Dragon Ball XENOVERSE – Jump Festa Trailer

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE is launching on 2.17.2015 on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Steam!

Want to see even more gameplay and learn about advanced features and combat mechanics? Check out the re-cap of our Dragon Ball XENOVERSE livestream here: http://bit.ly/1rX1PiK

Check out the Dragon Ball XENOVERSE Facebook page to catch all of the updates and see new screenshots as soon as they are released!

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20 Responses

  1. Lucky Hit says:

    Dragon Ball GARY STU

  2. Master Perfection says:

    this trailer is just all hype cutscenes with lack of the shit gameplay

  3. Seritos Gojaze says:

    Can’t… breathe.. Epicness.. too much.. Hype level.. taking over bodily

  4. comatose kitty says:

    EWWWW stupid Frieza voice ewwwww

  5. roebi yup says:

    lol mr.satan gets kicked outta the way LOL

  6. Shane Dooley says:

    Looks amazing can’t wait to get it hope there’s a demo 

  7. Jozarto Xenoverse™ says:

    It’s hard to hide your inner DBZ-fan at school…. Especially when you have
    2 more months left.

  8. Lemon Squeeze says:

    the time has come……

    finally I will bring Raditz the glory he deserves as Kakarot’s brother
    Asses will be raped on Double Sunday

  9. Jamel Pruden says:

    My excitement is over 9000!!!!!!!!

  10. kevin tala says:

    They should just make this into a series or big movie.

  11. Khamal Thompson says:


  12. Ezra Richardson says:

    I think I’m a fan again.

  13. Qu9ke says:

    Will this be worth getting on Steam? The only console I have that could run
    this is a 360, and I haven’t played on that for a while now. Is there a big
    enough online community on PC for this kind of thing?

  14. Tommy McConnell says:

    Holy Balls that trailer was terrible. 

  15. Marcus S says:

    dbz xenoverse Is going 2 b great

  16. ChronoBaron says:

    please be good please be good please be good

  17. Andrew O says:

    Total Biscuit sounds exactly like cell. I HATE Friezas new voice. Other
    then that it looks amazing will buy for pc.

  18. maxwellmonster1 says:

    The only small thing that bugs me, is editing skills on preset characters
    (goku etc.) because from the livestream it only shows the character with
    different costumes with different skills so can we still be allowed to edit
    or is it just for our created characters? 

  19. himynameispuky says:

    Is that Jen Taylor?

  20. TsumiyaTime says:

    Pleaseeee let it be febuary next month! ヽ(゚Д゚ )ノ I must have this game!