Dr. Anthony Fauci says “everything is on the table” to fight spread of coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci says “everything is on the table” to fight spread of coronavirus

One of the nation’s top health experts recommends continuing avoiding large crowds and social interactions as the best defense against the pandemic.

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103 Responses

  1. MarkitoMagic says:

    I can appreciate Dr. Fauci consistently working during this conversation to contextualize the answers and prevent spreading fear and misinformation.

    • Lunalovania says:

      @DrRobin F.A. agreed 100%. Trump will never admit he was wrong about not following the doctors advice in the beginning. That’s just who he is. He knows he was wrong, but he will keep that to himself. Regardless, im glad he is working with the doctor now and he is listening to him as well as other doctors. Better late than never. Just ignore @Lea Gnorts. It’s clear that this person only cares about the political aspect of what’s going on, not the virus itself and not the millions of lives that are at stake. Stay safe and healthy hun. ❤🙏

    • Cathi Shaner says:

      DrRobin F.A. Well said!

    • Patty says:

      @SS 396 he’s an ignorant trumpian.

    • Austin Texas says:

      @Sauron Merciful I am so sick of these anchors creating terror. No one does it better than Liz Claman on Fox Business….the DOW drops on her watch because she sensationalizes the negative and never sees anything in a neutral let alone a positive light.

    • Sauron Merciful says:

      @Austin Texas find out what her wage is, she is getting millions, she leaves work and gets a limousine back to her multi million dollar apartment protected by security guards, and yet spreads the fear and hate.

  2. Kenneth Webb says:

    Shorter Fauci: “It depends”

    There is lot we don’t know yet. 🙁

  3. Organic Globe says:

    I feel like this chick is acting like if she can’t get people to freak out she’s going to lose her job are something.

    • Skinny Moose says:

      They csused the panic and hordes of human locusts that are descending on every store in the world doing just that.

    • DAVID ESPARZA says:

      After China and Italy you better overreact. Better be safe than sorry.

    • dezz nutz says:

      Its called TDS. Inducing a pandemic in order to destroy the economy during an election year, is why she is here.

    • John Holmes says:

      @SUPERCAR AKITA Thanks for letting us know that the troll farm is alive and well. Are you in Russia or or just another right wing nut?

    • Dee says:

      @C Norris Well tell Becky and Sarah to bring it on. I have nothing but time…….

      Unfortunately. 🤦‍♂️

  4. Joshua Yoon says:

    What I really want to know is how Fauci can repeat himself so many times without going crazy. Every reporter asks the same questions.

    • 56WagonWheel says:

      Because he’s only trying to get through to one person without actually saying his name

    • nicebluejay says:

      good, because the idiots in this country need to keep hearing it

    • Gracie says:

      Mark Jones was at Walmart this afternoon, third attempt to get distilled water. This store isn’t even this crowded when we are due a hurricane. Stocker said we don’t even get it on the shelf and they taking cases of items off of our carts. I asked will you close at 11 and with that this woman appears and says I am eavesdropping. She is practically in my face. I said haven’t hit the water aisle yet, need to know when you open, cause of all the hoarding. The woman says people have to take care of their families and the stocker says to her yes they are hoarding. I say Karma to them🤬. The whole time I can hear coughing and sneezing. I then hit Aldi, cause Walmart was cleaned out. I hear this woman say why does the CDC keep calling me. Like a minefield today. Was a bit of a nutter when I got home and I wiped everything down before I put it away. I watched this man touch every cucumber. I had to pass on that. Everybody stay healthy.

    • Maureen Bennett says:

      Joshua Yoon It’s called “staying on message” —same answers to same questions = consistency, reliability, credibility . God bless him for doing it day in/day out.

    • Carole Smith says:

      @Bellicose Ataraxia you aren’t perfect. Thats for certain.

  5. May Zhang says:

    I am glad Dr Fauci sounds better. He was exhausted (to a level that you can hear it) few days ago. I hope people can listen to his advice.

    • lorraine pike says:

      @John Edward Oh what nonsense you speak. Fauci is deep state and a plant to make Trump
      look bad gradually while seemingly being so humble so obedient. Eventually he will drop
      snide remarks and make it look like POTUS did not act in time. You liberals are in a flat panic
      and you will do ANYTHING to get rid of this President because he’s going to take all abortion
      rights away from you when he wins in a landslide and you just hate him. Stop killing babies,.

    • Helen Maclenan says:

      @lorraine pike
      Oh dear!

    • rara mcl-k says:

      @lorraine pike well aren’t you crazy …….do you actually hear yourself??? So drumps picked this doctor and he’s just been patiently waiting for a pandemic to spread from another country to make drump look bad????? I suppose the good doctor told drump to say it was a hoax and fake news and this came from Obama also. And FYI……try real hard to stay on topic , no one is talking about abortions today , nobody.

