Dr. Ben Carson on His Donald Trump Endorsement | The View

Dr. Ben Carson on His Donald Trump Endorsement | The View

Dr. Ben Carson explains why he endorsed Donald Trump. “Has he said said some things that I wouldn’t say or that you wouldn’t say? Of course,” he said.

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20 Responses

  1. Jason SealMan says:

    I Hate Trump but this show is sooo uninformed

  2. Jmoney 255 says:

    Trump 2016 make America great again!!

  3. Busky says:

    Whoopi’s a fucking idiot

  4. gothmoth64 says:

    Hell yeah, Whoopi!!!!!

  5. David Taylor says:

    view is about to get TRUMPED

  6. River Balvont says:

    dam talk about disrespectful to Dr Carson.

  7. Robert Espinoza says:

    He lost all credibility, anything coming out of his mouth is irrelevant
    now. im not basing it off this interview, I’ve followed him since he first
    started running for candidacy. looks like another sell out, all in the name
    of political gain. Now keep suckn his nuts sell out

  8. cory guerrero says:

    Lol and the MOMENT he starts talking about being independent from your own
    government they try to shut him up- burn in hell all of you??except

  9. Joe says:

    Whoopi needs to get whipped

  10. Nicholas Haddad says:

    this guy can’t lie to save his job. my two year old niece has a better
    poker face

  11. Jacob Feit Mann says:

    Carson soooo thirsty for that vice presidency.

  12. M. Umbro says:

    Then support @Bernie Sanders you moron

  13. Lucky Silver says:

    wow what a bunch of racist hags. all they do is bitch on this show. Ben
    Carson put them in their place.

  14. richardcarr0555 says:

    The women on this show are desperate to get attention (ratings) by making
    accusations they can”t back up. ratings = huge money it’s no small issue.
    it’s all about the money. ans very sad. i lost all respect for these
    people. attacking somebody when they’re not present is a heinous atrocity.

  15. Chaseme6331 says:

    Those ladies are so arrogant honestly

  16. MysteryGirl says:

    I discovered Ben Carson when I first watched the movie about him growing up
    with a disorder and overcoming it and fighting all his odds and becoming a
    neuroscientist and after watching I wanted to become a neuroscientist after
    18 years of my life of wanting to become a criminal defense lawyer then
    when I found out he was running for president o was so for him but also
    when he decided to sell out I was highly disappointed and wished he would
    have went down fighting and not sell out like he did for what ever reason
    and back trump ? it’s sad ! Thank god I didn’t change my major

  17. william says:

    Whoopi tells it how it is.

  18. Sprank says:

    Good man

  19. fadeboss xd says:


  20. HereIsRick says:

    The least qualified Republican candidate endorsing the 2nd least qualified
    candidate. How funny.