Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – DLC Trailer | PS4

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – DLC Trailer | PS4


Are you ready to begin yet? Prepare yourself to face the God of Destruction, Beerus, in DRAGON BALL Z Kakarot’s First DLC Episode. Unlock the power of the Super Saiyan God!

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102 Responses

  1. Gabriel Perão says:


  2. MarvelNTW says:

    The Super arcs are old enough to the point where we don’t need DLC content of it anymore. Just have it in the main game :/

  3. Ciscoo says:

    “Where the heck am I?”

  4. JesseR2006 says:

    Do you need to level up for this dlc or do you get levels like in the story

  5. MidnightSundowns says:

    I seriously hope Kakarot gets a full on sequel as it apparently sold well enough for Bandai to consider it a success. The DLC’s should be like the fun, “check out what’s coming” and a sequel should be the full blown story of Dragon Ball Super. I had SO much fun revisiting the DBZ world with this game.

  6. Malletboy Roberson says:

    Whis getting hit doesn’t look right😂😂😂


    Are u telling me there is a chance of UI

  8. Sponge Man Ice Cone says:

    So basically this is after battle of the gods when Whis decides to train em?

  9. Kimarinu says:

    00:35 attack that powerful, that even fps start droppin’

    • Dr STONE says:

      @Malik Meriweather nah i dont

    • Dark Soul says:

      @revo 1 no bro that is slow motion effect
      I have seen and played this game and it gives you time to choose your attack in the slow motion time

    • Miggy Lacson says:

      Dark Soul they’re talking about after choosing the attack. I have a PS4 pro and the fps just drops when the spirit bomb explodes

    • Jonny Charlton says:

      @Dark Soul no they don’t mean the game slows down to give u time to choose an attack they’re on about when you actually use Ultimate spirit bomb you get frame drops, which it does do lol

    • SleekFX says:

      Dark Soul that’s a frame drop, that doesn’t happen on PC

  10. TheInfectiousCadaver says:

    and expect this dlc to last only an hour. money well spent i suppose……………………………

    • Andre Pinnock says:

      Don’t worry. Tournament of Power DLC In a few months so that’s 1 hr more to look forward to 😂

    • Leonardo Farias says:

      Where do you get that idea

    • Goku says:

      Andre Pinnock prob super

    • Devin Rosa says:

      Andre Pinnock Episode 2 is most likely gonna be Golden Frieza and the other DLC is a new story arc so i highly doubt they’d do tournament of power plus they’d have the other arcs before it to do

    • 7dayspking says:

      I know people are joking but a lot of people think the second DLC is going to be the tournament of power. Not a chance, that would require them to design dozens of the boss enemies and there’s no way they’re doing that for a DLC.

  11. Game Over Tactics says:

    Wish we could play with the fusion characters while just roaming around.

    • Devan Funderburk says:


    • Zichy says:

      or just fuse in general

    • な6IXLXRD says:

      @Joy Price So we gonna have to pay to free-roam as fusion characters? Okay.

    • firedragon slayerx says:

      Devan Funderburk no super trunks and final flash and veigito for 3

    • Vibes says:

      Game Over Tactics fusion can only happen with the pitara ear rings or with the fusion dance the pitara only allow the users to stay in fusion for about an hour but if they use up to much energy then the time will shorten while the dance is up for only 30 minutes but I don’t think energy is an issue so if you want to roam with fusion characters it wouldn’t be possible because they’ll have no use to fuse if there’s no threat and if there was a threat the fusion would be done by the end of the fight so it wouldn’t make sense to roam fused

  12. Rui Vilas Boas says:

    Whis: *gets hit by Vegeta*

    Me: *wait that’s illegal*

  13. DoubleD Demps says:

    I was hoping we’d get the “My Bulma!!” Scene animated in this. Oh well.


      ZacDicoot this dlc isn’t even based on the manga they made everything up if you go watch it. Future Trunks helps them with the ritual even.

    • Weeaboo Warrior says:

      @Crunchy Crobat The scene was in the movie. The movie was very similar to the Super arc. The only real difference was Bulma’s party was at her house instead of the boat.

    • Weeaboo Warrior says:

      @ZacDicoot The my Bulma scene was in the manga version of Super. From what I can tell from the events of this trailer, this is not what happened in the manga. The manga was similar to the movie and anime. Goku did not learn SSG from Whis, he got it from the ritual in all versions.

    • ZacDicoot says:

      Weeaboo Warrior ohh okay, yeah I’m only familiar with the anime/movies. I only guessed it was based on the manga because again none of these events happened in show or movie but also because they are already on beerus planet so I was guessing it was right after battle of gods and the beginning of resurrection F but ehh I dunno the game is confusing

    • ZacDicoot says:

      MOTIONSOLDIER okay I wasn’t sure

  14. Tiny Rick says:

    This just made me realize I gotta level everyone up asap

  15. dead citizen 22 says:

    Wait since when could anyone land a hit on Whis NANI

  16. LaggerJay says:

    This DLC really needs something to keep playing. After getting platinum for the game, there’s no real reason to continue playing. Unless there’s trophy support for the DLC…looks like this will be pretty short.

    • Isaiah Black says:

      On the bright side they are adding a whole other original chapter and a full story arc. Hopefully at least the story arc has a substantial amount of game play

    • LaggerJay says:

      @Isaiah Black That’s true. And I’m hoping there is more gameplay then what is already shown.

    • Bigzoe 202 Gaming says:

      @Isaiah Black a DLC that’s gonna be beaten in one sitting

    • Isaiah Black says:

      LaggerJay Definitely, just have to hope for the best! I’m a big Fan of dragon ball and while this game was not perfect and they missed a couple of parts in the Z Story I really am happy with the final product. Hopefully this Season pass just makes it nothing but a better experience

    • 7dayspking says:

      Well it is a singleplayer game. This DLC will likely contain basically just what’s shown. This is bandai namco after all.

  17. Zacket SSJ2 says:

    0:23 Ultra Instinct confirmed for Kakarot (Look how Whis dodges the attacks)

  18. LeastLikelySuspect says:

    Whis’ Eating Animation was on point

  19. Kitai105 says:

    I feel like this is the entire dlc and I just played it by watching this

  20. marcus howard says:

    They really gonna act like we don’t know what the other DLC is gonna be 😂😂😂

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