    • rocker 76m/ says:

      This poor guy has been doing so many interviews. It sounds like he could lose his voice from talking so much.

    • FireflyJack says:

      lorraine pike sounds like you think the entire world has conspired to make Trump look bad. This pandemic is all about Trump, right? One bit conspiracy. Countries are completely shutting their economies down and people are dying, but this is ALL about making Trump look bad. People like you really scare me.

  6. Semper Fi says:

    Dr. Fauci trying to give info without inducing panic despite her best efforts.

    • Di Wi says:

      If you want good information without the hype turn to Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube channel. He covers what’s going on globally

    • Di Wi says:

      @r mac you’re stupid if you think that. Get out of your bubble. I’m sure the over 100,000 cases in the world are really worried about the American election.

    • Aquarius Inyourface says:

      @Di Wi They aren’t but their governments are. You need to wake up before suggesting who to listen to.

    • Onasurftrip says:

      Semper Fi great comment. I trust this doctor. He’s level headed, realistic, and fair. Thank god. This broad interviewing him is an embarrassment but that’s par for the courSe when it comes to the mainstream media

    • THOT Patrol says:


  7. Joshua Newton says:

    this guy should be in charge of all decisions with this pandemic

  8. Mason White says:

    At every corner she tried to get him to say the sky is falling and professionally rebuttals it.

    • Anton Lords says:

      Mason. The sky is falling buddy. Spend a couple of days studying pandemics. Over the next 18 to 24 months we could see over a billion cases with 40 million deaths, a collapsed hospital system, and shortages of EVERYTHING. That’s the potential of this pandemic. Protect you and yours with everything you got. This is history in real time, but we’ll make through it, but things won’t be the same for awhile. Good luck brother

    • Anton Lords says:

      @Judith Aldridge you’re right, Trump didn’t cause the pandemic. Trump didn’t cause the market crash. Problem is Trump know what he’s doing and that will cost lives. 6 weeks ago I told my son to keep an eye on a possible pandemic. In those 6 weeks Trump saw the same information I did and yet failed to prepare this country for it. He should have Manhattan Project ed this outbreak while it was still in China. I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. Trump is the dumbest human being to ever step in the White House. That’s not good in a global crisis. Good luck sister

    • Judith Aldridge says:

      @Anton Lords We should hold Trump accountable for the things he has done and the things he has not done. As a Bernie supporter I just think it is wrong to blame people for things that they did not have control over, including this virus’s inception.

    • Dadson worldwide says:

      Yeah they burned him and twisted everything he said at the start. He learned that they will edit his interview and to not give them ammunition.

    • Mason White says:

      @Bill Haddad she’s fixated on causing fear. Not once did she ask about the the treatments in the works such as Remdesivir.

  9. christine freeman says:

    So …..if we have the virus , we have no other option then togo home & treat ourselves..?? Only those really sick get hospitalized & treated like they have the flu because no corona virus tests are available… So what…!!!!!

    • brad sanders says:

      “self quarantining”……….I wonder how solid that will be? Some live alone,how to get food,how to get anything?

    • Sleepy Gee says:

      Yup Pretty Much there saying if you have it don’t i repeat do not go to the Hospital

    • Safia says:

      brad sanders If there’s services like Instacart in your area, try that. Amazon delivers nearly everywhere. Otherwise try to reach out to neighbors and family for help.

    • Honey Badger says:

      christine freeman Let me give you an example. UNR had an outbreak of meningitis several years ago.Otherwise healthy students were uncomfortable but didn’t need to be hospitalized. They were instructed to stay home, drink fluids, you know, the usual, because there’s really no treatment available. I somehow contracted it; due to underlying health conditions, I went into status epilépticus, my immune system overreacted, I was discovered unconscious and dehydrated, and was hospitalized for two weeks. I coded and was on a ventilator, intubated, and attached to IVs. I don’t remember anything for 10 days as I was in an altered state of consciousness. It took over a year to return to a new baseline normal, which is not normal at all.

      So if you feel yucky, stay home and self-treat.

  10. Doc Tyler says:

    “If you look like you’re over reacting you’re probably doing the right thing”
    Doctor fauci pretty much sums it up right there 😏

    • Manny Lopez says:

      WOW that advice is the worst, if your overeacting your doing it wrong, there a difference at being prepared, but also from overacting and becoming mean towards people and stressed everyone out that the sky is going to fall and just. So i think its best to just be normal human begins and be responsible, and also your immune system like why isn’t anyone talking about that, that so much more important.

    • William McKenna says:

      Joe smith. Those people are all Trump voters. Old people and drug addicts support Trump. Why should my tax dollars go to help them?

    • Teresa Blanco says:

      @Joe Smith like in Cuba this country is turning right now like a third world country and pretty much like Cuba Wow!!

