Drake – 8AM In Charlotte

Drake – 8AM In Charlotte

Directed by Zong Li

Executive Producer: Vince Tran
Producer: Imad Elsheikh
Co-Producer: Ryan Fanseda
Production Manager: Nikita Adoni
Production Manager: Meika Wagner
Production Coordinator: Mike Falco
Production Coordinator: Hajer Mustafa

1st Assistant Director: Darrell Faria
2nd Assistant Director: Rosa Mussa

Director of Photography: Tristan Ng
1st Assistant Camera: James Hellyer
2nd Assistant Camera: Cecilia Lee
Steadi Operator: Kato Ferrer
VTR / DMT: Anil Mohabir
VTR Assistant: Meagan Greaves

Gaffer: Todd Hamacher
Best Electric: Mick Reynold
Electric: Mike Consiglio
Electric: Mike Dach
Board Op: Aldis Sukse

Key Grip: Brad Usher
Best Grip: Jake Bowman
Grip: Sonny Bowman
Grip: Chris Schulz
Grip: Sean Gilheany
Grip: Brad Spencer
Grip: Paul Gallagher

Stylist: Drew Ferguson
Makeup Artist: Luisa Duran
Locks n Clips: Katt Bella
Art Director: Zong Li

Sound/Boom Operator: Nathan Street
Playback: James Lazarenko
Prop Master: Flora Yin

Editor: Zong Li
VFX: Patrick Acenas
VFX: Rayul
VFX: Adom Woods
Studio Feather EP: Sara Windrim
Studio Feather VFX: Julian van Mil, Diego Dutra
Colourist: Kevin Wu
Post Sound Mixer: Yobi Alan
Title Design: Marvindraws

Key PA: Natan Eyob
Key PA: Jamie Li
Key PA: Kurt Rafil
PA: Sahil Asthana
PA: Julian Shum
PA: Gavin Benjamin
PA: Shania Perera
PA: Randy Morin
PA: Akilah Prendes
PA: Ingird Kim
PA: Albert Quan
PA: Ava Gayle
PA: Afolabi
PA: Brayden Morin
PA: Johnathan Junman

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31 Responses

  1. Moroccophobic says:

    “Not saying I’m the best at what I do, I’m just saying it’s me verses whoever wanna lose” Aubrey never disappoints.

  2. Minoru Mineta says:

    Drake never disappoints bro this song is so good it almost brought me to tears

  3. yelareese 🔮 says:

    esse garoto drizzy nunca desaponta 🔥🔥

  4. Codedrap says:

    Rap song of the year, I stamp it!!, CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM🎉🎉

  5. Ben omar says:

    This song and the lyrics touch the heart The same story I lived 😮❤

  6. Deathakid says:

    10 years later still get chills

  7. kalibouy kalibouy_KE says:

    I love how his introducing his son in his milestone on making legacy while his still young this will never leave his mind thank you drake for being great 🔥🔥 love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪

  8. MikeGaming! says:

    Drake nunca decepciona ❤

  9. Olley Accom says:

    Lets all appreciate this man. Thank you Drake for reminding everyone that rapping is a form of art, not these jinggles we be getting from these so called rappers these days. Much love from South Africa

  10. Lonely Kombos says:

    You don’t applaud to this you snap! This is pure poetry

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