Down in the DM

Down in the DM

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SNAPCHAT: swoozie_snaps

Hat: Brown RVCA hat
Shoes: Timberland Vent Tech series

“Cat and Mouse” //

Video Details:
Camera Used: Canon 7D // Lens 18-55mm
Edited with: Final Cut Express

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20 Responses

  1. tightpantsJONAS says:

    I love your stories

  2. COD Ninja Zee says:

    ,What are thooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosse.

  3. Noach K says:

    Why did the breakups suckmvideo get deleted

  4. oneguy blah says:

    +swoozie don’t u just hate when u accidentally turn into Raiden

  5. Reaver says:

    “Aaaaand she’s got a dick”

  6. Kayla Cleveland says:

    Hinata from naurto or any kuudere SHE TOOK FOR EVVVVER

  7. Tommy Brown says:

    best countdown ever 5432 okay

  8. mr. gaming bloger says:

    First time u uploaded a vid in a long time?

  9. Raids before grades says:

    nice crepes

  10. It's all Ogre now says:

    You work that shirt

  11. Nicholas Costa says:

    Love these vids

  12. Jonathon Hang says:

    Snap chat me that Nintendo oooo!! Lol

  13. Smash Bros 4 u and me says:

    I think sWooZie Should be a guest on ewn, uhhh, not because they’re both
    black or anything…

  14. Creedz Code says:

    Then she had a dick

  15. Shadow Bat says:

    Swoozie is war machine like marvel war machine that’s so AWSOME i never
    knew and now I do you are war machine mind blown

  16. Topeka Martin says:

    I luv u ?❤️❤️

  17. lissaisonfire says:

    I do not mess with these cliffhangers swoozie you got me 50 shades of
    messed up my dude

  18. Markuss Tols says:

    Are you now together?

  19. babehgirl viviano says:

    of all the times to cut a video….XD

  20. Jordan Dunn says:

    Swoozie!!!!! Y did you cut it short!!!! Ur stories r the BEST!?