DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z: Announcement Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z: Announcement Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

Determination, Despair, and Hope — Discover the story of the mysterious Dragon Balls in the all-new DRAGON BALL GAME – PROJECT Z! #DragonBallZ #Videogames #BandaiNamco

Join Goku and fellow warriors in the neverending search for the ultimate fight — COMING 2019!

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106 Responses

  1. Michael Knasel says:

    i cant wait to play through namek for like the 23rd time

    • Kotala Foxhound says:

      +Jeremy john Hall This is the old Z story yes, but it hasn’t been done like this before. Also this isn’t just an arena fighter like every other game, it’s an action rpg.

    • Jeremy john Hall says:

      +Kotala Foxhound yes it have dragon ball z sagas lol. This one just have new graphics. You already know what’s going to happened in the game.

    • Illusive Kennedy says:

      All these kids who never played legacy of Goku. This game is probably gonna be what sagas should’ve been. Legacy of Goku in 3d

    • Ali_ FFM says:

      i hear the sarcasm, just don’t but it you fool if you don’t like it!

    • Dennis Pietrandrea says:

      +Kotala Foxhound actually this has been done before on multiple platforms including the Game Boy advance.

  2. Urboyyycarlos says:

    If it recreates what DB Budokai Tenkaichi 3 did with its 160+ characters and story mode through dragonball,dbz(kai),and gt ill be satisfied,or even just making it enjoyable like the older games were then ill be fine. Either way,getting this..as a diehard fan

    • Bradley TenshiXVII says:

      +LenjiPOP Fango Now you can read minds? You are even stating your opnions as facts. You think you GOD? Youre just to agorrant but what can we expect from a
      Gt fanboiiii
      We all know your fanbase is wayyy to emotional and agressive

    • Cpt Dinosaur says:

      It’s an action rpg where you play as goku.

    • Expertmedusa 17 says:

      Urboyyycarlos they should bring back the great apes playable characters back !!!!

    • Magma Admin Photon says:

      Ahahaha fool. The characters rooster will be full of dlc’s

    • Galan AKA Galactus says:

      I highly doubt they will put GT in the storymode instead of Super. Especially because the first arc of GT is almost unwatchable. But we will probably see characters from GT.

  3. MBR craft says:

    Where budokai tenkaichi 3 remastered ?

  4. ClanDGR says:

    Yo quiero ver Gameplay no cinemáticas….

  5. Arthur Macedo says:

    Joinha aqui se vocês acham que esse jogo tem que vir dublado em PT-BR

  6. Chimchar says:

    It really sucks that it isn’t releasing on the switch 🙁

  7. Sin Of Pride Lord Escanor says:

    Over 10 whole years of dreaming about this and here it finally is! Or at least I hope this is it! An open world Dragonball rpg!

  8. Enigmo says:


  9. Geralt of Rivia says:

    Is too difficult make a remaster of the trilogy “Budokai Tenkaichi”?
    It would sell more than any other title…

  10. Adryan Aquino says:

    But why though?? Every Dragon Ball game is the same and has the same plot (Except Fighterz) It would be Amazing if Bandai Namco would actually Create there own Dragon ball Story. Even if its non canonical It would still be *DIFFERENT* Dragonball Xenoverse 1 and 2 is literally the Same Exact Game. And Fighterz has it’s own story but has the same repetitive gameplay within it. Be Creative Bandai….

  11. Prototypo Reloaded says:

    We just want budokai tenkaichi 4 =(

  12. MC Gaming says:

    When are they going to realize we just want a game again like tenkaichi 2 and 3 with the full story from the saiyan saga to the gt saga??

  13. Link Chen says:

    25 years ago: I don’t want see the end of Dragon Ball
    Now: Dragon Ball 4ever

    Dont get me wrong, I love DB. But it just looks like DB is a framework, and you can follow it to make tons of games. I hope this is a GTA-like.

  14. Mark Campbell says:

    at this point we’ve seen krillin die more the uncle ben XD

  15. Elijah Dessources says:

    What happened to nintendo switch playability!

  16. Sher Zorawar Singh Saini says:

    If Bandai wasn’t a greedy awful company , they would spend 3-4 yrs on making a HUGE dragon ball Open world game that covers Dragon ball to Super , instead they cash in every other yr with a half baked game… Not saying Xenoverse is bad , I liked it but that whole time patroller bull shit with re living the same story lines and grinding for hours on boring ass side missions was not fun … I’m hoping this game is fun………….

    Bandai , look at Rockstar, they make AWESOME games, and they take their sweet time. Everytime they make an announcement , the whole game industry takes notice .. Be like Rockstar not like EA

    • Xavier Peterson says:

      Lápis nah let’s talk about those microtransctions and a unfinished game that holds your hand. But hey it’s part of the game rockstar has all this money that they made off of gta online but still make the time to release an unfinished product

    • Lápis says:

      +Xavier Peterson online microtransactions**, unfinished online**

    • deniro612 says:

      They don’t have a choice. Bandai has a contract with toei that means they have to release a dragonball game every single year which is good but also bad in terms of its pot luck if they had enough time to develop it. Like fighterz this might have been in the pot for a long time and it’s only just getting cooked so hopefully should be good

    • Xavier Peterson says:

      Lápis online is still part of the game they promised but fanboys like you can’t accept that can you. The level of quality that was put on single player should have been put in mp *The mp is part of red dead and it should be held at a standard that’s what rockstar promised to ship with and it should have been finished it’s inexcusable.*

    • Happypie says:

      Yeah…. Il pass my guy

  17. Jordan Reynolds says:

    They need it to start from where it all began the original dragon ball not z

  18. TheWalkingAmongTheDead says:

    CyberConnect2 is developing this game!! They’re the ones behind the Naruto Ultimate Ninja trilogy, Asura’s Wrath and .hack trilogy.

  19. Garrus Vakarian says:

    Well, let’s just appreciate the fact that this didn’t turn out to be a mobile game. Lol.

  20. Groovy George says:

    It looks like it starts at the end of Dragon ball with the Piccolo stuff, it’s a shame, i’ll love to play as kid Goku and train with Master Roshi collecting the dragonballs and fighting Emperor Pilaf and Climbing the Korrin Tower and fighting Mercenary Tao and the Red Ribbon army also doing Muscle Tower would cool too. Also how awesome would it be fighting with the Power Pole and flying the Nimbus.

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