Dr. Fauci: I Expect More Cases And I Expect An Acceleration Of Testing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Dr. Fauci: I Expect More Cases And I Expect An Acceleration Of Testing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci joins Morning Joe to say things in the U.S. regarding coronavirus will get worse before they get better and why he says in the coming week he predicts an acceleration in testing for the virus. Aired on 03/13/2020.
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Dr. Fauci: I Expect More Cases And I Expect An Acceleration Of Testing | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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96 Responses

  1. Biggus Dickus says:

    I love the irony. Corona will give germaphobe dotard the recession he has long feared. Bye bye, casa blanca.

    • Casper1907 says:

      Corona virus is Mexican revenge for the Wall.

    • Casper1907 says:

      @Reggie Naidoo Smelczon Little finger see a mirror image of himself in Drump.

    • foxibot says:

      Matthew Jones yeah that’s right she was in contact but that does not mean you have it.

    • foxibot says:

      Mac Mcleod they put you on home quarantine if you have anyone you might be in contact with that tested positive. My boyfriend is engineer that works for big utility co. He got the call a co worker tested positive Wednesday. He has been along with the rest of his office on home quarantine. His boss said they took extra precautions cleaning the office space. He was allowed to pick up his company computer.

    • foxibot says:

      Mac Mcleod she was just exposed she met an Australian. She is working at home like all people exposed. My boyfriend is at home doing same after Late night Wednesday call from boss. He had a co worker test positive so they acted quickly. Which is good. We already got some kind of awful crud that felt like I was dying. He who never gets sick had it for a month. I hope I built some immunity up.

  2. Frans van Mook says:

    Again : More tests within a week. Same message the government got out last week. Next week: More tests within a week. Americans love fairy tales.

    • Boxing 101 says:

      For anyone….they have to have some kind of symptoms, but it doesn’t make sense because 20% dont show any symptoms so tests should be done by people in contact, ect….what do you suggest that 375 million tests be out in one week by an unknown virus?

    • MountainOf Everest says:

      It took 4 years to develop an AIDS test. Under 2000 Corona cases in a country of 330 Million.= It’s isolated.. Your odds are greater, statistcally.. at dying from the flu. Corona test were not sitting in a warehouse ready to be deployed… Only those 65 yrs old plus are high risk or those with complications. Regular students and working adults have a very low mortality risk.

    • Charles Cruz says:

      @coltsrusijk Dickhead you give trump a free pass on stupidity because YOU feel Obama did something stupid as well? Trump is the current President dont you understand? Are you that dense?
      I know your a trump sycophant but what you are saying is my President is STUPID but it dont matter because other Presidents have been stupid too. Your arguement is CHILDISH and IRRESPONSIBLE, just like trump.

    • critic geek says:

      @KB Peters Its on the CDC Look it up!

    • critic geek says:

      @KB Peters bud facts speak for themselves Obama’s watch had 60 million infected

  3. Channel Twenty Five says:

    Social money was fine for a bail out when the banks gambled away trillions of dollars, but to use social money to give every American healthcare…. No way!. Greed is king in America!

  4. Will Be Jamming says:

    Saying there was a bit of a disconnect is like saying there was an incident onboard the Hindenburg.

  5. Frans van Mook says:

    The Doctor tells you that you should hope on improvement. Keep hoping.

  6. Lampu Malam says:

    God bless Dr Fauci. His voice is breaking because he has to explain non stop.

  7. Razvan Zamfir says:

    So, how long till Trump gets him fired for speaking the truth?

  8. Lynne Wine says:

    I hope no one believes that man didn’t get tested. He just doesn’t want his moron followers to know.

  9. Killroy was here says:

    When the tests come out……. the truth to this cover up will be exposed!

  10. Kevin Williams says:

    Ottawa Canada has now started its first drive through testing at an area hospital and we only have a 100 or so virus cases in Canada

    • KANUCKLE HEAD says:

      @Kevin Williams The PM’s wife has tested positive.

    • Kevin Williams says:

      Yes I think it’s a great idea

    • Mac Mcleod says:

      Well done Folks. Good luck. Remember to stop travel from America until our rate drops. It’s going to be huge here.

    • CynAnne1 says:

      @Mac Mcleod – It’s gonna be…
      ‘Bigly’ *bad.*

    • imiss toronto says:

      Alberta has 19 cases, three in Calgary and the rest in Edmonton. But people went a little nuts when it came to shopping today — I went into a supermarket to pick up some milk etc and it was a little nuts in there. Some shelves were stripped bare, and there was no need for this!!

  11. Mister Horse says:

    It’s telling how inept of a president we have when the NIAID Director is more reassuring in these times.

  12. Greg Raines says:

    Really? The only thing this country prepares for is war.

  13. Brett Orlob says:

    When we get through this we need to take the people who bungled this based on politics out on the national mall and put them in a guillotine.

    • Ken Brownfield says:

      I agree

    • coltsrusijk says:

      Pelosi too since she was crafting pointless impeachment articles at the same time Wuhan was quartined?

    • CynAnne1 says:

      Oh, colts. 🙄
      We *know* #45✳ *IS guilty.*
      Senator Alexander *admitted it.*
      Senator Collins *admitted it.*
      Senator Gardner *admitted it.*
      Senator Murkowski *admitted it.*
      Senator Portman *admitted it.*
      Senator Romney *admitted it* …but *ONLY he* had the b@lls to defy deceit *and vote AGAINST #45✳’s criminality.*
      As for *the rest* of the jellyfish GOTPers, well…
      #21stCenturyQuislings 👎

  14. Six Kidlets says:

    So you’re saying that private FOR PROFIT organizations have been called in to help….after trump turned down tests from the WHO back in January?🤔 hmmmmmm

    • Nancy Free says:

      @The Ropes of Renovation You IGNORANT POS — they are all lying to cover your dear leader’s ass!!!~

    • Phillip Mashburn says:

      Nancy Free it is true and there is no blood on my hands. And I’m one of the seriously vulnerable ones. Get off TV and go to the CDC and NIH. PLEASE

    • Nancy Free says:

      @Phillip Mashburn I have been self quarantined for almost a week and have watched EVERY INTELLIGENT News about this — except main stream media! There is NO EXCUSE for not having testing up and going 2 months ago except PROFIT for your dear leaders cronies!!!! Please wise up!!!

