Dr. Phil on the Catch Me Outside Girl | Joe Rogan

Dr. Phil on the Catch Me Outside Girl | Joe Rogan

Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1254 w/Dr. Phil:

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88 Responses

  1. the loaf says:

    Shes on a billboard. “Oh really” you can hear the disappointment in his voice. Haha

    • uber goober says:

      +Nauq00 jerk her off some more

    • zombie jelly says:

      Young Sperm ok racist

    • Chase Potter says:

      Real One to be honest, she’s not bad at rapping.. her latest songs are pretty catchy lol. I think her hype is crazy too, but I actually follow her and look into her shit out of pure amazement and curiosity, therefore I know more about her current state then most of you commenting. She’s working with a lot of celebs and famous DJ’s right now…. it’s insane, but hey… ??‍♂️

    • Steve bruner says:

      No such thing as a bad kid. Only bad parents

    • Chase Potter says:

      Real One I encourage everyone on this post to go and listen to her song “Gucci Flip Flops” and be completely confused how this girl is actually making somewhat decent hip-hop lol

  2. OrganicSoulJazz says:

    The Mom set that ‘Cash me outside shit’ up!

  3. Generalissimo Reply says:

    this is probably the only topic Dr Phil don’t want to remember or discuss ?

    • deporte chacon says:

      +Morten Thomsen he makes money off solving other people problem

    • Morten Thomsen says:

      +deporte chacon Who’s problems have he solved? You know some of the people who were on there? If he solves any problems that likely comes second to making money, and that’s not a good basis for helping others. It’s entertainment, which is obvious from the way it’s set up.

    • deporte chacon says:

      +Morten Thomsen yep but hes giving a good message to people unlike others

    • Morten Thomsen says:

      +deporte chaconWhat message is he giving? That making money off other peoples issues is a good thing to do? He gives about as good of a message as Jerry Springer. It’s a spectacle, not a proper therepy session.

    • Wyatt Putnam says:

      syre/ken who cares

  4. Casey Todd says:

    Joe “What a weird world we live in” Rogan, as he hosts a podcast interviewing Dr. Phil about the Cash Me Ousside girl.

  5. Cole Edits says:

    Awful mother. This is a case child services should have got involved in.

  6. Chase Voghel says:

    DR. PHIL ON JOE ROGAN, ELON MUSK ON MEME REVIEW? Maybe this *isnt* the darkest timeline after all!

    • Brenton Guy says:

      Can we get Dr Phil to host meme review?

    • Freedom Anon says:

      This is the greatest timeline, what you talking about? Most recent event was Jussie Smollet getting laughed at by Charles Barkley and Shaq ON BLACK HISTORY MONTH ???

    • Harald Haram says:

      But it is, this shows it, just you wait , soon the manlady with a beard from Eurovision come on the show.

    • Chase Voghel says:

      Buddy Van Cigrit Dude can’t believe it got as close as like a couple of subs at one point. And in our darkest hour, when all hope was lost – Elongated Muskrat, god of space, came down with Justin Fucking Roiland, and saved the day. This shit better be made into a documentary one day so I can explain to my children why they are named “Elon, Gloria ‘The Bridge’ Borger and Poppy Harlow”

    • S B says:

      Dude Trump is President…

      This is the best timeline possible

  7. Kevin Hibbard says:

    “Yeah I appreciate you bringing that up… ”

    • Mitko Mehlema says:

      Are these guys idiots though? I mean she clearly acted for the publicity, nad it worked. She is no train wreck. She just outsmarted you Dr. Feels

    • Man from Vault 11 says:

      +Mitko Mehlema – she didn’t outsmart anyone, in these days teenagers and social media can make anything happen, the corporations saw a money making opportunity and went with it.

  8. lean. says:

    Joe “they caught me outside” Rogan

  9. cavecanem100 says:

    I’m hypnotized by the difference in sheen between joe and dr Phils heads… Dr phil has some serious anti glare stuff going on lol!!

  10. quitenerdy1 says:

    Dr Phil and Joe Rogan in one room is like the twin towers of bald heads

  11. B R E A D P I T T says:

    Two old bald men talk about young thot for 5 minutes straight.

  12. OLDSCHOOL-HIP-HOP313 says:

    First time in world history THE RANCH DIDNT SUCCEED.

  13. vevven ennevvev says:

    I’m honestly surprised to find myself kind of liking Dr. Phil here.

    • Gabriel Patrick says:

      vevven ennevvev what’s not to like ?

    • j e says:

      +Victor Dasilva I think they come to him by own choice

    • Morten Thomsen says:

      +j e So if I can get people to do something willingly it can’t be exploitation? Ok, got it. Also they might come in good faith, while the Dr. Phil show is a money machine, not a platform to help people.

    • j e says:

      +Morten Thomsen There are worse things in the world than the Dr Phil show is all Im saying. Nobody is forced to anything.

    • Morten Thomsen says:

      +j eI I agree there are worse things but I was just adressing whether or not it can be exploitation if someone willingly does something. I’d say the show exposes people in a way that’ll far from always be a positive thing, everybody is watching these troubled people and forming their opinions on them and then they get to go out and deal with the backlash, which might not be that great for someone already having issues.

  14. nareeeely says:

    I dare you to smoke weed in front of the Doc LOL .. His reaction would be “how about you come on the show and we can talk about it Joe”

  15. 40BelowTr00per says:

    The Cash Me Outside girl rimmed me in an upstairs bathroom at a party in the Hollywood Hills last summer. Lovely young lady really.

  16. PoJoTheGreat says:

    Dr. “we sent her to a ranch” Phil

  17. Joel Holmqvist says:

    Honestly this entire thing is completely the mothers fault.

    • Forever monster says:

      +Princess D u can just die

    • Joel Holmqvist says:

      +Diamond Beau Because Danielle was like 13 when she attended Dr. Phil, and we saw how easily her behavior could be changed for the better but once she united with her mother again she returned to this arrogant mentality, I say it’s the mothers fault since she was the one who raised Danielle and encouraged her to act like this.

    • Diamond Beau says:

      +Joel Holmqvist wtf are you talking about?? She got along with her mother and even brought her a house… dumbass. The whole problem was that she was attacking her mother and stuff but now she has changed and actually helped her. How arrogant and retarded are you?

    • Mitko Mehlema says:

      They were both acting. And you are just a random american moron, who’s life is meaningless, so you fall for shit like that.

    • Charles Lee Ray says:

      Should’ve cracked that ass and laid down the law when she was young…

  18. Tony Scar says:

    Dr. Phil made that girl famous.

  19. Jah Eerie says:

    `”Everybody thought the Kardashians were going to be 15 minutes…it’s been 15 years”.
    When you say that out loud it’s actually terrifying.

    • twomindz79 says:

      +Pop Off “i look to Kim for inspiration ” You need help! Be inspired by great art, poetry, music , film or really any other person. Not a rich skank who sucked cock on tape to boast public profile.

    • Billy the GOAT says:

      It’s crazy now couple of them are gonna be billionaires smfh

    • Clint Studt says:

      Only good thing is they knocked Paris Hilton off the podium!

    • BURNZY187 says:

      America has become a real life parody of a Grand theft auto game it’s pretty scary

    • Nicholas Dunn says:


      You can hate the Kardashians but you gotta respect how they do business. All they gotta do now is feature some product on Instagram and boom they have millions.

  20. Mack V says:

    Didn’t expect to ever see Dr.Phill here, good stuff Joe!

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