Drake and 21 Savage performing “On BS” live on SNL

Drake and 21 Savage performing “On BS” live on SNL

Drake and 21 Savage performing “On BS” live on SNL
‘Her Loss’ by Drake & 21 Savage available everywhere now: http://drake.lnk.to/herloss

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34 Responses

  1. LOVER LINK says:

    what kills me is that they did a good job making it look like a snl performance

  2. Cresce says:

    Album might be a classic.. Bangers front to back. And gotta love them emotional songs too lol. Ima be on top like Drake, im spreaking it into existence. I dropped six music viddys on my channel in 4 months. Did everything myself, from the beat to editing the video. To anyone that shows love and joins me on my journey to success, I will forever be thankful 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. MH Gonçalves says:

    essa dupla é imparável drake e 21savage lançaram um álbum perfeito pra se ouvir no natal.

  4. Pineapple TK says:

    One of the most unexpected , yet most fire albums to release 🔥. Drake need to do more collab projects

    • Telegram ID @amDrakeOfficial says:

      Great fan,🎖💫
      You are among the shortlisted Winners ❤️❤️ Use the Above name to Acknowledge your prize……….

  5. Morales says:


  6. Hot Traxx713 says:

    “One of the most relatable albums of all time Her Loss” shots fired😂😂😂

  7. TR Kamau says:

    Can’t help but smile and be happy for them. 😊

  8. bharwani says:

    Drake’s performance level is unmatched. The way he manoeuvres to the back to give 21 his shine then transitions to the front to take the lead is too smooth.

  9. Darryl Cunningham says:

    They did a great job 👏🏾 the best album without no skip Drake is elevating 21 savage rap career with this album I really like them as a team I wanna hear more

  10. Purplered84 says:

    This is test to Drake reach & influence on the business side of his career. To be satirical in the promotion and still respect these brands is brilliant. Not to mention he is comfortable share the spotlight with 21 and 21 rarely if ever had the opportunity to do what he is doing now. Overall I can say I love the sheer boldness & fun Drake had letting his brother make creative decisions with his look & sounds. Honestly, nevermind & Her Loss are really are ahead their time in hip-hop standards.

    • Mahkam Saeed says:

      @Purplered84 wut u on bro 😭 crossed path?💀

    • Purplered84 says:

      @yngsportsandhiphop channel 21 has never been this national level of visibility. Same thing with future and migos, rocky, Kendrick, cole.Cole.. Drake at the stages they cross path with him. He up their presence and stock in the culture. And he was never envious of them, he literally did it for the culture. That’s the difference of Drake and everyone else.

    • Matthew Johnson says:

      @Good Vibe he still an A list artist. Could get on snl anytime he want what y’all talking about?

    • FRAMEDROPS says:

      watch in 5 years time Pop Songs be sounding like Honestly never mind and ppl will say that album was ahead of its time

    • Good Vibe says:

      No he hasn’t 🤡 this is drake..21 ain’t never reach this status

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