Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why Trump opted to not quarantine New York

Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why Trump opted to not quarantine New York

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN’s Jake Tapper that President Trump opted to not impose a quarantine on parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut after “very intensive discussions” at the White House.
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80 Responses

  1. Kris Haibeck says:

    If you we’re arguing with idiots for as long as he has been at this point, you’d look worn-out too. God willing he’ll make it to the other side of this.

  2. harlottesgma #rattpack says:

    Brilliant. Centered. Driven. Informative. Honest. I have immense respect for dr F .. thank you for your lifetime of work and your direction during this scare

  3. Liu Minghao says:

    Why are we even discussing about releasing the restrictions when the number of new cases each day is still steadily increasing? I just don’t get it.

    • T T says:

      If people actually listened and took this seriously it COULD be controlled. Too many dumbass know it alls though.

    • Cheryl fox says:

      @DragonNinja 365 lift the restrictions and the disease goes rampant and no one will survive anywhere. End of days.

    • 000dodo000 says:

      @ATL Braves Seek a good psychiatrist, take your meds, and fuck off pathetic idiot.

    • Holland says:

      Do you know what a widespread economic collapse looks like?
      Because there’s this wonderful phrase, it’s easy to remember and so long as resource scarcity exists, will apply to all of human civilization. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”
      If the economy doesn’t work, nobody eats.

      There is no magical win scenario where nothing bad happens. There will be collateral no matter what we do, the question is: will tanking the economy result in more dead than the virus? And the answer is unquestionably yes.

      So now we have to find the path between “unleash everyone” and “full lockdown” that will result in the fewest deaths.

    • Cheryl fox says:

      @ryne green TRUMP believes the economy is way over Americans in importance. He wants to win an election. Who will be around to preside over trump?? If he and Mconnell win they are ending social security and Medicare. They have it all worked out.

  4. Felix Vargas says:

    Give him some water Jesus

  5. IslandChild _808 says:

    Funny how the words, “ tweeted it out” is being used more and more with politicians

    • World Painted says:

      Greg Appelgren Trump needs more fact checking than anyone when you consider all the lies he’s spread along the way through this pandemic.

    • Jock Young says:

      @OK Grumpy
      You have to be skeptical of what everybody says, ESPECIALLY the average twitter user.

    • Meaningful Living says:

      IslandChild _808 that’s because 45 is addicted to tweeting like no other.

    • JSON GRANDES says:

      And Twitter can manipulate how many and how quickly people can view the tweets… hmmm who has more power? the Bird or the Bird’s Song…

    • MrClobbertime says:

      No, it’s sad because they’re exposing themselves to all the nutjobs that infest that place. Twitter is for twits.

  6. SaroyanTV says:

    Dr Fauci it’s not a vital part, HE IS THE ENTIRE TASKFORCE.

    • ritamac says:

      Poorly Playing Retro Fauci has been around a while. Trump is listening to the experts and there is no harm in pushing them/ planning ahead. Fauci & Birks will give their honest assessment and he listens. There’s no harm in having hope toward the future, in fact it is very necessary.

    • parrotprodigy productions says:

      @Tina Carson All M.D.s are scientists. As scientists, they believe in the scientific method. M.D.s read scientific and medical journals to keep up with best practice methods.

    • Helicopter Dad says:

      SaroyanTV No, Trump is doing everything that needs to be done. Dumbass democrats cannot fathom Trumps responsibility.
      Trump will win 2020, guaranteed!

    • Jock Young says:

      @Helicopter Dad
      trump is doing batter now, but he sure bungled it at first.
      And the election will be close like they always are.

    • Helicopter Dad says:

      Jock Young well he beat Hillary by a landslide. And joe Biden obviously has dementia. I think Trumps performance thus far on everything has been beyond expectations. Besides, dems hate America, hate hard work, and they hate religion and rules. I hope a racist dem never gets in again.

  7. Tingyi Dong says:

    Dr. Fauci sounded so exhausted; I hope he stays healthy and keeps giving hope and direction.

  8. Cheuk Gin says:

    When this whole pandemic finally comes to an end Dr. Fauci deserves a hero’s medal. God bless you Doctor!

  9. Carolina Stinson says:

    Testing isnt available in Southwest Virginia… when I did get tested, it’s been 8 days with no results back.. that ridiculous and irresponsible

    • Cameron Odell says:

      Carolina Stinson it’s the best there is right now, just do the responsible thing and quarantine yourself from your family until your results come in.

