylor swift and that dog dosent
    have std XD

  12. TheDcgj45 says:


  13. Gina Laver says:

    The dog is just
    Iike what the heck is going on with me

  14. Gülce Bulut says:

    Bence her resimde Taylor çok daha iyi çıkmış ;)