Dr. Fauci: You don’t make the timeline, the virus does

Dr. Fauci: You don’t make the timeline, the virus does

Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci explains to CNN’s Chris Cuomo the reality of crafting a timeline to reopen parts of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. #CNN #News

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  1. Relax Good says:

    I hope Tony Fauci doesn’t go like all the other truth tellers did.

    • Low IQ Leftist says:

      @Norman Peterson
      You really only have childish insults don’t you?
      In reality you’re calling me a troll and other names simply out of ignorance!
      You couldn’t come up with a logical thought if your life depended on it.
      If you didn’t know a troll is someone who has nothing better to do than to only call people names, if you are unaware that is all you have done. I wanted to make sure you’re aware of the irony of this.

    • Natosha Sutton says:

      @Relax Good. He probably will leave. His stress level is probably so high having to correct orange face, he will need a break & will retire. (I hope he doesn’t leave).

    • Wigit says:

      Guy names hinself ‘LowIQLeftist’, then cries about people calling him names and saying he’s a troll. 👍🤣 These Trump cultists are just unbelieveable. Just another reason to vote Blue no matter who.

    • Boo Boo says:

      He won’t because Killary isn’t President

    • Low IQ Leftist says:

      Are you trying to prove my point for me?

  2. Jessica James says:

    Shout out to the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals putting their health on the line for us 🙌🏽

  3. Ramon Nuñez says:

    This man made everyone feel comfortable because he tells things the way it is, he tell the truth,
    We have nothing to lose trying vitamins, vitamin C through iv,

    • USugo says:

      @Mandy Rice did you hear about the guys that took chloroquine disinfectant for acquariums because potus said so?

    • Nicola Ablett says:

      @Ian W. what kind of people would do this is the?

    • Allen Joseph says:

      @DM_ex_Machina wrote: “Most medicine simply activates parts of your immune system or replaces deficiencies.” No. Not even close. Ever heard of pharmacology? Check it out, preferably by means of a textbook.

    • DM_ex_Machina says:

      @Allen Joseph Yeah…I’m sure everyone’s heard of pharmacology. At least everyone who went to school. That textbook you’re referring to is a middle school health class book. Not sure what you’re getting at by asking if I know the definition of the study of drugs. Drugs can be man made. They can also be natural. They can influence you through many different means. They simply need to exert a change on you. Vitamins happen naturally. They can also be isolated through artificial means. My understanding of this comes from a lot of reading and that same primary school education. I don’t believe it would trump the opinion of someone who had read several years worth of textbooks, though. It just so happens to line up with what he’s saying though. And with what all nutritionists and doctors say. They’ll prescribe you man made drugs, but they’ll all say that comes as second to encouraging a better diet to fuel a healthier, more active lifestyle and proper nutrition.

    • DM_ex_Machina says:

      @Ross Carlson I’m not disagreeing and trying to say that IV vitamins are the way to go. Take regular vitamins and eat healthy. This is important. It’s the most important step. If you haven’t done this step all the other drugs won’t be as effective. It’s about making sure you have the right conditions to effectively metabolize the stuff they give you later and for you to be able to better handle the side effects that come with most drugs. Extreme side effects happen because you’re unhealthy in other regards.

      But to say that vitamins aren’t medicine is just wrong. It is medicine. It’s the definition of it. If you checked that textbook again you’d see the definition of it fits right into what vitamins do.

  4. Johnbro8 says:

    Someone who knows what he’s talking about, unlike the other incumbent

    • Joe Meatballs says:

      @Swampy “multiple specific sources”… so tin foil hat conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones then… the height of journalism…

    • Swampy says:

      @Joe Meatballs I do not watch or like Alex Jones either. Nice try

    • Joe Meatballs says:

      @Swampy whatever, Steven crowder, project veritas, one America news… same shit

    • Swampy says:

      @Joe Meatballs Steven crowder gives data.. he’s just a little over the top.. project veritas litrersly gets the words from the people mouths on recording so idk HOW you can even have a problem with that. And OAN is just a Republican network…
      No. I’m not even talking about them you fucking idiots.
      When political officials speak. I listen to their words and speeches in the entirety to hear what they say. If something happens in a specific area I go to sources from that specific area that are not mainstream.. boots on the ground citizen journalists. I use data and points from official sites like cdc and who. I don’t let someone tell me what to think about what someone said. I listen to that person’s words and form my own.
      That’s why I can say with fact you guys are idiots because I have watched and listed to every single one of faucis press conferences and read his reports. I’ve read the bills introduced… I watch and research the actual data and statistics for myself.
      Every single news outlet lies. Or embellished based on what helps them. All of them. Even official news guard contradicts it’s self and lies all the time about various stories based off what they are told to do.