    • uptilepuppet27 xbox 360 says:

      Carolina Stinson Im sorry to hear that, however we are doing the best we can to help each and everyone. It’s overwhelming seeing all these patients afraid. Just self quarantine and stay safe!

    • Carlos Alanis says:

      Carolina Stinson at least you’ve been tested… down in south texas 3 of 30 people in my county were tested positive. There’s roughly 34,000 people living in my county here in Starr County

    • Jon Allen says:

      Yeah it took 8 days for me in Central NY…

    • Shannon says:

      I cannot believe it. China gets their test in half day. However they did mention the virus is very tricky, so sometimes can be test negative but later shown positive. That’s why in china, the doctors have to combine CT scans and retest the patient every 48 hrs. I learned it myself too, this coronavirus opened up my mind to China. I now have turn away any US news and seek for advices done from foreigners who reside in China giving objective information. I would suggest you to follow Daniel Dumbrill, Barrett, and Nathan Rich’s channel on YouTube. Daniel interviewed a doctor from Wuhan Ground 0, it’s very informative and positive…

  10. Mohamed Adan says:

    What a great doctor ang good human being.

  11. Gary says:

    It’s funny that every country has a different view on this pandemic

  12. BcnEggNChz says:

    This Doctor is the only guy I trust on any of this

  13. Trudy August says:

    I now like Dr Fauci. He’s starting to talk straight . This is how you talk to the public. If you’re not sure about the outcome, just say so.

    • Gabrielle Williams says:

      Trudy August @trump

    • My_Supercar_Life says:

      @Delphic Tableau That would be twice as many as the Spanish flu in 1919… when there was no real medicine being practiced. 200k now a days? No

    • Cody Thompson says:

      @My_Supercar_Life our current medicine doesnt work for Covid-19. Yet.

    • Helena Hall says:

      @Todd Burge Not really. Watch Fox News he speaks more favorably about this Administration on that station than other ones.

    • Bob Roberts says:

      crocusflower You need to see what your Democratic goons said. in their own words concerning the NY situation. You can blame local officials for downplaying the threat and calling it ” racist ” . Have a look at where NY leaders told people to go about their lives and mingle in large crowds. In the CNBC vids they are now complaining that the fed isn’t doing enough to help them. Have a look at the vid ” Tucker: How local leaders failed their cities ” On the channel ” Fox News ” Watch the whole thing but pay particular attention to 1:00 / 1:50 / 3:05 / 4:00

      Also, ask your Democratic friend Pelosi why she stuffed the relief bill with $ 25 million for the Kennedy Center , carbon neutral requirements for airlines that take $, diversity programs and other non virus related $. Go ahead, read the bill. Vid ” Tucker: Democrats stuff coronavirus bill with identity politics ” on the channel ” Fox News ” The world eagerly awaits your reply.

  14. Fannie The Watch Woman says:

    The Medical staff also need their mandated rest periods so that they protect their sleep and be ready for the challenges they will face.
    If the medical teams work 24/7 they will make more mistakes when fatigue sets into their tired body.

    • R Barnhart says:

      What about truck drivers. Our days are too fucking long. I barely have enough time to eat or shower before I need to go to bed so I can get back up for work again. We’re treated like fucking robots

    • Jay Drady says:

      Fannie The Watch Woman
      Well, looks like your clearly articulated & absolutely correct point was enough for someone whose essential trade requires city-to-city.

      Perhaps #Teamsters check if either truck transport on verge of collapse–such as #HEALTHCARE systems–or is this guy, ironically just a bot. Don’t want the clueless as who’s transporting products between cities.

  15. T D says:

    Dr. Fauci; A voice of reason and a comfort in all this.

  16. Da Squirrel says:

    Rand Paul is the exact opposite of what Fauci states has to be done while being tested and awaiting a result

  17. NycBeauty says:

    China LIED about their numbers.

  18. Jacob Goodman says:

    “between 100,000 and 200,000 cases”
    Oh okay, thats not so bad.
    “i mean deaths”
    Oh no….

  19. rezwana vin says:

    This dr can’t go! He needs rest. He is too precious and valuable for this world. I feel so bad for him he have to talk to idiots like orange clown to make things right in his old age. He looks like he is in his 50’s but he is 79!!

  20. Glorious Delta says:

    America: “We care about money, not lives”

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