Drake – Deep Pockets (Audio)

Drake – Deep Pockets (Audio)

Music video by Drake performing Deep Pockets (Audio). © 2020 OVO, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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77 Responses

  1. Umar Rasheed says:

    The comments: Like this and you will be billionaire

  2. adryel says:

    Who else heard this leak when it was called rollin?

  3. Prod By ADI says:

    **old drake has entered the chat** 🥴

  4. cheyanne benoit says:


    Drake: keeping us entertained during quarantine

  5. Jonah Dewar says:

    This that So Far Gone Drizzy

  6. DIGIT says:


    Drake: Says relevant bar every other line

  7. LeBeautiful says:

    real fans know this was originally called Rollin’…this a whole leak/SC pack! 🥵🦉

  8. MacAaroni says:

    it’s amazing how almost every drake single was on the charts from like 2014 and up

  9. maris lindsey says:

    slowed and reverb accounts: *hold my beer*

  10. Stunna Rosh says:

    “Back When The House That I Own Now Was On My Home Screen” I Felt That.

  11. Trap 661 says:

    Why is drake staring at me like that tho? 🤨

  12. Marcos A. says:

    Drake this beat feeling it! The lyrics only Drake can spit he is in his own lane always💯🙌🏼🤟🏼

  13. The channel says:

    Drake: my mind drives its self like a tesla
    Investors: you bought tesla calls didn’t you

  14. Danny -_-650 says:

    “Get home in white airforces get brushed clean”
    Whites girls confused

  15. Real San Pedro Vids says:

    Crazy how in 5 years these comments are going to be hard to find

  16. Mckovec says:

    Drake: Now’s my time to shine

    Music: NO NO NO NO

  17. blakeswrld999 says:

    “Before I flip the F out like Fendi” is the best bar in this song.

  18. DJsharukhqureshi97 says:

    Drake did more songs during this Quarantine than Kanye West’s whole career 💀

  19. Anthony Flores says:

    “Back when the house I had now was my home screen…” I’m humbled.

  20. Mark Wilson says:

    Is it me or does this song feel nostalgic?

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