Dr. Fauci Answers Trevor’s Questions About Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Dr. Fauci Answers Trevor’s Questions About Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Dr. Anthony Fauci shares his insight on what makes COVID-19 so insidious, busts myths about the virus, and breaks down why adhering to public health guidelines is so important. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #DrFauci

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51 Responses

  1. Scottishroad35 Pinoy says:

    “Fauci: “Catching up on things that weren’t done so well in the beginning” 👍🏻 briefing should only be done by Fauci! He will tell you the truth not sugar coat it. This virus has the upper hand for now. Great Job Trevor, good questions.

  2. Joe says:

    It’s just so good to listen to two intelligible adults discussing something in a reasonable and articulate manner.

  3. Leslie B says:

    Why would anyone give this video thumbs down? It’s extremely interesting and informative. I pray for your safety and those around you, because this show the lack of intelligence on your part and a high level of ignorance as well.

  4. Coop Shanks says:

    It’s hilarious that Democrat and Republican press people can’t ask near the caliber questions that Trevor (and his writers) can ask. Kudos to the daily show peeps. Thanks for getting the real information out.

    • T'Town Tim says:

      @DAVID GOERTZ nah… we will be over here running sold out sack of shit trump to a grave after a short trial..enjoy his “NotMyFAultAllTheDeadAmericans/tRumpo/2020” tour..bhaba…..maybe have another KKK rally..hug a flag… stay there till yer all dead…wooohoo!!!

    • Big Wilson says:

      @T’Town Tim haha love it man. Trump supporters ain’t scared it’s just a flu… fking idiots trump and his goons are all embarrassingly fcking dumb racist stupid fools that continue to shlt on this country and ruin it.

    • Marilyn Reallon says:

      @vnjoshi4 Trump doesn’t take responsibility for his mistakes or his stupidity!

    • John Smith says:

      @Cooper Shanks
      Give me an example of a “Republican press person.”

    • stefano giovannini says:

      TheGerm24 both the reporter attacked by trump and the president were wrong. The president was reactive and superficial. The reporter contributes to the climate of uninformed panic and fear by framing the question in a way that contributes to the general panic. I live in nyc, family in Milan. When I read reports from Italy, China and Australia, I read more data than drama. American media, pseudo left or right, tends to sensationalize the info. Like those discovery channel nature documentaries with sound effects, unnecessary music before the commercial break and dramatic, deep voice narration, compared to BBC nature documentaries with simple narration by sir Attenborough and that let the images do the communication.

  5. Samir Benantar says:

    It is somehow comforting to hear real experts talking about the issues.

  6. Ahus Sab says:

    Trever to doctor: wash your hands because of fake cough you did.
    Doctor: wth,I am the doctor here

  7. Herr Kürbis says:

    This expert drops straight up facts for minutes and minutes. No “bla bla bla” there

  8. Yusuke Shinyama says:

    This is such a weird “comedy” show that gives all the necessary info in a reassuring manner…

    • Keith Kaitlin Reynolds says:

      Welcome to America. The most accessible news stations are owned by the rich who control what we are shown to be “news.” The Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, the Nightly show, and John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight are all comedy programs which will teach you more in half an hour than watching 5 hours of “news.”
      Heck, even South Park can sometimes keep you better informed with their satire of current events.

    • Sumaiya Bibi Dawood says:

      @Keith Kaitlin Reynolds But, Trevor is from South Africa. 😏😁

  9. MurderSeenComics says:

    The Doc has been speaking so much, he’s loosing his voice. Keep trucking doc, keep trucking.

  10. massabranca says:

    Trevor is really an admirable person, together with his team. So well informed, clever and responsable, but conscious as not to play the specialist himself, and bring the real authority on this issue. And amid a very anxious crisis, it’s a joy to him do it with a charming funny spirit.
    In other words: no, you don’t have to alienate yourself in order to avoid anxiety. Thanks so much, the Social Distancing Show!

    Coming from a country led by another negationist (Brazil) which sometimes makes the coronavirus seem a smaller threat than himself, your show means a lot.

    • K Homiak says:

      massabranca I’ve heard the negation is so bad in Brazil that the gangs have started to enforce quarantine.

    • Tasha Boyer says:

      Here in Brazil as well and Trevor brings me hope. Woke up to a pro-Bolsonaro protest this morning with people honking their horns to persuade shops to reopen. Difficult times, but glad to know there’s someone out there in this world pushing through with facts.

  11. Judeman Art says:

    Class act. Trevor could have easily dropped a question about Trump. But he didn’t put Fauci on the spot like that.

    • Cyndi Lopez says:

      It doesn’t benefit us for Trumptard to fire the Dr….I’m happy he’s looking out for us all.

    • David Patterson says:

      I don’t wanna rain on anyone’s parade but I used to work on a television show (no I wasn’t on tv, I worked in a different department) and it’s more than likely that he just asked Trevors team not to ask when they were securing the interview.

    • Bilal C says:

      @David Patterson of course! That makes perfect sense!

    • run Caz says:

      @David Patterson Exactly. The final question was the one. Polite and from a far distance.

  12. Lorenz Siggel says:

    So who would dislike this? An excellent conversation and Dr. Fauci gives such a great, simple, straightforward explanation that everyone should be able to understand.

    • Mike Ndaba says:

      People are weird fam

    • Eric Babcock says:

      Fox news

    • hanna wolde says:

      The one dislike this is ass kisser for $45

    • Firas Alshalabi says:

      The Coronavirus Klan!

    • Stoney Bonehead Gaming says:

      Maybe some are conspiring in to believing that Fauci will put us in martial law using this virus as a fear tactic and make us docile. Some people are running the numbers and saying that, “ something is afoot, or something stinks in Denmark”. It is evident to some that the flu is far more deadly. I personally don’t know what to believe however you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on this situation. The theorist don’t seem too far off on this one. Just think of how you might go about taking control of a country. It’s starting to look like we might not have another election and Trump will take presidential authority under the guise of crisis for another four year term or more. We are absolutely watching history form in the making. We are front row seats to the, “ New World “

  13. Ms. López says:

    Dr. Fauci, is going to lose his voice pretty soon. I appreciate all the care he has taken of America.
    But give him a day or two off from speaking.

  14. Lydz Rahma says:

    It’s interesting that Lupus is extremely rarely mentioned as an “underlying condition “ but it’s a very real threat. I’m loving hearing from the good doctor

  15. Stacy Adams says:

    I love hearing Dr. Fauci speak without other irritating people being around.

  16. Sandy Hofman-Kingston says:

    Moral responsibility. We need a lot more of that going around.

  17. 1SaG says:

    When a late night show/comedy-host interviewing a top expert offers way more valuable insights and information than a “press briefing” with the president.

  18. shootah says:

    The best Coronavirus briefing I’ve heard. The white house should discontinue their own press briefings and let trevor handle it.

  19. Micah Newby says:

    Trevor: “wash your hands because of that fake cough you did”
    Fauci: “let’s get real”*

    *Based on his laugh

  20. Tina says:

    “The virus is the clock.”
    Preach it, Dr. Fauci.

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