DP vs NFL Battle | Dude Perfect

DP vs NFL Battle | Dude Perfect

NFL players are good at football.
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20 Responses

  1. vonguido1 says:


  2. Flukiness says:

    Awesome video!

  3. Nibbler Of Pennies says:

    DP, please do more stereotypes!

  4. Tito Jose says:

    song name?

  5. Max Magic says:

    Do a milkshake battle

  6. Carter Delaney says:

    Why did you stop your shows

  7. Ekramul Haque says:

    Do a CRICKET edition. They are having a Caribbean Premier League in
    Florida. Time to be creative! ?

  8. AwesomeGamer98 says:

    coby looks like FavreMySabre’s minecraft skin when he is blindfolded

  9. The Chicken Coop says:

    Anyone notice the athletes are wearing 400 dollar Jordan

  10. Nicolas Vyvlecka says:

    that new that

  11. martin peasah says:

    you people are under the wrath of God you people need to repent or you will
    go to hell.

  12. Dank Pank says:

    Dude perfect is going to have to vote Trump if they want to keep perfect in
    their name come November.

  13. Joe Dave says:

    had to dislike just cuz of Zeke elliot

  14. Aarnav Kolli says:

    Tyrann mathieu is my favorite player tied with pat Pete and fitzy

  15. GS VLOGS says:


  16. Anthony Haro says:

    There so luck I love the Cowboys

  17. DavidMgamingchannel says:

    thats the most use that stadium has ever got

  18. noah hassler says:

    who are the refs

  19. chrisazarmi says:

    That may have been the worst boring video you guys have posted. Go back to
    your roots and have fun. Stop doing it for SHOW!

  20. Gamer Pulse says:

    I hate nfl