Drake – Certified Lover Boy ALBUM REVIEW

Drake – Certified Lover Boy ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX9msKu75qs

Certified snoozer.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

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56 Responses

  1. undercoverdudes says:

    Anthony, you can’t just add 3 points for the “say that you a lesbian, girl, me too” bar.

  2. Bandstand says:

    Your delivery in the review makes me feel like you know Drake is going to be tuning in. Savage

    • Aaron Ferguson says:

      @Alex_flamer Some are, in a way. Lupe has been known to watch Dead End Hip Hop in the past, and Kendrick has mentioned them before as well. Eminem hasn’t stated who it refers to, but Kamikaze has a few lines dedicated to online critics, mentioning YouTube, if I remember correctly. JPEGMafia mentions Myke C Town of DEHH in one of his tracks, and I want to say has shouted out Fantano before. Finally, Brockhampton’s Merlin Wood drops the line “head was clean/ Tony Fantano” on one of the songs from Iridescence, I think. I imagine it’s just part of their PR scheme these days to know.

    • Aaron Ferguson says:

      @Jay R.A. Well, there are a lot of critics online or otherwise who have disliked Drake’s recent works, but that doesn’t mean that his PR department completely ignores them. I would bet money that Drake doesn’t CARE about what Fantano or other critics think, but he KNOWS, y’know?

    • This Is A Certified Hood Classic says:

      You are everywhere

    • Baby Mila says:

      @Atharv Kore lol bc there’s not much to think about

    • Elliott Lawless says:

      drake if you’re reading this it’s too late

  3. Haedox says:

    How fantano got better wordplay than drake

  4. DaFuq!?Boom! says:

    Fantano gave 3 because literally 3 good tracks present on the album.

    • Qwerty Qwistle says:

      Even though the Album is bad, it’s cool how we still have all different Opinions. Kinda like the DONDA album. Even though they are Polar Opposites of Quality, the best of the Album is still Debated.

      My Three Favourite Tracks are Champagne Poetry, In the Bible, No Friends in the Industry and The Remorse. 4 Tracks are Mediocre and the other 13 are beyond Bad.

      True Shame. Though not remotely Surprising.

    • Q P says:

      @Santy i liked girls want girls

    • D. Michael says:

      The incredible intro is literally the best song on here. When you can’t top your own intro idk what to tell you.

    • Nyle Winston says:

      @D. Michael that’s debatable

    • Adam Hahn says:

      @Santy exactly

  5. Gorillema says:

    Don’t judge an album by its cover, except this one.

  6. Christopher St.Germain Edgerley says:

    Is anyone talking about how Drake recycled Masego’s “Navajo” beat from many years ago for the intro? And how Masego killed it and Drake just did little raps on it?

  7. Corrupted says:

    This album cover annoys me so much, I absolutely hate it. It’s like the most tiktok zoomer target group oriented thing possible, by an artist who is trying his hardest to appeal to everyone in the mainstream by being as bland as possible ON TOP OF IT.

  8. Billy Cobb says:

    The only thing I’ve heard from this album is the lesbian line and oh god

    • Alex_flamer says:

      This isn’t new. One of the earliest bars we’ve heard from Drake in 2009 talked about lesbians. “Are any of y’all into girls like I am, lesbi-hoooooonest!”

    • sarthak jain says:

      I am not mentally prepared to listen to the whole album

    • Aaron Rinker says:

      @Alex_flamer Kanye said that was like line of the year by the way too lmao

    • 流Ryu says:

      Yeah, but if Rivers sang the lesbian line Pinkerton style, It’d be acceptable.

    • philly_sports says:

      Melon should really drop Drake from his 55 Greatest Rappers Ever list. Just because someone is commercially successful doesn’t mean their good. It’s the same reason why he didn’t include 50 Cent on the list despite him being the biggest rapper of the mid 2000s.

  9. Bxrry says:

    Drake presented yet another mediocre album after a year of building of this “certified lover boy” persona I think fans expected a more thematic album but CLB brings nothing new to drake and I think this disappointment will damage the hype for the next drake projects. Not even mentioning how Kanye 100% out performed him. Disappointing

  10. Nat Turner says:

    Drake might as well call himself Playlist Papi at this point. Incapable of making a cohesive project. Literally just a bunch of songs

    • 1 1 says:

      I was hoping for NWTS cohesiveness. All the songs fit with each other , that album is so good it sounds like a strange dream . Your right ,,CLB is just another playlist

    • Acting Strange says:


    • AJ says:

      Drakes way of making music isn’t cohesive, rap as a genre lacks cohesion on albums. Not every album needs to be a fucking novel. It’s just a mixtape style album

    • Chris Carrucini says:

      @AJ thank you 😂 he already did the “story telling” on so far gone and take care and nothing was the same. People just can’t sit and enjoy music. Ridiculous

    • KingSo Indabuildin says:

      He has a lot of fans that all want different things . Singing, rapping , dance hall , Spanish , UK drill ? Every one wants different stuff and he’s trying to sell records not speak about any topic

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