DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Ultra Instinct Goku

DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ – Ultra Instinct Goku

#UltraInstinct Goku arrives to #DRAGONBALLFighterZ on May 22nd, 2020!

Tell us in the comments who will be joining UI #Goku on your team once he is released! Reach new heights of power with Season Pass 3! bandainam.co/DBFZ

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76 Responses

  1. bravo foenix says:

    0:57 All that’s needed is the “HEAVEN” kanji character on his back 😋😋

  2. Dumb Frog! says:

    Me: **Not thinking about the character, just waiting until he’s released**

    Bandai: “Hey, wanna think about him every day so the wait seems like it lasts longer?”

    Me: “No…”

    Bandai: “Don’t care!” **Drops trailer**

  3. Rosco says:

    Every UI Main: “Let’s see how you handle Ultra Instinct…”

    • Alternate Gamer says:

      Whis gets added.

      His entire moveset is counter even standing still

    • SakuyaUchiha says:

      UI mains when someone kills their two other characters: Those who would hurt my friends, I won’t forgive
      The other guy who has a pink square and is wondering why the UI main keeps super dashing: you are not the clown, you are the entire circus

    • Blue Hedgehog gamer 1234 says:

      I think it’ll be more like “Let’s see how _I_ handle Ultra Instinct…”

    • freezy freeze76 says:


    • MaskedLeon 36 says:

      Every other Character on the roster com May 22:Oh we are all Screwed!😱

  4. Danilo D'Alma says:

    70% of comments: this is an akuma reference

  5. 6.9ksubs in 2020 challenge says:

    Y’all speak ’bout the new character and how your gonna use it, while I’m still playin’ Halo 3 on ma Xbox 360

  6. ASMR-SENSEI says:

    Beerus: Whis..
    Whis: Yes?
    Beerus: When?
    Whis: May 22
    Beerus: Fine.. I could use the time for a nap 😴

    Goku: 😤

    • doctordoom85 says:

      (I see Goku being as patient for UI Goku as he was waiting to leave with Whis while Whis and Bulma were trying to eat)

      Goku: Is it time yet?!
      Whis: What? No, Goku, it’ll be out May 22nd.
      Goku: Oh, okay. (leaves….comes back shortly after)
      Goku: Is it time yet?!
      Whis: N-no, Goku, it’s still not time yet.
      Goku: Oh………what about now?
      Whis: Goku! If you continue to pester me, I will see to it that UI Goku isn’t added to the game at all!
      Goku: Oh no, sorry, I’ll just wait over here!
      Bulma: That guy…
      Whis: Really. Now Bulma, what delicious meal have you prepared for me today?

    • OG Polaris says:

      Holy spirit of God its you love you’re videos man

    • ASMR-SENSEI says:

      @doctordoom85 😄👍

    • ASMR-SENSEI says:

      @OG Polaris Thanks! 😀👍

  7. Tim G says:

    UI: let’s see how you handle ultra instin-

    Vegito: *punches him in the face* GOTCHA!!!

    • MeGaFPSPlAyEr3000 says:

      Brandon Smith Is that a joke? No way a fusion between a super saiyan 2 and a regular level berserk super saiyan is even close to a SSGSS Vegito at any given rate. I bet Goku alone in his SSGSS state would be enough to best such an inferior fusion. What even makes you think a super saiyan stands any chance against a saiyan at god level in the first place?

      Also no way Zamasu was above their combined level or even close at that. They were equals at best but the only thing really giving fused Zamasu the edge was the fact that his potara fusion had no expiration and that he had obtained immortality.

    • Syrup Boi says:

      @Kadilu Eki He was still limited and weaken from his ui usage. Kefla at best is ssj3 or ssjg level

    • SkellyBro says:


    • Melody says:


    • Kuribohchaos8 says:

      You cant keep up with……

      UI: just look at MY speed

  8. Athomanji says:

    When Jiren got beat up badly in a teaser trailer, IT WAS DRAGONS!

  9. YOUTUBE ADMIN:my name is Jeff says:

    This mans got a counter fetish and I ain’t gonna lie it’s pretty hot

  10. Pvp gameplay BG says:

    Whis: Beerus sama, have you anything to say?
    Beerus: He’s coming.

  11. Prasanth Prasanth says:

    “No Jirens were harmed during the making of this video.”

  12. Thomas Larsen says:

    This trailer is literally how I feel when I try to use Jiren in an online match.

  13. It’s A Myles TCO says:

    When this man drops I’m prepared to get these free rank points from the “UI mains” 😂

  14. FeralPhilosopher says:

    The distinct lack of “Ultimate Battle” in this trailer is immeasurably disappointing.

  15. TheCommonSense Channel says:

    Man everyone’s saying things about “Yeah I’ll main him” and “he looks so cool” meanwhile I’m here like “His shirt has been through some rough times, getting blasted off every transformation, especially the under tee”

  16. ron wardlaw says:

    My favorite character in this game used to be Goku, but now it’s definitely Goku.

    • Goodbye Jojo says:

      Well Goku’s is good, but he’s not better than Goku

    • Super Blackarott says:

      I dunno. Personally I’ve been more of a fan of Goku rather than an Goku

    • quasa_sama says:

      Imagine ur team (ui goku, blue goku and ssj goku) vs enemies team (base goku, gt goku and goku black)…who would win? Maybe GoKu

  17. Hell Qrow says:

    Ultra instant Goku: The fighter that remembers this is a 3D fighting game and you don’t have to just move left or right.

    • Brian says:

      Older SNK games gave you the ability to spot-dodge or roll into the foreground, so it isn’t just a 3D fighting game thing.

  18. Jeffrey Lewis says:

    That moment when the power of a literal god isn’t enough, so you decide to become the living definition of the word *FLEX*

  19. Romain says:

    Real title : *Jiren getting beat down for a whole minute*

  20. CrespoFTW says:

    It be funny after Goku says “Now I think i’m getting the hang of this power” his body overloads and faint with Jiren looking dumb struck in the background

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