Dozens dead after Guatemala volcano erupts

Dozens dead after Guatemala volcano erupts

Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted for the second time this year, leaving at least 25 people dead, according to Guatemalan officials.

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  1. EPSTomcat11 says:

    Is all this lava draining from the center of the earth (Hawaii, now Guatemala) going to lead to sinkholes?

    • FaustSketcher says:

      you should teach and reward people’s curiosity, not shame them. That if anything will cause more ignorance on people being afraid to ask.

    • NobleWarrior 04 says:

      EPSTomcat11 You can’t drain the center of the Earth, not like this at least.
      And sinkholes aren’t made in that way, but if you wanna believe your theory, go ahead.

    • Eric Ling says:

      Volcanoes and sinkholes have kind of opposite mechanisms. You don’t see any eruptions in Florida now do you?

    • Ariono Dhanis says:

      EPSTomcat11 Good analysis, well now it is Mexico turn, very bad.

  2. Ronald Macmaster says:

    guatemala is a beautiful country.

    • us goverment says:

      The U.S.A is a shithole

    • us goverment says:

      Guatemala indeed is beautiful country, you guys don’t even know what your talking about 😶 and it’s a shame to see people like you guys saying bad things to thats poor country, no one knows what problems that country has.

    • Jonny Muñoz says:

      White people say get out of US illegal immigrants but immigrants run the US they do all job American don’t want to do America would be shit without illegal they pick fruits and vegetables they do all jobs that I’m sure no white people would and US has it’s shit place where all red necks live those people can’t even speak proper English

    • Cool Dog. says:

      Jonny Muñoz exactly. Que viva todos los Latinos✊✊

    • Cool Dog. says:

      USA FIRST so is every other country in the world.

  3. badger survival Badger says:

    Guatemala 🇬🇹 strong 💪

  4. XVBLACK_BURNVX 17 says:

    God bless those who are suffering from this Volcano

    • Jerry VanNuys says:

      Fuck your empty platitudes.

    • USA FIRST says:

      jim bob *Screw em*

    • Melanie's XCryBabyX says:

      USA FIRST fuck you dumbass.

    • Billy Allen says:

      ” fuck you stupid athiest” yes you are a very holy person glad there are humans like you out there muttering useless fucking words into the air helping no one.

    • joan eskins says:

      Billy Bob Allen: Last yr. I toured Central America and spent a month in Guatemala. Spent a fair amount of cash there and visited some women run co-ops and even helped with some charity work for a week. Help yourself and shut up because you are the one who sounds like a mutterer.

  5. mj1994 says:

    God bless the people from Guatemala

  6. David Hitches says:

    Is it just me or are a lot of volcano’s erupting

  7. MoNsTeR420x 777 says:

    watch for the signs of the last days…Here comes King Jesus👑🌿🐴🌿

  8. Rai says:

    You guys are WAY MORE professional that the news from here. Thank you for delivering accurate information about the situation. (showing the bodies and throwing the people into panic, yup the shitty news from here)

    • Viktor Amilkar Erickson Reyna López says:

      Rai I agree, they even add movie soundtracks to the live feed. It is quite un-professional.

  9. Juliette Aurora says:

    I saw that volcano almost exactly a year ago when my medical team and I were in Guatemala for a missions trip. I am so horrified right now. Prayers to those dealing with this…

    • Booth Pohlmann says:

      Juliette Aurora, yes. Sadly, entire small villages have been completely covered in ash that have not been reported to the media. It’s hard for folks to grasp the sheer scale of the area affected by such an event.

    • Juliette Aurora says:

      Booth Pohlmann I’m just in shock. This was literally one of my happy places. Another group is headed there soon. Maybe they’ll be able to help some of the victims ❤ I’ve got pictures of that same volcano. Crazy!

  10. Katherine Gómez says:

    God bless the people who lost their lives and the families who are feeling pain right now #staystrongGuatemala all my prayers are with this people 👏🙏❤❤🇬🇹 Guatemala is such a beautiful place but there’s a beast in this wonderful country 😔

  11. GABARYAM OFTMH says:

    Amos 3:6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?

  12. GABARYAM OFTMH says:

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

    • Quality Content says:


    • Suyapa Opina says:

      Katherine Gómez 😂😂😂 why would anyone hate you?? Who are you? 😂😂😂

    • Rey Lewis says:

      GABARYAM OFTMH Kan, APTTMH..King Yahawashi is at the door waiting to come for his people

    • Y. Boyd says:

      David A God is not the one to blame for all the bad things that happen in the world. People doing things to the earth to harm it’s atmosphere is part of what causes the problems. When you hear people saying things that make it appear as if God is doing these things,they’re just misinformed. He is a loving God and his purpose is to stop all the suffering and evil we see now,which will take place soon in the near future.

    • Tafeo DeLaCruz says:

      Do you really give a shit about the Victims retard. Have you never heard of Pompeii?? What exactly is victim knowledge going to here? They were probably vaporized

  13. Kings Of Leon says:

    All these Earthquakes and Volcanoes. That means God is coming 👏🙌

    • Aika Papa says:

      Which one of them all ? The only «True» god ? Well, again, that is a matter of OPINION. Which one of them all, those only «True» gods ? We humans have invented many of those and prayed to many throughout history and before it. So which one ?

    • spaced94 says:

      Kings Of Leon the great old ones are coming. All hail Cthulhu!

    • Ricardo Montano says:

      Aika Papa you have hear about the Great I’M. If not you will know him. One day

  14. nav 78 says:

    Trumptards be like fake news fake volcano.

  15. Mateo y Ashley says:

    Pray for Guatemala 💓💔

  16. Rosey Buddy says:

    Omg I hope that my family is ok I’m praying 🙏🏼

  17. Grace Kelly says:

    This is horrific , sending love to the people of Guatemala . Love to Palestine , Hawaii , Mexico and anywhere else in the world where people are suffering . Love to all ❤️

  18. ana R says:

    Guatemala 🇬🇹!!
    Praying for you

  19. Valentina Guadalupe. says:

    Un Abrazo a mis hermanos Guatemaltecos, Estan en mis oracionezms y su Dolor es mi DOLOR. Mexico los Ama

    • gringation says:

      Valentina Guadalupe. Muchas gracias espero que no se empeore

    • Rogelio says:

      Valentina Guadalupe. Mamona

    • Blu_AntrX says:

      Valentina Guadalupe. I heard this people hate mexicans it’s part of their culture, mi esoanol no esta bueno pero, este gente odia a México es parte de su cultura… VIVA México

    • John F. says:

      Blu_AntrX bitch stfu that’s not true!!!!! Stop spreading lies u fucking bitch. Ik a lot of Guatemalans who have Mexican friends and they get along pretty well so can u just fuck off and shut the fuck up!!!!

    • took our jobs! took errr jeeerbs says:

      ya because mexicans treat them like shit

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