    • Phillip Mashburn says:

      Nancy Free you wise up. People like you are the ones making our kids and everyone else hysterical. If everyone else did what you and I are doing this crap would die down. But noooooo. Gotta keep stirring the pot. There are so many worse diseases to be worried about being a pandemic than this virus. Who would you have blamed during the Black Death??? Chill for Gods sake. Resized_Screenshot_20200313-151211_Facebook.jpeg

    • Y R says:

      @doug Tudor how do they know it’s not acceptable when they can’t even come up with their own. It’s good enough in other countries but not here really?

  15. Tom Mole says:

    A lot of intelligent coherent Americans out there….this guy is one….how come they never get to elected into office?

    • winston hermann says:

      They’re too smart to run

    • kathleen thurin says:

      Those who voted the bumbler president, and voted him ‘not guilty’ painted
      a picture of half of America. It looks like they want entertainment, crave
      drama caused by wanting to live on the edge, and are bored senseless by
      truth and reality. Just like their ‘chosen one.’ The real ‘stable-geniuses’
      don’t qualify according to these rules.

    • Innis Mor says:

      Because they don’t have reality TV shows.

    • plumeria66 says:

      Not power hungry and not enough ego.

    • Ride ThePace says:

      Jimmy Carter and Barak Obama beg to differ.

  16. Open Mind says:

    Trillions of dollars of Tax Payers money for US military & nothing to Protect US tax Payers from a outbreak .Well thats Fine Capitalism for you & thats how Your politicians working for you

    • leonardimas1 says:

      and all this homeless and poor people!!! but they are more interested to send money to israel!!

    • The Empire Strikes Out says:

      The Commander in Chief of The Space Force and The Microbe Force is doing a fantastic job. Ceasar Divi Filius.

    • CrazyLegsMcGee says:

      @leonardimas1 Same reason why America is friends with Saudi Arabia. Strategic partnership. America doesn’t just give you money for no reason. There is always “something”.

    • leonardimas1 says:

      ​@CrazyLegsMcGee italy send help to china 3 months ago with a medical staff, now, china sends over 30 tons of medical supply to italy with over 1000 respiratory units and an experienced staff!! thats the only way to fight the virus, together!! all together, without making profit from this situation,like in the US,in which you have to pay for the test,what is with your veterans,homeless people??

    • foxibot says:

      leonardimas1 Israel just came up with covid 19 vaccine. It will be out soon. But I do agree when I learned in US dollars Israel gets 10 grand per person from our financial support and that is a huge amount of money to be giving when we have our own people without decent medical care or safe water for kids and people.

  17. Spanky says:

    Fact: most viruses are orange

    • wiscomeds says:

      FACT.. the 2020 election will be postponed… trump will stay in office until the virus is contained… look up constitutional crisis and pandemics… you just keep loosing..

    • princeoftidds says:

      @wiscomeds if Trump stays in office, Americans everywhere *lose*.

    • ElSmusso says:

      Spanky I saw a big one on Fox

    • michael bortz says:

      @wiscomeds – wow…. just wow…!! • Did you know that Santa isn’t real? hmmmm… perhaps not… 5th grade spelling on display….

  18. Maudie Icrochet says:

    BS. I have a coworker who has been exposed to a positive covid-19 person and he cannot get a test. Nor can I since I have been exposed.

    • Laura gn says:

      Maudie be safe dear. I know this isn’t easy. Keep sounding your alarm. ❤

    • Snaggle Toothed says:

      Maudie Icrochet
      Please post the occasional comment so we know how you’re doing.
      From what I’ve read, you’d have to be one of a very few unlucky people to suffer badly from it.
      Many people never even realise they have it. Keep us aware of your situation, please.

    • Maudie Icrochet says:

      @Snaggle Toothed I don’t have CV nor do I expect to get it from this exposure. This was definitely a wake up call for how easily the virus can be transmitted widely before anyone knows there is an infected person in your midst. I will be posting if there is further development of this situation.

    • Snaggle Toothed says:

      @Maudie Icrochet Glad to hear it. Stay safe.

  19. James Baker says:

    Now I understand how trump bankrupted all his casino’s. He is just inept!

    • Dave S says:

      @LoveFlatfootin1 We have a new religion in America, it’s called “Fake Christian”.

    • Dave S says:

      @CJ Johns You aren’t actually defending this loser businessman, crooked politician POS, #CrookedDonald still? Are you?

    • Freyja Wired says:

      Hope this isn’t the first revelation for you of his incompetence! There isn’t a thing that man does with any level of aptitude.

    • Michael Gibb says:

      The bigger tell of how inept he is, would be the fact he can’t get a loan from any American bank. You have to be incredibly inept for the same banks responsible for the 2008 Recession, to look at your record and decide you’re too unreliable to be granted a loan.

    • Perky B says:

      @Schmelson Hefflefinger Justify. Whatabout… YOU ARE A MORON!

  20. Cid B. says:

    Q:”So what’s changing, Dr. Fauci?” A: “The president threatened to fire me if I contradicted him.”

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