    • kAL_ eL says:

      William McKenna your tax dollars? Lol, right. You probably make minimum wage. Most folks who advocate socialism are either educated idiots or plain broke millennials. By the way, I probably pay more in federal taxes than you make in a years time.

    • FireflyJack says:

      B Evans sounds like you know more than this guy. Please tell us more.

  11. ninfa g says:

    Whole interview:
    What should we be doing?
    It depends on your situation. Try to remain calm.

  12. Cory Lyons Music says:

    “Not all jobs can telework, let’s be real.”

    Thank you for pointing out that simple fact. I cant go and remodel that bathroom on the internet.

    • mick 58kc says:

      True that brother. I have a primary client I do a combination of maintenance & remodeling for. I’m not doing any non critical maintenance in the short term, only something like a hot water tank or kicked in front door. otherwise I’ll just be in vacant houses doing tile, countertops new lights … whatever. until travel metro wide is unrealistic.

    • dezz nutz says:

      These replies show how completely OUT-OF-TOUCH, the modern news media is with the average American, let alone the average citizen of (insert name of country)

    • Miguelito Giroux says:

      I’m worried that clients will pull out as they watch their budget to last the next few months. A non-essential cosmetic job loses priority. Hang in there folks. I hope you have something to fall back on.

    • xSIVELx says:

      Robots 🤖🤖

    • Gary Meola says:

      So right and I can’t fix cars through a phone

  13. Connor Woods says:

    Let him talk without trying to fearmonger

    • John Taylor says:

      Connor Woods Try to remember that this is all role playing and she is doing her part well. They are actors!!!

  14. S S says:

    This woman needs to stop! 🤦‍♀️

  15. Brandy Y. says:

    I’m a parent and They closed our schools here.. I’m not taking my daughter to any playgrounds right now..

  16. Shemi Rama says:

    ‘Ppl coming from Europe shud self- isolate 14days …’ HAH my neighbors who came in from London – ALL went for joy rides as soon as they landed in2 o’hare! All took uber to a hotel, their kids friends picked them up to hit ther bars, mom n dad stay one night n take ANOTHER uber back home in the am, n instead of using grocery deliveries – they immediately go out to get groceries. PRICELESS

    • Counterpart 2U says:

      Some are smarter than others. Remember ignorance can be fixed and stupid is forever. I think they fall into the later category! LMAO dummies

    • Thordur Hogna says:

      Shemi Rama more reason going for isolation coming from America to Europe

  17. Malefitz 68 says:

    She should be asking, why the tests provided by WHO (developed in Germany) were rejected and not used in the US?

    • Luis Calvillo says:

      Because Trump wanted his own private companies that he has interest in to perform the tests.

    • Jeanine Morgan says:

      Some stupid politicians made that decision. Wake up

    • Snoopy Snoops says:

      The answer is “National Security “. Didn’t we hear enough over the past years!

    • basti0007 says:

      Recently, I actually needed to ask an American to explain this to me (why the US doesn’t test on a big scale right now). in Germany, we have Corona drive throughs now (patient stays in car to not contaminate anything) and the test is free of charge. There are thousands of people tested every day and normally you have a result after 24 hrs. It seems to be very different in the States so I guess estimated number of undetected cases might be enormous. Did the US just believe it wouldn’t be a problem or were the private sector worried to open the market from a potential competitor and prefered to put people at risk?

    • Eileen S says:

      This testing fiasco is a national embarrassment. After weeks upon weeks of promising us “thousands” or “millions” of tests “this week” it is laughable. Now another week before we have tests. OMG. I will believe it when I see it. Meanwhile prob tens of thousands walking around potentially infecting others.

  18. Chris Gomez says:

    We don’t care about the interviewer, we care about the interviewee. Let him speak.

  19. Helen Turgeon says:

    He can’t answer the unknown, but she sure was trying to make him. He is trying to be realistic and calm under these strange circumstances, and she is trying to trigger a panic. Sigh.

    • Debbie ****** says:

      Deep State has something up their sleeve

    • Meron Stefan says:

      Helen Turgeon she is forcing him

    • Matt Rose says:

      Debbie you are correct!

    • Tim Carpenter says:

      He did attempt to answer some unknown when he said if you count the infected but don’t get diagnosed the rate would probably be 1%. He has absolutely NO way to know that. If this is as contagious as we are told the infection rate is MUCH lower than 1%. Some (alot of) people must have immunity to this.

    • Ken C says:

      Your capacity for analysis is nil. Margaret Brennan was asking the questions that the majority of Americans have; Dr Fauci handled the questions with scientific candor. No triggering nor panicking.

  20. hcwollaston says:

    God bless Anthony Fauci. He is such a valuable asset to our Nation.

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