Drake & 21 Savage – Privileged Rappers | A COLORS SHOW

Drake & 21 Savage – Privileged Rappers | A COLORS SHOW

‘Her Loss’ by Drake & 21 Savage available everywhere now: http://drake.lnk.to/herloss

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46 Responses

  1. CezaMVO says:

    This is so clean. To be at such a high level they don’t even have to actually go to different brands and promote their stuff because they can just pretend and it will get alot of attention

  2. Robert Ford says:

    This man ain’t just a rapper this man is truly a artist. The flow is impeccable the versatility is untouchable Thank You Aubrey Drake Graham.

  3. Female Doggy says:

    The fact that 21 Savage didn’t get outshined, he actually kept up with drake on the whole album is so 🔥🔥 just shows you 21 savage’s potential

    • PS5 & Stuff Hero says:

      Why would he get outshined when Drake is doing 21 savages flow?

    • Knowledge Heist says:

      @CHRISTTTMASSS HOLIDDDAYYYS Drake definitely had more quotable as evidenced by the reaction to his bars since the album dropped but they complemented each other well as always. The project will age well. Good body of work.

    • Knowledge Heist says:

      @rawfer mews The irony of an emotional ass man such as yourself questioning other men’s sexuality over a music post on YouTube is astounding. You’re telling on yourself clown.

    • Cristobal Balenciaga says:

      They are both in a different lane when it comes to rapping. Drake’s lyrics are more complex than 21’s. 21 has more of a nursery rhyme style, but it just matches those simple/dark beats. But who gives a fuck about who did or did not outshine the other.

      It’s a hard album, that’s all that matters.

    • rawfer mews says:

      @Knowledge Heist what the fuck are you talking about gay ass nigga

  4. Juan Arango says:

    Uffff que vibes las de este album. Estos dos nunca fallan 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴

  5. Wanderlust says:

    *Already know this is gonna be solid.* 🔥

  6. Julia Cora says:

    Drake plans his drop strategically and never misses when he does! Great music take time and you can tell Drake is a very quality focused artist. Me as an underground artist, Drake is one of my biggest inspirations because of his work ethic and tenacity. Dude is constantly not satisfied and always looking to improve his craft which is one of the most valuable mindsets you can have in this game. It always encourages me to work harder on my own craft and the quality of my music as I learn more. If I keep that mindset, I may be able to blow up someday too!

    • Mari Onberlin says:


    • Wesley Cuban says:

      That last one was definitely a miss. I knew another would come this year because he got bad to mid 😢reviews for his last two projects and he’s not used to that. He had no choice but to turn it up a notch. He originally said he was dropping scary hours 3 but I guess he opted for a full project to prove his points once again lol

    • Chadwin parker says:

      Share some links to your music.. If your able to.

  7. Zebco33 says:

    Drake is on a level that only Drake is in. I knew from the very first song I heard, that he was gonna be special. Drake is a master of his craft. 21 has grown so much as an artist, its an awesome time to be alive, to witness it.

  8. MC CABE says:

    2 dudes, 1 room, 1 Mic, No Edits, it´s good render it..Music Video ready bruh😄that´s a different Level of success! Drake did it, biggest Urban Artist alive 🎶

  9. Zoverture says:

    Whoever their marketing team are they deserve a big ass raise 🔥🔥

  10. nasara says:

    Drake and 21 are the Collab we always knew we needed! Thanks for listening to the fans!

    • For Lucky says:

      @Gordon Shumway that should of happened along time ago

    • Gordon Shumway says:

      What about that drake and Wayne album?

    • For Lucky says:

      I didn’t ask for this and I’m a fan 😭😂

    • Root Khan says:

      @Antonio Montgomery omfg the TRUTH ! this shit wack we need What a Time To Be Alive 2

    • Antonio Montgomery says:

      This mixtape is literally just drake carrying 21 savage half the songs they don’t even have chemistry on your more inclined to listening to drake verse dolo soon as you hear 21 voice the song takes a tumble don’t get me wrong 21 is a great artist and I’m probably judging it without letting it digest so does it have room to grow on me yea but right now drake and 21 is not the duo contending for a championship the songs are ok but it’s not what a time to be alive

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