    • Swampy says:

      @Joe Meatballs your baisically going to name every single right leaning publication you know of and tell me they are all wrong. And I’m sure you’ve never watched a single one for yourself ever. I’m sure you’ve never checked any of their data. Or done absolutely nothing other than listen to the the news and Twitter and face book and based off that you made a decision like the sheeple you are.
      Literally you can have a conversation with anyone.. accept you leftists morons because all you do is screech and go ” NUH UH EVERYTHING YOU READ IS WRONG REEEEEE” I can post physical bon disputed data from around the world and you’ll still say it’s wrong because the talking heads said so.
      That’s why CNN has to pay airports to run them non stop to keep their ratings even slightly on the board.
      I don’t go ” news anchor said this about person A” I go to person A and actually see what they said in their entirety.
      News only has one goal. To get you to watch and tune your emotions to make profit… why,instead of watching the news… you get your own information and crunch your own numbers and data. If you did so for even one week you would realize they are all blatant fucking liars

  5. Innis Mor says:

    Trump: “15 cases going to zero, soon”.
    COVID-19: “15 cases going to a whole series of zeroes, soon.”
    Dr. Anthony Fauci: “What COVID-19 said.”

    • ryvr madduck says:

      CNN: “Last year we had impeachment, that failed, so this year we crush the economy, blame Trump, no re election.” Fifty thousand Americans died of the flu last year. No shut down. Oh yeah, we had impeachment, the year before Russia collusion and Mueller.

    • Fila Kri says:

      @ryvr madduck How many do you think will die of this when the year is over? I’ll tell you, WAY more than the number that died from the flu. Just wait.

    • Gregory Nickelsen says:

      @Fila Kri Make a pay pal account and bet me.

    • Stephen Warbington says:

      Dr. Fauci has repeatedly said vivid is 10× as lethal as the flu. Yes, deaths are down but, that is with major steps taken to mitigate this. If we continued buisness as usual reports said up to 2.2 million could die.

    • jason corbin says:

      @Fila Kri keep hoping for it citizen.

  6. Iron *Fe* says:

    Dr. Fauci,
    The next time Trump speaks over you about this matter…. punch him in the nose !!!

  7. Erik Ledezma says:

    Once this is all said & done, this man should be considered a hero. Stay safe doc, we’re all trying to listen.

  8. Debra Deroos says:

    Dr. Fauci will be 80 this year. He looks like he’s in his early 60’s and has the energy of a 40 year old.

    • Milk Bytes says:


    • Candy Bergauer says:

      He loves Obama and Hillary Clinton he must be great. I’m sure we can trust everything he has to say. We all know how Obama made America great.

    • Hav G Reso HGR says:

      And the 40 year olds are looking 80 and acting 20.

    • louise says:

      Good care

    • Jo Elyzabeth Wicks says:

      @Charles Jannuzi Everyone FORGETS he does work at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease. He actually has a job and does NOT report directly to TRUMP. He is a scientist first and a speaker after the fact. He was asked to be a part of the Task Force as he is the leading specialist in his field; even Dr. Birsk consults with him. You cannot confront the American people about a new novel virus w/o speaking to other scientists, obtaining/exchanging information, doing your own research and comparing that information to the preparedness of America’s capability against said virus. He then confronted Congress and the Dept. Heads at Health and Human Services (who were clueless btw) with said information on this virus’ epidemiology and worse case scenario if it were to hit the US. Trump dismantled the Viral Task Force 2 years earlier (whom researched the current & possible new viral outbreaks and the means of stopping them. Which was headed by Robert Klein) Then Trump planned on slashing funding for the CDC for the new incoming budget year to ad that $$ to the military defense. Trump still has NO CLUE how much we need protection from bio warfare just as we do our armed forces. Many leading scientists noted after H1N1 we would not be in the position to handle another viral outbreak. Bill Gates predicted it back in 2015. Independent researchers across America have been seeking ways to combat variations of the flu. Nothing prepared us for a virus of this magnitude. We are our own worse enemy!

  9. Ashleigh Jaima Osborne says:

    Continued health for this man. This is his field, he is the expert. 🇨🇦

  10. DV says:

    The sole voice of reason.

  11. Glimmerbloo says:

    You don’t make the timeline, the virus does….wow what a great accessment of the situation. Do what he says,it is all common sense.God Bless.

  12. ceciliaFX says:

    now is a great time to stop smoking. Covid-19 is a respiratory illness. Smoking will make your situation worse. Nevermind all this vit c nonsense. Stop doing unhealthy things like smoking.

    • ryvr madduck says:

      If a person smokes and catches this virus, you die, not our fault.

    • Dave Moore says:

      Yeah! …. I’m sure thats going to happen

    • roxy says:

      unfortunately given how difficult is is to quit even under normal circumstances ,if anything people are probably smoking more now than ever ,given the levels of stress being experienced along with fewer activities to keep mind off cravings . Unless they have limited access for purchasing, but I would guess that it is probably harder to buy products to help quit than it is to buy tobacco products .Given that healthy diets may also be particularly difficult right now vitamins might be useful (if people have access to them) and possibly even help with stress (there are legitimate studies that have shown positive effects for anxiety management) it’s a lot easier to make lifestyle changes with reduced stress/anxiety plus of course the fact that stress/anxiety are well known to reduce immune function (2 conjoined birds 1 stone).

