Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive – Comic Con 2018

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive – Comic Con 2018

Dragon Ball Super lives on with Dragon Ball Super: Broly. The twentieth Dragon Ball film hits theaters in North American in January 2019. Check out our exclusive* first look!

*This is an IGN timed exclusive.

Anime Expo in 2 Minutes:

Attack on Titan S3 Premiere Reaction:

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80 Responses

  1. RekkaKien3 says:

    All I want is to see someone other than kakacarrotcake save the day. Psh… 😒 so typical. The golden boy of the show all the time. Can anyone else have a damn moment? Sheesh.

    • Sky Howler says:

      Goku hasnt had a moment in a long while, I mean Trunks defeated Zamasu, Frieza and Goku knocked out Jiren leaving 17 the Victor. Goku has rarely won a lot of fights, against Vegeta, against Frieza, against Cell, only in movies does he win against the characters, I hope its evened out though, between Goku and Vegeta like the Return of Cooler, that they were both fighting side by side. But its rare to see anyone else take the stage

    • Ruari Cashin says:

      He wasn’t the one to save the day in the cell arc gohan did

    • Josh Perkins says:

      Gohan was never planned to be the main character after the cell saga. That’s a rumor.

  2. Lord D says:

    just marry him off to princess trunks

  3. Games Player says:

    you know what’s happening next when goku gets shirtless and if you don’t know…..well..go ask jiren…👀

  4. John Banner says:

    Goku:”Why is He kinda green?”
    Paragas:” Because He’s legendary”

  5. Bruce Jones says:

    #1 trending in Japan

  6. Skyern Aklea says:

    So.. Who’s the most powerful baddie now ?

    Broly (2018) ?
    Jiren ?
    Gattai Zamasu ?

  7. Darth Games says:

    Brolly:What’s your power level?

    Goku:Mine’s pretty big


  8. vicky your subscriber says:

    Hype level over 9000 !

  9. The94Venom says:

    The mere fact that “KAKAROT” isn’t going to be his backstory makes this version better.

    • Username says:

      The94Venom you don’t the the origin of a kid going crazy because another kid was crying next to him too loud was the best dragon ball story ever?

  10. RIP double Pump101 says:

    If you’re a big fan of Dragon Ball super when you got done watching this trailer you had a big orgasm if not then you’re not a real fan DBS for life

  11. RareSeeEX says:

    My power level is…. MAXIMUMER!

  12. ivasol007 says:


  13. ASMR-SENSEI says:

    “He’s learning as he fights!?”

    That line by Vegeta.. that animation.. the epicness of Broly redesign.. it’s.. it’s..

    OVER 9,000!!!!

  14. Mahir Cave says:

    A new Saiyan _shows Broly_

  15. LichfiendRazool says:

    Broly being cannon. the only thing I’ve ever desired

  16. god saiyan says:

    what if jiren fights broly in this movie ?

  17. Katrina Caliente says:

    How do you think broly would fair against jiren

    • MaZe says:

      Joey Driller but like, jiren man handled kaioken x 20 goku and goku is still in regular blue in this trailer

    • Aadil Patel says:

      MaZe You forgot that goku is in ssb and taking on base broly who hasnt even gone ssj nvm LSSJ, so brolys power currently is insane

    • C La says:

      Jiren would win, since he was more than pure power. Yet we have to see movie. LSSJ is not on same level as Ultra Instinct.

    • The Righteous Avenger says:

      From what’s shown in this trailer, he’d get stomped.

    • da'ved velazquez says:

      C La I disagree
      If broly can handle both vegeta and goku without his true form than it’s likely broly next form would be stronger than jiren
      Broly endurance is also super insane tbh i think broly
      Would overwhelm jiren especially if broly power increased during the fight

  18. Countdown Therapy says:

    Dred It
    Run From It
    Broly Still Arrives.

  19. Bruno Sousa f says:


  20. Autobot Supreme Optimus Prime says:

    I am a fan of Goku I definitely want Goku to go MUI

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