Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer | E3 2019

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Trailer from Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference.

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60 Responses

  1. Mari Mari Mari RAWR says:

    I’m just saiyan, these fights aren’t true DBZ if each match doesn’t take 12 episodes each.

  2. Ted T says:

    DBZ Sagas remaster lol

  3. kcpkp3 says:

    DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3:

    “Could this be the one?”

  4. BiggyJ says:

    Needed extended gameplay for this to be a good trailer. We already know what happens but it looks pretty.

  5. marcus howard says:

    I hope its, dragon ball z saga + legacy of goku + Naruto Storms games = This

    • over nine thousand! says:

      @PokeLibras # I’m wrong?or maybe you don’t know the technicism behind tenkaichi 3 and 2.
      Made it clear,xenoverse is not a great game….(maybe is funny,but don’t have an great combat system)

    • PokeLibras # says:

      over nine thousand! As a kid in 2011 to 2012 I played tenkaichi 2 and 3 on my ps2, so shut the hell up fam!

    • PokeLibras # says:

      over nine thousand! Nothing can be great than tenkaichi 3, so please….

    • Uto Universe says:

      @PokeLibras # tenkaichi 3 was the best dbz game

  6. lαqωαηη says:

    Dragonball project Z: *exists*

    Dragonball Xenoverse DLC: *Am I a joke to you?*

  7. Ethan P says:

    Looks essentially like its Budokai Tenkaichi 4 and I love it

    • over nine thousand! says:

      I don’t think so,tenkaichi have a different camera,differente approach and how the characters fly.
      This new videogame,it seems like more a xenoverse(sorry for my english).

    • The Ramblings of a Nobody says:

      This… looks absolutely nothing like any of the other Budokai Tenkaichi Games….

    • King Vegeta says:

      Ethan P this looks absolutely nothing like what a tenkaichi 4 would look like, doesn’t resemble the series whatsoever. This is more Dragon Ball Sagas than anything

  8. Sean Thompson says:

    Imagine the hype if they’d called it Legacy of Goku…

  9. Chris Core says:

    Bring back Tenkaichi 3 or any of the Tenkaichi but this is another Dragon Ball Z Saga game i play this when I was 15

  10. Hollowfox says:

    Seeing this was Project Z, what happened to the motion blur BN and CC2 brought in Naruto and JoJo?

  11. 幽☆遊☆白書 says:

    So basically Legacy of Goku with updated graphics

  12. Remy Barnard says:

    Dope its basically like a remake of the gameboy advance game legacy of goku but better! Hope its on nintendo switch also

    • Zach Early says:

      Remy Barnard me to but it’s probably won’t be. Probably for graphical reasons but I wouldn’t mine trading graphics for portability

    • Vilatoro says:

      Damn I loved that game as a kid and I still do and I’m not even gonna start on the soundtrack I can see younger me holding my Gameboy up to my ear listening to it

  13. Ese1Pac says:

    I’ve played through this story a million times before. But just like every other DBZ game I’m going to buy it regardless ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  14. Vaas says:

    Akira Toriyama’s physical appearance continues to allude us

  15. Tommy C says:

    OK…NOW WE NEED A VR version of an action RPG with index controllers, imagine that 🙂 Diff hand/finger motions for each move etc etc.

  16. CHRIZZY . says:

    So basically what your telling me is gonna be one of those really dope dragon ball games but only go so far in the story . . .huh . . .smh i really hope they dont do it.

  17. Jadyn Crewe says:

    Oh yeah, time to walk through the entire story again for the fifth game in a row

  18. ZED says:

    My gah so much over power that my iPad charged from 1 to 100 while watching this vid

  19. Martin Munoz says:

    My favorite part is when goku battles great ape vegeta
    Like if you also agree

  20. Brandi Washington says:


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