  13. Autumn Storm says:

    This is by far the best interview I’ve seen on the Corona virus. The interviewer asked important questions and gave the Doctor time to answer in a way we can all understand. This Doctor is amazing I feel much better knowing he is in charge of this virus. To all Americans stay safe and healthy. 🙏

    • Peter Parker says:

      Dr Fauci is a great doctor no doubt.

      But i would highly recommend Joe Rogans interview with Michael Orstholm.

      It gave me some calm i was in need of.

  14. A Nonymous says:

    Hmmm. Who to believe? Dr. Fauci, an American immunologist who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and physician with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of the United States and served public health in various capacities for over fifty years and labeled “the nation’s leading expert on infectious diseases”?
    Or a thin-skin, dishonest, pathological lying, narcissistic, psychopathic, greedy, power-hungry, ignorant, irresponsible, egotistic, racist Trump?

    • Allan Nielsen says:

      @ryvr madduck this one may potentially kill 2 million…..

    • Tarsius says:

      @ryvr madduck The thing is, that this illness is deadlier than the flu, if you get it. Right now a lot less people are infected (that’s why you get such high numbers from the flu, because there are so many people infected) but If the spread of covid-19 isn’t contained millions of people might die.

    • Lady Tate says:

      we cannot judge by the way you are describing the situation. both men are struggling to strike the right chord here… we must watch out for the coming viral peak that will have many more cases in the hospitals – that is Dr. Fauci’s prime concern, among others e.g., immunity issues, further incubations developing, and the distribution and availability of the successful therapy called Hydroxychloroquine/Zpac. these things have to be carefully CO-ORDINATED! Mr. Trump is working WITH the man AND has to be careful of OUR ECONOMIC WELL-BEING and THAT is a PRIME MATTER!

    • Shirley Yoo Geste says:

      @ryvr madduck this isn’t the flu. The covid19 pneumonia is aggressive. Your lungs shut down IN A MATTER OF HOURS. You drown from inside out as your lungs fill with fluid. That’s why people need to be on ventilators because they aren’t strong enough to breathe on their own.

    • Akilizm 71 says:

      Shirley Yoo Geste can you cite that source please..thank you

  15. Bianca Rose says:

    America’s #1 hero, I am thankful for him, his persona, and his honesty.

  16. Eagle Saga says:

    “The virus makes the timeline.” Dr. Fauci has spoken.

    • Richard Eidemiller says:

      Exactly. It will stop killing the host when it knows it
      is not advantageous to it’s survival to do so.
      Trump can call it the enemy but it’s just an organism.
      The real enemy are the ones who screw with nature and
      caused this. It lives in animals causing no problem.
      We mess with animals we normally wouldn’t come in contact with
      and now have an organism in our midst many are not able to live with.
      We are our own worst enemies.

    • Myloveofvideo says:

      Tells us what we “need” to hear not what we “want.” Good man.
      Each of us can practice social distancing to help prevent it spreading faster…careless behaviors of asymptomatic people have spread infections around the planet

    • Shirley Yoo Geste says:

      @Richard Eidemiller the virus is going to kill its host anyway. I think you give it more credit for calculation than it is entitled to.

  17. Alabama Peach says:

    Bless Dr. Fauci’s heart he looks so drained and when he is in the press briefings he looks like he’s about to pass out. I pray for his health, strength, all he does for us as a nation.

  18. majestic gurl says:

    USA.. PLEASE!!! LISTEN TO THIS MAN, DR FAUCI, He’s is the expert. As for that clueless QUACK!!! swaggering around in the WH. IGNORE!!! him.

  19. Francia Carter says:

    “You need the data!” How many times must he say that before you guys get it? Test, test, test!!!!!

    • Katrina Tee says:

      Yes! Exactly!

    • PlayBoyHustlazTV says:

      Francia Carter rest rest test what seems like only celebrities can get tested

    • Karen Fitzpatrick says:

      But, by encouraging massive testing would reveal the TRUTH and Trump doesn’t want that, AT ANY COST! He wants the number of infections and deaths due to COVID 19 to remain (falsely) low to show how “Beautifully” he is handling this virus!

  20. Usernamee101 says:

    The only person in Trump’s White House that is not a coward.

    • Cynthia Gonzalez says:

      ryvr madduck my god you people 🤦🏽‍♀️

    • Cynthia Gonzalez says:

      007jjb you people are a special kind of stupid, you would listen to a incompetent president before you believe the experts. Don’t get me wrong I want ALL the Trump supporters to do EXACTLY what Trump tells you go to church, go on cruises, hell take a plane overseas, good luck with that. 😂😂

    • Sporty P says:

      Because he’s a man of integrity. A man for information sharing based on science and facts. Two qualities this current administration widely lacks.

    • James Does it matter? says:

      The flu wasn’t all at the same time. Stop parroting what you hear. Comparing the two is ridiculous, do you honestly believe that all these countries(that hate each other) are in on this “conspiracy”

    • Kassandra Sanderson says:

      @Jeff B YES x infinite, preach it bro

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