DRAGON BALL: The Breakers – Announcement Trailer

DRAGON BALL: The Breakers – Announcement Trailer

Enter the temporal seam. Will you match as one of the 7 survivors or with you take the role of the rival Raider?

Introducing DRAGON BALL: The Breakers, coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X | S Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2022. Closed Beta Test coming soon to PC.
Pre-order: http://spr.ly/6050JelZA

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41 Responses

  1. JR 04 says:

    They Literally made a “Survive the Killer” Dragon Ball Game, Cell being the most optimal villain for the job honestly, they should make Buu one too

  2. Lester B. says:

    Never expect that we are gonna be in this situation that Cell is gonna absorb us. And this game, I’m interested in it.

    Not sure if we all be 7 Oolongs in a one match.

  3. PolarDog says:

    Hopefully they make Launch, Mai, Yajirobe, Hercule and Chaotzu playable. Looks great either way hope they add nappa and Goku black as hunters too, nappa playstyle would be a lot different than other hunters

    • ultimamage3 says:

      Honestly given that the survivors are all supposed to be normal humans with low power levels, even Raditz can be a threat to them as a hunter/raider. Remember his debut was wiping Goku after he established himself as strongest fighter on earth at the tournament and it took a 3 on 1 (Goku, Piccolo, Gohan rage assist) to get him.

  4. RefMr says:

    My favorite part of the Android Saga was that little horror part when Cell first shows up and people are disappearing so I’m actually quite down for this!!

    Oolong and hopefully Puar too being showcased is also the most their characters have received in years so that’s also nice to see. Honestly Oolong being able to transform into vases and hide from Imperfect Cell is so perfect of a scenario that I’m mad it didn’t happen in the show now, retroactively.

  5. Dashisnew ! says:

    Honestly the most unique DBZ game made, most of them are just fighters/ action beat em ups so this is a nice take on Dead by Daylight with DBZ universe lol

  6. Bawkbasoup says:

    WTF IS THISS!!!! I was prepared for the good ol slightly changed dragon ball story. This near knocked my feathers out fellas

  7. Hayden T says:

    As a big fan of Friday the 13th: The Game, this looks like it could be short-term good fun. I really don’t see myself or a majority of people paying more than $40 for it. Hopefully something bigger is in the works and this is just to occupy the fans in the meantime.

  8. Michael Green says:

    According to IGN Dragon Ball: The Breakers puts you in the oversized boots of either a Raider — Cell, Buu, or Frieza — or one of seven “survivors” who must cooperate to try and escape the temporal anomaly they’re stuck in before the raider blasts them into oblivion.

  9. paintrick says:

    I really like the idea of this game, bringing actual earthlings to relevancy, (would’ve said humans, but oolong lmao) I do like the idea of there being 3 villains you can pick from, but my fear is Oolong will be too busted. Who’d think Oolong would be so good in a DB game?

  10. Zanar Aesthetics says:

    Man, Cell was such a perfect villain

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